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"This is Dana DeWitt reporting live on the scene with breaking news! And breaking bones as Batwoman has taken the fight to the False Face Society, disrupting their supply chain of the highly addictive street drug Snakebite. This is the third distribution center this week that Batwoman has targeted in her mission to rid Gotham's streets of this scourge."
—Dana Dewitt[src]

Dana Dewitt is an anchorwoman of Gotham City News. She usually reports on Batwoman's activities in the city.

After the Joker's acid bombs explosion on a desolate part of Gotham, Dana reported on the hazardous air quality caused by the explosion, but then was attacked by a mangled figure.


Original multiverse

Anchorwoman of GCN

At some point, Dana Dewitt became an anchorwoman for Gotham City News.

Dana reports Stanton's death.

She reported the murder of Assistant District Attorney Angus Stanton at the hands of the Executioner on Gotham City News.[1]

Weeks later, Dana announced to Gotham the murder of Catherine Hamilton-Kane, supposedly by her husband, Jacob Kane, at Gotham's annual Humanitarian Ball.[2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Dana as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[3] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[4]

New multiverse

Rise of Batwoman

After Bryan Akins and Steven Forbes were kidnapped by Mouse, Dana interviewed Commissioner Forbes, asking for a comment on the situation and the reason why he chose not to turn on the Bat-Signal to ask for Batwoman's help. However, Forbes quickly dismissed her questions.[5]

Dana reporting the death of Reggie Harris.

Dana reported Reggie Harris being killed at his home the very same night he was released from Blackgate Penitentiary after his post-conviction hearing.[6]

The following week, Dana reported Crows Security's evacuation warning during the bombing crisis on Bennett Ave. at the hands of the Detonator.[7]

Dana questions Jacob's comments.

After Tim "The Titan" Teslow attacked his brother, Dana reported about the incident at the crime scene and asked Commander Kane for a comment. Jacob replied that he would arrest Batwoman, her allies and everyone who used the Bat-Signal, to which Dana stated that Gotham hadn't seen such a tense relationship between law enforcement and a vigilante since Loeb and Batman.

Later, she interviewed former Gotham Goliaths Coach Kurt Donahue as part of Batwoman and the Crows' plan to lure out the Titan from hiding.[8]

A new Batwoman

Dana reports the Gotham protests.

Dana showed footage of Jacob and the Crows attacking Batwoman at the Gotham City Arena. As a result, the citizens decided to protest for Batwoman's return, which Dana was also present at and covered. Afterwards, she reported on an invasion of infected bats at the protest and the antidote distributed by Hamilton Dynamics.[9]

Days later, Dana reported on the murders of employees of Hamilton Dynamics.[10]

Dana reported on the arrest of Candice Long, revealed to be a child trafficker, as pictures of missing children whom she had kidnapped were displayed.[11]

Dana interviewed Police Commissioner Forbes before he went to a budget meeting on whether the department was working with Batwoman. The next day, after Forbes was assassinated, Dana interviewed Roman Sionis.[12]

With a Channel 8 news crew, Dana arrives on a scene where Batwoman is actively fighting members of the False Face Society and is disrupting one of its shipments of Snakebite. After the battle, Batwoman snatches the microphone from Dana's hand and declares war on live television on Black Mask. Dana then compares the effort the hero is making to the lack of success that the Crows and the GCPD is having.[13]

Dana was one of the reporters at the press conference where Jacob Kane disbanded Crows Security.[14] The next day, Dana reported from the courthouse steps when Russell Tavaroff was released on bail for the shooting of Luke Fox.[15]

The lost Bat trophies

"In a Channel news exclusive, could Batwoman be responsible for the throwback blowback? The explosive bombshell provided by the Jeturian CEO Jada Jet asserts it's no coincidence the city's been terrorized by flashback villains from Gotham past. You're telling us the Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, they're all a result of a major catastrophe at the hands of Batwoman?"
"Batman kept his enemies' weapons under lock and key. Batwoman let them out of her sight and into the hands of would-be killers."
"Just this morning, it was reported that Batwoman stopped Poison Ivy from rupturing the Gotham Dam."
"You're missing my point. Why was Poison Ivy at the dam in the first place? Didn't Batman put her away a decade ago, and, yes, she stopped it from total collapse. But the dam still broke. There have been reports of flooding all over Gotham. It's time to face the city, Batwoman. Admit what you've done. Turn yourself in before you do any more damage.
—Dana Dewitt and Jada Jet[src]

Dana is attacked by a mangled figure.

Dana reported on the attacks of the new Mad Hatter,[16] the new Killer Croc,[17] a possible new Mr. Freeze,[18] the attack on Chris Hayner,[19] and Poison Ivy's attack on Gotham Dam. Eventually, Jada Jet exposed to Dana and the GCN that Batwoman who lost the Batman Trophies that were used by the new villains.[20] Dana also interviewed Marquis Jet about his acquisition of Arkham Asylum.[21] Later, Dana and a camera-man went to the part of Gotham that was hit by the Joker's acid bombs with a protective suit to report, but they were attacked and possibly killed by a mangled figure.[22]


  • Journalism: As the anchorwoman of Gotham City News, Dana reported on numerous stories.