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"My best friend Nate, he, uh, has a desk job. And Amaya... well, she's gone. I actually really miss her. She was kind of our moral compass. Helped us do the right thing when it wasn't always easy to do the right thing."
"I never knew disco could get so barmy."
Ray Palmer and Charlie

"Dancing Queen" is the third episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifty-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 5, 2018.




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"Dancing Queen" commences with a more youthful Queen Elizabeth celebrating at a 1970s London show.

In present day, the Legends decide the episode made the Queen be standardized, causing an enormous erroneous date in England and they head back to 1970s London.

Sara, Zari, Mick, and John go into a show lobby trying to talk with a band called The Smell yet a full scale fight breaks out. The band escapes and seizes the Legends van, which is being driven by Ray.

Ray tells the group he's discovered the band's fort and Sara discloses to him he should be their "inside man", professing to be a troublemaker with the goal that he can mix in. Mick and John quarrel over the show corridor prior and Constantine stomps off.

Nate begins his work area work at the Time Bureau and almost right away laments his choice.

Ray starts his strategic incorporating into the band and starts discovering data about occasions they're attempting to design.

Back at the Time Bureau, Nate takes a stab at persuading Gary to give him a crucial's under the table. At first reluctant, Gary gets used to the thought after Nate calls them "Time Bros."

Ray and the band go out to a neighborhood park where they reveal to Ray he needs to take one of the sovereign's corgis. With some assistance from Sara, Ray's ready to take one of the corgis and return it to the van — the gathering hurries off.

The Smell and Ray are viewing the TV soon thereafter when a news report goes over saying they've found the taken corgi at a nearby canine haven. To praise, the band gives Ray a coordinating tattoo and keeping in mind that he's getting inked, they uncover they're going to compel the Queen to hand over her valuable gems.

Constantine's drinking at a nearby bar when Zari approaches the bar and the two talk.

Nate and Gary go back to 760,000 BC and begin strolling through a wilderness. The two start sharing their relationship issues when they're found by a sabretooth tiger. They're ready to escape back to the Time Bureau without hurt.

Ray gets together with Mick to reveal to him the band's chief — Charlie — seems, by all accounts, to be the enchantment employing one of the gathering.

Constantine uncovers to Zari that he just met his mom just because as she kicked the bucket in labor. Zari then understands that his mother's the barkeep at the puppy and his dad is one of the benefactors. Constantine gets in a battle and he and Zari get kicked out of the bar.

Nate shows up the Bureau the following day to discover that Gary had explained the crucial himself and Gary endowments him a special plant from the time they just returned from.

Ray and Charlie are arguing at their fort and Charlie uncovers what's enchantment about herself - she's a shapeshifter that is ready to receive the vibe of anybody she needs to. Beam transfers the data to the group and they need him to bring Charle in.

Ray, having affections for Charlie, can't and the Legends plunge on the band's den. "Ray" begins battling the Legends. Out of nowhere Ray awakens and it's uncovered that Charlie's claiming to be Ray.

The group tracks Charlie down and about sends her to Hell until Charlie appears as Amaya and the gathering chooses to talk the circumstance over on the Waverider. Upset they didn't send her back to Hell, Constantine hexes Charlie, not permitting to change out of her present shape — Amaya.

Back on the Waverider, the gathering detains Charlie in a similar jail they held Nora and Damien Darhk in last season. In a contention with Sara, Ray uncovers to the group that he helped Nora escape from the Time Bureau.

Sara goes to visit Nate at the Time Bureau central command, imploring him to return to the group. Nate discloses to Sara that he needed to leave the group since everything on the Waverider helped him to remember Amaya. Not having any desire to open him to Charlie, Sara lets Nate remain at his office work.

Zari approaches an intoxicated Constantine and gives him a photograph of him and his mother from the bar's surveillance camera.


Preparation ran from July 18 until July 27, 2018. Shooting ran from July 30 until August 10, 2018, with a break on August 6 for British Columbia Day.[1]


  • This is the first episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to feature Ramona Young (Mona Wu) as a series regular.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the ABBA song of the same name.
  • Gary stating they (the Time Bureau) "dare to defy" is a reference to the CW's slogan that has been used since the 2014–15 season.
  • When Mona delivers tacos to the Time Bureau, she asks Gary if he's "Mr. Green". He informs her that his name is Gary; then he grins and says "Mr. Green's in the conservatory with the lead pipe". This is a reference to the board game, Clue (known outside North America as "Cluedo") where players have to solve a murder, deducing which person is the killer, which room the murder happened in, and which of several potential weapons was used (with Mr. Green being the name of one of the potential suspects).
    • In UK editions of the game, Mr. Green is called "Reverend Green".
  • In the original Hellblazer comics, Constantine and his band Mucous Membrane performed during the original wave of punk music featured here during the 70s and the comics were written and set starting in the 80s. Since this version Constantine is not from that era, his band is meant to be from later and he is just a fan of this era, but this episode is partially a nod to his real history.
  • Ray notes that he has nobody to watch "Patrick Swayze films" with.
  • After being caught out for having replaced ABBA at some point, Ray mutters "mamma mia", referencing the movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, as the episode where the Legends replace ABBA was titled "Here I Go Again".
  • When Sara Lance visits Gary and Nate in Time Bureau office, she notices the office being messy and calls it a "little office of horrors", a reference of horror comedy film The Little Shop of Horrors from 1960 and its remake from 1986.


  • The steering wheel of the van that the Legends use to go to the Smell's concert (which the band subsequently gets into with Ray) is mounted on the left side of the vehicle. Because they're in England, the steering wheel should be on the right side of the van instead.
  • Charlie uses the slang 'mingers', which wasn't around in 1977; it was first recorded circa the 1990s.