Daniel Burge (died February 2016) is the former car workshop owner and a man involved in the attempt to take back the life of Joseph Monteleone.


Early life

Daniel along with Clay Stanley blackmailed and threatened Joseph Monteleone with death at the cement factory, wanting to find out what the man had done with the money. When he betrayed where he stored them, he was thrown into a hot pit after all. Clark Bronwen picked them up from the factory, who, seeing a strange beam extending from S.T.A.R. Labs, ordered his friends to get in and quickly escaped.[1]

After the particle accelerator

Daniel two years after the unpleasant incident took over the car workshop, but one night he was alone in the building when he noticed a stain on the floor. Furious that no one cleaned her, he grabbed a cloth, but when he turned around, he noticed Joseph. After a short conversation and using his meta-human powers, Joseph brutally murdered Daniel, burning his body completely.[1]


The Flash

Season 2


  • It has not been confirmed whether Daniel Burge worked with Joseph Montelone in a concrete company.


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