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Daniel Collins (died 1863) was a plantation and slave owner active during the Civil War.


Daniel Collins was a prominent plantation in Mississippi. At some point, he acquired slaves to work on the plantation for him. To prevent the slaves from escaping, Collins had bloodhounds patrol the grounds. He even cut off the slaves' manhood and hobbled them to keep them in line.

In 1863 to resolve a time aberration, Jefferson Jackson and Amaya Jiwe infiltrated the Collins Plantation, where they witnessed Collins harshly scolding Mary, one of his slaves, for accidentally burning a table cloth. Despite Mary's pleas, Daniel callously whipped her as a "reminder".

That evening during a cotillion held at the plantation, Collins saw Jax, who was disguised as a slave, accidentally bump into a woman. As punishment for this perceived slight, Collins took Jax to a barn, where he chained and beat him with the other slaves. The Collins Plantation then came under attack from Confederate zombie soldiers. When cornered by zombies, Collins stubbornly refused to arm Jax and Abraham to help him fight. Collins subsequently fell victim to the zombies and his plantation later went up in flames.[1]


Collins was a brutal and sadistic man who harbored no qualms in administering cruel punishment to his slaves for even the smallest transgressions and sought to break them. He thought very little of his slaves; such that when faced with death, Collins refused to work with them to save his own life. However, when being dragged and killed by the zombies minutes later, Collins had the audacity to beg for help, showing his cowardliness.[1]


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