"A name from Hix's files, Danny, Danny Duffy."
Pete Donello to Henry Allen[src]

Danny Duffy is a criminal and owner of Mario's that had ties with Johnny Ray Hix.[1]


Early life

At some point in 1971, he was robbing a bank with Johnny Ray Hix but was caught by Henry Allen and Pete Donello. Due to his young age, he only took eighteen months.[1]

Hix evasion

In 1990, when Hix escaped prison, he was the driver that helped him after he threatened Henry Allen and drove him somewhere where he could get a weapon. The following day, at his bar, Henry Allen showed up and shot the junkbox because he did not answer his question. The Flash showed up and beat him and his friends before interrogating him about Hix's whereabouts. Since Danny didn't know, the Flash warned him that if it was a lie, he will hurt him before knocking him out.[1]


The Flash


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