Danny de la Vega (died January 2013) was a firefighter working for the Starling City Fire Department and an ex-member of the firefighter unit known as The Fireflies. He was the son of an unnamed woman and the brother of Joanna de la Vega.


Danny (top right) as a member of The Fireflies.

Danny worked as a firefighter at the Starling City Fire Department, where he was a member of The Fireflies. However, the unit disbanded after the apparent death of Garfield Lynns in 2009 in the Nodell Towers fire.

While on duty inside a burning factory in early 2013, Danny encountered Lynns, revealed to be alive. Unaware of who the man was, Danny requested his assistance in putting out part of the flames. Instead, Lynns doused Danny in turpentine, causing the latter to catch on fire and burn to death.[1]


Upon learning the circumstances of his death, Danny's sister Joanna requested that Laurel Lance investigate his murder. Laurel and the Hood eventually discovered Garfield Lynns killed Danny in pursuit of revenge on his former comrades. The Hood stopped Lynns from killing Fire Chief Raynes and offered to help him, but Lynns refused and committed suicide.

The truth about Danny's death was officially revealed, giving his family some closure. Danny's mother requested Joanna to give his fire badge to The Hood in gratitude for solving his murder.[1]



Season 1


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