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Not to be confused with Dante Ramon or Dante Ramon (Earth-2).

"She was the​ last mind of your former life. Your mother was making you weak, just like your father did. And I needed you strong! To lead the Ninth Circle."
—Dante's final words to Emiko Adachi[src]

"Dante" (died April 22, 2019) was a terrorist financier, the second-in-command of the Ninth Circle and an ally of the Longbow Hunters. He was later killed by a vengeful Emiko Adachi; in retaliation for ordering the death of her mother, Kazumi Adachi.


Original multiverse

Early life

According to Lyla Michaels, the man known as "Dante" is a terrorist financier who can only be contacted through a Dante painting. Many of these terrorist organizations include Kobra, Malcolm Byrd's organization[1], Basilisk and the Third World Liberation Army.[2]

In 2000, he took in Emiko Adachi and trained her.[3]

In 2018, Dante hired Bear to kill Emiko's mother so she can become a bigger criminal and lead the Ninth Circle.[4]

Contacted by Ricardo Diaz

Dante was contacted by the crime lord Ricardo Diaz for assistance against Oliver Queen and Team Arrow. Under a debt, he sent him the Longbow Hunters.[2]

Conflict with Oliver Queen and A.R.G.U.S

A.R.G.U.S sought to use the captured Diaz to finally capture Dante. When meeting with a business partner, who had been tagged by A.R.G.U.S, Dante was confronted by Diaz, who revealed to him that it was a set up in order to pay back the debt he owed him. Dante swiftly killed Deputy Director Bell and the Princess Noor Harjavti for it and escaped. Oliver Queen confronted him in the exit but Dante proved to outclass the vigilante and disarmed and grounded him but was stopped by Lyla, who demanded he surrender. Unfazed, Dante threw his knives at them and left the scene.[2]

He later appears to Emiko Adachi and asks her help in handling Oliver.[2]

Dante later worked together with Emiko to steal drones and equipped them with serin gas. He deceived Team Arrow by seemingly wanting to kill Emiko after which they took her in. After attaining valuable information Emiko got exposed and returned to Dante. Dante and Emiko got again confronted by Team Arrow as they tested the drones. Dante wanted to delay the testing but Emiko pushed on. After escaping the confrontation Emiko told him she would kill him if he would disobey her orders again.[5]

The Ninth Circle.

Downfall and death

After stealing Felicity Smoak's Archer program, Dante and Emiko began work on eliminating A.R.G.U.S agents. Soon after, Dante took General Stewart and John Diggle and interrogated them for codes for Project Cygnus X1. After their espcape, he and Emiko confronted Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow, leading to Oliver fighting his sister and telling her the truth that Dante had killed her mother. Emiko escaped with Dante who after was hit with three of Emiko's arrows and stabbed right in the chest near his heart as revenge for Kazumi's death.[4]


Original multiverse

Despite Emiko Adachi discovering that Dante was responsible for her mother, Kazumi Adachi's death, she still remained loyal to the Ninth Circle and their goal to destroy Star City.

Dante killing Kazumi (as he believed his former student's love for her mother made her weak) was not only in vain, but his faith in Emiko was ultimately misplaced, as the latter proved herself to be unworthy of leading the Ninth Circle; as her vendetta against the Queen family resulted in the organization's existence being revealed to the public; as a result, the council removed Emiko as the leader of the Ninth Circle and gave the position to Beatrice.

Dante's death was avenged when Beatrice (the new leader of the Ninth Circle) killed Emiko; partly due to her failure to destroy Star City; but mainly because her vendetta against the Queen family resulted in the organization's existence being revealed to the public.


"Look, working with this monster is a small price to pay for bringing down a much larger threat. Diaz was the only one we could use to get close to this guy, and I promise you he is a million times worse."
John Diggle on Dante[src]

Dante was proving to be highly careful and highly dangerous, to the point that he had successfully supplied various terrorist organizations for years and remained uncaught by the authorities, he was also proving to be ruthless and intimidating to the point that even Ricardo Diaz, himself a profound sociopath, was terrified of Dante.

Dante did not tolerate failure, as he killed Bell and the princess he was in business with for leading him to a trap, he was quite calm and confident, as he quickly regained himself after learning the meeting was a set up and was unfazed at the prospect of fighting Oliver Queen.

Dante was quite arrogant to the point of having a mocking side, as he taunted Oliver, despite his violent, cruel and sadistic tendencies, he had proven to be able to be caring for someone; he grew fond of Emiko Adachi and began seeing her as his own as he cared for her throughout her childhood.

These negative traits of Dante's, were what led to his painful yet deserved/justified death at the hands of Emiko Adachi.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Dante was in incredible physical condition for a man of his age, with sufficient physical strength and speed to match Oliver Queen, a peak athlete still in his prime. His reflexes could easily react to arrows fired at him by Oliver and cut through them all.[2]
    • Master acrobat: Dante was extremely nimble, able to leap off a building without injury and was able to evade several of Oliver's attacks with ease.[2]
"I had a good teacher. He, um, showed me how to protect myself."
"He taught you well."
Emiko Adachi and Oliver Queen[src]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Dante was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, as he was not only able to fight on par against Oliver Queen (who had been trained by Ra's al Ghul himself) but was even able to gain the upper hand. He was extremely skilled in the field of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, having mastered arts like Boxing, kickboxing, Choy Li Fut-style Kung Fu, Shaolin-style Kunh Fu, Hung Gar-style Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun and Pencak Silat. Dante was also one of the most deadliest combatants in the entire multiverse.[2]
    • Master knife wielder/Knife thrower: Dante was highly skilled at using knives, able to instantly slice individuals' necks to death with a single maneuver and slice every single arrow shot at him by Oliver with little effort. He also accurately threw them at Oliver and Lyla; nearly hitting them to escape.[2]
    • Master marksman: Dante was highly proficient in the use of firearms; managing to nearly shoot John Diggle.[4]
  • High-level intellect/Master tactician/Leader: Dante was a highly intelligent individual, with outstanding tactical abilities, as he has been capable of funding various terrorist organizations for years in secret while remaining completely untraceable. He was so elusive; that even a large organization like A.R.G.U.S., had no luck tracking him down and only managed to do so through the aid of one of his allies; Ricardo Diaz.[2] it was also implied that Dante was the one who orchestrated Diaz's plans to take over Star City. As the second-in-command of the Ninth Circle; Dante was a capable leader.
    • Network: As Dante had funded several terrorist organizations for years, he had established a dense network of contacts among the criminal underworld; allowing him to call upon many terrorist organizations and their resources. He even employs the long-thought-to-be myth Longbow Hunters.[2]
"You're afraid. you'd rather have a bomb explode in your head than risk Dante finding out that you betrayed him."
"Once Dante figures all of this out-- and he will-- you all are gonna be wishing for the mercy of a quick death."
Lyla Michaels and Ricardo Diaz[src]
  • Intimidation: Dante commanded an intimidating presence to the point where both his enemies and allies fear him; even a psychopath like Ricardo Diaz, was terrified of crossing him.[2]
  • Master of stealth: Dante was able to enter Emiko Adachi's house without being noticed, and spy on her and Oliver without being sensed. Emiko only sensed Dante after he revealed himself.


  • Throwing knives: Dante could proficiently wield throwing knives.[2]
  • Dual handguns: Dante drew and shot two handguns when confronted by John Diggle.
  • Tranquilizer darts: Dante used tranquilizer darts to knock out John and Roy Stewart.
  • Stun baton: Dante used a stun baton on Stewart when torturing him for the codes of Project Cygnus X1.
  • Explosives



Season 7


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Dante is the leader of the Ninth Circle, an international criminal organization that finances other terrorist associates.
  • Dante also has similarities to Komodo, as he also was a father figure to Emiko, who was later killed by her.