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For the The Flash episode of the same name, see "Rupture".

"You killed my brother, so now you die."
—Dante Ramon to Cisco Ramon[src]

Dante Ramon (died May 3, 2016), nicknamed Rupture, was a meta-human criminal on Earth-2 and the brother/partner-in-crime of the late Francisco Ramon. He was recruited into Zoom's army on false premises, and ultimately killed by his employer after failing to meet the speedster's demands.


Early life

Rupture image

Rupture's image

Around December 2013, Dante and his brother, Francisco, were both affected by dark matter from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion in Central City, and transformed into meta-humans. Dante took on the moniker "Rupture" and became a notorious criminal alongside Francisco.[1]

Avenging his brother's death

Zoom meets with Rupture

Zoom meets with Rupture.

After Dante was informed that Francisco was killed by Cisco Ramon/Vibe, he is recruited by Zoom to come to Earth-1's Central City so that he could seek his revenge on his brother's killer. Dante traveled through a breach with Zoom and went after Vibe while his brother's Earth-1 counterpart was at a bar with his own brother which happens to be his Earth-1 counterpart Dante Ramon.

Zoom thrusting his claw into Rupture

Rupture killed by Zoom.

After Cisco and Dante's Earth-1 counterpart managed to escape, Dante reported back to Zoom at the Central City Police Department and was sent to CC Jitters to attack the police officers stationed there. However, Caitlin Snow managed to alert Team Flash as to Zoom's plans for Dante, and the combined efforts of their team and the officers at CC Jitters proved to be enough to stop him. The officers attempted to arrest Dante, but Zoom (aware of Caitlin's actions and angry at this betrayal) arrived and proceeded to kill almost everyone in the building, including Dante, stabbing him at super speed with the clawed hand, telling him that he was nothing but a disappointment, even more than his younger brother before his death.[1]


Despite Dante's desire and attempt to kill both Cisco and his Earth-1 counterpart, his brutal murder had a powerful positive affect. Witnessing his brother's doppelgänger being killed, Cisco let go of past problems with Earth-1 Dante. To which, he quickly sought him and embraced him with earnest, who immediately returned the gesture with equal sincerity. As the two siblings came to openly admit how much they still cared for each other, they were finally able to reconcile and start anew.[1]

Dante's death was avenged when two Time Wraiths killed Zoom in 2017.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Dante was struck by the energy of the Particle Accelerator explosion on Earth-2, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology to properly access his newfound powers.
    • Energy manipulation: In a manner similar to Reverb, Dante was able to manipulate and create a red plasma which he could project through his scythe or through his hands. It's unknown if their powers were related or not.


  • Skilled hand-to-hand combat: Dante was well-trained in using his scythe, employing a very specific combat style composed of energy attacks and simple slashes, cuts, and strikes.


  • Scythe: Dante wielded a scythe through which he could project powerful blasts of energy and was proficient with it.
  • Rupture suit: Dante possesses a protective suit, which consisted of the following:
    • Padding: Dante wore padding, which was very durable, as he had no injuries or wounds after Cisco struck him with a van, and stood up quickly afterwards without any signs of fatigue.
    • Mask: Dante possesses some kind of mask. Having huge eyeglasses, a prominent nose, and a mouth plate, his mask resembles a cross between an alien face and respirator.


The Flash

Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Rupture is the name used by Armando Ramon, the older brother of Vibe (Cisco Ramon) and Dante Ramon.