"I am an army."
—Danton Black to Java[src]

Danton Black (died October 12, 2014), nicknamed Captain Clone and later Multiplex by Cisco Ramon, was a bio-geneticist who specialized in therapeutic cloning, and was employed by Stagg Industries. He became a meta-human affected by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator with the power to replicate himself.


Danton was an employee of Stagg Industries working on cellular regeneration in an attempt to save his dying wife Elizabeth, going as far as even testing it on himself. However, Simon Stagg later end up firing Danton and taking credit for his work. When the particle accelerator exploded, Danton was infected by dark matter released, awakening his ability to duplicate himself.[1]

Danton Black's file at Stagg Industries

Danton Black's file at Stagg Industries.

Danton, wanting revenge on Simon, robbed a gun store, killing the clerk in the process. Paying off Stagg's chief of security, Java, Danton attacked Stagg during a university gathering honoring him. However, he missed Stagg by a few minutes. When he and his copies attempted to gun down a responding security guard, the latter was rescued by the Flash, allowing Black to escape. Later Danton talked to Java in an attempt to get him access to Stagg's house. However, he refused and punched Black when he threatened him. In anger, Black multiplied himself and beat him to death. Later, Danton tried to kill Stagg again at one of his factories but was once again foiled by Barry. As the two engaged, Black brutally beat Barry, prompting him to escape. Later, Danton tried to kill Stagg at his office, however he was confronted by Barry again who managed to defeat him after discovering his prime self, and running him into a wall, knocking him out. Danton got up and attempted to attacked Barry again, only to crash through a window. Barry managed to catch him by the arm but Danton refused to be saved, and grew an extra arm to squeeze the Flash's arm, forcing him to let him go and thus Danton fell to his death despite Barry's efforts to save him.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Danton was struck by the energy of the Particle Accelerator explosion, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, enabling him to manipulate his cells.
    • Cellular replication: Danton could replicate his cells at superhuman speeds, allowing him to create life-sized clones of himself. He could also use this power to create multiple limbs on his body. He can also use cellular replication to rapidly regenerate damaged tissue, missing organs or severed limbs.
    • Molecular replication: Danton could replicate the molecules of anything he was wearing or carrying, except more complex tools like automatic weapons.


  • Genius-level intellect: Danton was a brilliant scientist, having conducted ground-breaking research in cellular regeneration and cloning. His research was so coveted that Simon Stagg stole it for himself.
  • Indomitable will: With Danton's new-found powers requiring him to split his attention, he showed an inhuman ability to multi-task, able to effectively coordinate all his copies for his group attacks. Likewise, he was shown to be able to create hundreds of clones before feeling the stress.


  • Fatigue: Despite the ability to create large amounts of duplicates of himself, it causes too much stress on his body, and, like Barry, he ("the prime") begins to feel the stress of it.
  • Hive mind: If Danton gets knocked out or is too far away from his clones, his copies become inactive, falling unconscious, as he cannot focus his mind on them to give them commands.


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Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Danton Black/Multiplex is a supervillain and one of the main enemies of Firestorm, specifically Martin Stein. His career started as a scientist working with Professor Stein, and he gained powers in the same explosion that created Firestorm, but turned to a life of crime.


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