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Darius was a member of The Hidden and a double agent for the League of Assassins.


Darius was ordered by Ibadan to take Arthur King with him on reconnaissance to find a stone marker to an Ashkiri temple, having been the one to recruit him into The Hidden in the first place. They surveyed a map and packed supplies, before leaving not long after.

They were soon caught in a sandstorm and noticed that the League of Assassins were quickly approaching.[1] They took cover behind their vehicle, while the sandstorm flipped it and took care of the League members. They found their way through the mountains on horseback, being intercepted by Lourdes who had followed their tracks. They split up, Darius taking the low ground and the others taking the high ground. The other two soon discovered the Ashkiri marker to be in fact the entire mountain. Having this knowledge, Darius reported to the League with his knowledge of the tomb's whereabouts.[2]

They determined the tomb to be at what was comparable to a bird's feet on their map. Darius ordered that they head back to base camp to tell Ibadan of their intel. Back at camp, they did this, before Darius asked Lourdes to help him pack explosives for their trip.[3]

Shortly after that Darius set the explosion, blew up the camp and left. He went to the League of Assassins with the intel from The Hidden about the Ashkiri temple and how to access it. As he talked to Ra's al Ghul, an earthquake started creating a chasm. Darius lost his footing and fell over, left hanging from the chasm.[4] Ra's al Ghul saved him, claiming Darius would prove himself later.

Upon finding that Lourdes and Arthur were already inside of the temple, Ra's al Ghul and Darius went to the other entrance hidden behind a waterfall.[5] As they entered the temple, they found Lourdes being attacked by a pair of phantom snow leopards - the gods, who left Lourdes and started closing on them. Ra's al Ghul ordered Darius to reach the altar of the temple. As Darius tried to obey, the leopards attacked and killed him as the sacrifice they wanted.[6]



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