Darius Morgan (died 2021) was a doctor at the Center for Gene Therapy and Genetic Research.


Darius worked with Anissa Pierce at the lab and became attracted to her, but she made it clear that she was only interested in women, in general, and Grace Choi, in particular. However, Anissa asks Darius to have a platonic dinner with her. While the two are dining, a firefight happens, causing the two medics to see if they can help. The two were not able to save Marcel Payton's son from his gunshot wound.[1]

Days later, Grace awakens and Anissa wants to marry her immediately, so Darius gets an online education on how to wed people legally. Darius listens as the two Meta-humans took their vows.[2]

Darius learns that Monovista International is sponsoring a cure for diseases to the unborn during pregnancy and gives an old friend of Anissa's the procedure. He tells Anissa about the treatment, but she finds it suspect.[3] Darius does his own research and learns that the cure is a fake. He meets with Anissa at the lab and tells her that they cannot talk there , but should meet at his house. Darius is killed before Anissa gets there.[4]

Grace and Anissa inspect Darius' house and find the thumb drive that he hid with his research.[5]


Darius learned that Monovista International is stealing the meta-gene from the unborn to grant those powers to whom it pleases. Anissa showed the research on the thumb drive to Lauren Caruso, at the recommendation of Peter Gambi, so that the plot can be foiled.[6]


Black Lightning

Season 4


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