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"Dollman is dead."
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Darrel,[1] also known as Dollman, was a meta-human vigilante on Earth-X and a member of Freedom Fighters.


Early life

The Freedom Fighters.

Born on Earth-X, Darrel somehow obtained the power of shrinking to the size of a doll at an unknown point in time. As Dollman he joined Freedom Fighters, fighting in the same branch as The Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, and Red Tornado.[2]


One day, Dollman and his branch were fighting with the Schutzstaffel to save civilians in Tulsa.[3] Dollman was able to use his powers to fight the Nazis and evade damage but was unfortunately killed by Overgirl who shot him in the chest with her heat vision.[1]

Powers and abilities


Dollman riding on the back of teammate Black Condor, shrank.

  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Darrel's DNA and cells were altered, enabling him to access his new-found powers
    • Shrinking: Dollman was able to shrink to at least a third of his original size.[1]


  • Dollman suit: Darrel wore a blue uniform as his alter-ego, Dollman.[3]


Freedom Fighters: The Ray

Season 1

The Flash

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics Doll Man (sometimes written as Dollman) is a legacy name of several superheroes, the original being Darrel Dane, a member of the Freedom Fighters on whom the series iteration of the character is based. Together with his wife Doll Woman, they joined the Freedom Fighters while being hunted by the Nazis for being Jehovah's Witnesses.