Darren Coffman is a lawyer operating in Star City.


Sometime prior to 2002, Darren established himself as a lawyer in Star City. Among his notable clients were Henry Goodwin and Justin Claybourne.

Darren was the last person to be publicly seen with Goodwin prior to his disappearance in 2002, and gave a statement to police detailing what little he knew. At some point, Darren met his client Claybourne's son, Simon Morrison. He secretly began the process of removing Simon from Claybourne's will at the latter's behest.

In May 2017, Simon, now known as "Adrian Chase" and the serial killer "Prometheus", approached Darren and threatened him into giving Oliver Queen a flash drive when they eventually met once the former sent Goodwin's corpse to City Hall. Sure enough, Darren soon met with Oliver and his sister, Thea Queen, to discuss the statement he had given to police regarding Goodwin's whereabouts years prior. Darren gave the duo the flash drive before leaving.[1]



Season 5


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