Darren Coffman is a lawyer operating in Star City.


Sometime prior to 2002, Darren established himself as a lawyer. Among his notable clients were Henry Goodwin and Justin Claybourne. Darren was the last person to be publicly seen with Goodwin prior to his disappearance, and gave a statement to police detailing what little he knew. At some point he met Claybourne's son, Simon Morrison.[1]

In 2017, after Simon, now known as Adrian Chase, was revealed to be Prometheus, he excavated Goodwin's body and shipped it to City Hall in a large crate addressed to Mayor Oliver Queen. Knowing that Oliver would uncover Goodwin's identity and that his search for answers would lead him to Darren, Adrian gave Darren a flash drive to give to Oliver when they eventually met. Sure enough, Darren soon met with Oliver and his sister Thea to discuss the statement he had given to police years prior, where he gave them the flash drive.[1]



Season 5


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