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Dave was a delivery guy at Hoffrichter Meats plant in Great Wall Supermarket, who become possessed by Mnemoth.


Dave pushed over by Leanne

Dave pushed over by Leanne.

At some point prior to 2014 Dave was employed as a delivery guy for the Hoffrichter Meats plant in Great Wall Supermarket in Atlanta, working within a period of 126 days without a single accident.[1]

In 2014, after a customer of the supermarket, Leanne, became possessed with the demon Mnemoth, she pushed Dave hard to get to his meat. As Leanne died of starvation, Mnemoth exited her body and possessed Dave who proceeded to wreak havoc in the plant, eventually dying himself and passing Mnemoth to his co-worker Jo.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Mnemoth possession: Being possessed by a demon likelu granted powers to Dave.[1]




  • While Dave appears in quite a few shots as a corpse the only shot of him being alive is seen during Leanne's rampage in Great Wall Supermarket and is really easy to miss.