David "Dave" Hackett[1] (died 2007) was Robert Queen's bodyguard, who was on the Queen's Gambit when it sank.


David Hackett was the bodyguard of Robert Queen, the CEO of Queen Consolidated.[2]

In 2007, Dave accompanied Robert on the Queen's Gambit for his business trip to China. During the sail, the Gambit sank and Dave was one of the three known survivors, along with Robert and his son, Oliver Queen. The trio made it to a raft and began drifting in the water. Dave protested when Robert gave Oliver their only water bottle, to which Robert proclaimed that his son needed to survive. A few days later, with no sign of rescue, Dave began carrying a knife on his person, eliciting wariness in Robert. Deciding to leave the last of the supplies to his son, Robert shot Dave dead, leaving his body to drown the ocean.[3]


11 years later, Dave's son, Sam, tried to take revenge for his father's death by killing Robert's son, Oliver, only to be defeated and arrested by Oliver and Dinah Drake.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • Even though the character first appeared in "Pilot" in 2012, he wasn't given a name until 2018's "Level Two"​. However, that was only his last name. His first name wasn't revealed until "Past Sins" in 2019.
  • In the DC Comics, Hackett is a former pilot for the Royal Air Force who eventually came into the employ of a heroin manufacturer named China White. China conducted her business from an island volcano in Fiji, and communicated her orders to Hackett from there. Over a decade ago, Hackett insinuated his way into the lifestyle of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen by convincing him to invest in several illegal offshore accounts to fund China's drug trafficking.


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