"David discovered an enzyme that stimulated the brain and enhanced the senses. We were asked to test human subjects before the process was perfected. David said no. Our funding was threatened. So one night when he was alone he tried the enzyme on himself. My husband was dead when i found him."
Tina McGee on David's death.[src]

David (died 1989) was the husband of Tina McGee.


While he was in college, David was good friends with Tina McGee and Carl Tanner. Although Tanner had a crush on Tina, David was the one who she eventually fell for.[1]

Sometime before 1989, both he and Tina became scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs. Around that time, the couple got married.


In 1989, David discovered a special enzyme that can stimulate the human's brain and enhance his senses. He and Tina were asked to test the enzyme on human subjects, but David refused. One night, because they didn't have much money left for the research, he decided to try the enzyme on himself. The experiment went wrong, which resulted in his death. His body was found by Tina the next morning.[2]


Tina later was motivated to keep Barry Allen safe and to make sure his abilities weren't going to be the cause of his death due to David's passing.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Tina McGee's husband is named Jerry McGee.


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