David Chin is a technology expert that was previously associated with Cayden James.


At some point, Chin had connections with Cayden James. By this point, he had gathered knowledge of alternate universes.[1]

In 2019, Chin was visited by Laurel Lance and Lyla Michaels, who ordered him to fix an interdimensional extrapolator. He initially refused, but, when they pressured him, he complied. Laurel was unable to return to Earth-2, due to it being destroyed; she initially assumed that he'd tampered with the device. However, Chin reassured Laurel that he had done the job properly.[1]


  • Technological expertise: David was able to fix an interdimensional extrapolator, implying a high level of expertise with technology. He was also able to fiddle with it and set its destination for a specific Earth.[1]
  • Scientific knowledge: David helped fixing an interdimensional extrapolator, indicating for incredible scientific knowledge, in order to make the device functional in transporting its user between universes.[1]



Season 8


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