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For the meta-human criminal referred to as "Subject 11" by Clifford DeVoe, see Janet Petty.

David Fuglestad[1] (died 2021) was a meta-human hitman working for Morgan Edge. After a confrontation with Superman, he was killed by Leslie Larr.


Early life

David Fuglestad was born in Smallville, Kansas. David was one of the subjects who took part in Edge's X-Kryptonite experiments and gained Kryptonian powers.[1]

Last job

Superman vs David.

David was hired by Morgan Edge to spy on Lois Lane. He went to Smallville, where he watched her in his car while she was at the Smallville Gazette. Then he set a car on fire and tried to kill Sharon Powell, but was found by Lois, who tried to escape but he stopped her. She then stuck a pen in his ear and called Superman. They fought but David managed to briefly immobilize him, until Superman got up and threw him from the motel room. Afterwards, he was leaving New Carthage while talking to Edge on his cell phone, when he was stopped and killed by Leslie Larr using her heat vision. Leslie the calls up Edge stating that her assignment is done and that she'll "send a team".[2]


Chrissy Beppo, who had obtained a picture of David,[3] researched the participants of the Young Executive Program of Edge EnerCorp and discovered that David was born in Smallville. Clark and Lois discussed that those born in Smallville could control their Kryptonian-like powers.[1]


David is strong and stoic, completely detached from compassion and concern for others, willing to kill without mercy.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Due to exposure to X-Kryptonite, David’s DNA was altered, gaining powers similar to Superman and turning him into a meta-human.[2]
    • Superhuman durability: David was able to withstand several of Superman punches with little to no pain.[2]
    • Superhuman strength: David was strong enough to fight Superman on equal grounds and even briefly overpower him until he got serious.[2]


Superman & Lois

Season 1


  • While unconfirmed, he was most likely a host for a Kryptonian consciousness.

Behind the scenes