For the cinematographer in real life, see David Geddes.

In an aberration timeline, David Geddes was a film director of the horror movie Swamp Thaaaang.


Aberration timeline: Gaining inspiration from the horrific events of Camp Ogawa, Maine in 1995 where children went missing, David Geddes directed the movie Swamp Thaaaang, the fourth movie in its franchise, and released it in 1996.

Current timeline: The Legends discovered that the tragedy was caused by a displaced shtriga masquerading as "Chad Stephens" and killed it. They also managed to locate and bring back the life force of the missing children, erasing the film franchise from existence.[1]





DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In real life, David Geddes has actually directed multiple episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow​​, including "Wet Hot American Bummer". The film franchise is a spoof of both the comic book Swamp Thing, and the real-life films and TV series based on it.


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