David Maclean (1953—May 15, 2013),[1] professionally known as David MacLean, was a resident of Starling City and journalist for The Starling City Star. He was one of the 503 casualties of The Undertaking.


David MacLean's article as seen in Ted Grant's collection.

David Maclean was a journalist, who wrote an article on the vigilante in Starling City for The Starling City Star under the variant pen name "David MacLean".[2]

David was in The Glades during The Undertaking, in which he was ultimately killed.[1]



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  • The name may be a reference to David "Dave" McKean, an illustrator and comic book artist who has worked on several DC Comics works, including Hellblazer, The Sandman and the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.
  • Both him and Ken Rabehl are referenced individually in "City of Heroes" and "Guilty".


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