"Eva's will is my will."
—David Singh[src]

David Singh, nicknamed Mirror-Singh by Nash Wells,[1] was an entity who is the mirrored doppelgänger and a cloned counterpart to David Singh. He was created by the Mirrorverse and shares the same memories as the original David, although a few traits are in opposition to his Earth-Prime counterpart. David manipulated Team Flash while secretly working with Eva McCulloch, Mirror-Iris West-Allen and Mirror-Kamilla Hwang towards an ulterior motive. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself to help Eva infiltrate McCulloch Technologies and kill Joseph Carver.



David Singh was created at some point after the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[2][3]

Building the R.I.C.O. case

CCPD car park.

Captain Joe West of the Central City Police Department confided in David that he felt that there was a mole in the department; Joe did not know that he was talking to a mirror duplicate who worked for Eva McCulloch.

When agents of A.R.G.U.S. came to the police car garage, Sunshine attacked, David watched as she killed the agents. David and Joe stood back-to-back preparing for the assassin's attack when Barry distracted her and she pursued him.[2]

David was with Cecile Horton, Barry Allen, and "Iris West-Allen" at an ambulance when Joe was almost killed when his brakes failed to work. David advised that Joe should go into witness protection, but he initially declined. David insisted, telling the group that he would never forgive himself if something else happened to Joe.

Later, David called "Iris" to tell her that Joe went into witness protection before Barry could.[4]

Blood sample

David was told to meet with his "sisters", Iris and Kamilla Hwang, in order to make the office more to Eva's liking by placing mirrors throughout the room. While there, he was told the plan to liberate Eva.

The Reflections meet Ramsay Rosso.

The three went to an A.R.G.U.S. facility where Ramsey Rosso was being held. The three could visit Ramsey unguarded because of the real David's position with the police department; he merely pretended he was bringing the press for an interview. David helped to explain to Ramsey that Eva needed a sample of his blood to exit the Mirrorverse. After "Kamilla" sacrificed herself to deactivate the restraining field, Ramsey suddenly attacked "David" and "Iris", knocking him unconscious. When "David" awakened, "Iris" had the blood sample and Ramsey had opted not to escape with them.[3]

Siding with Eva

David called his counterpart's husband, Rob, and told him that they could no longer be together since he needed to be with Eva. David and Eva decided to destroy everything Joseph Carver had. The first step was to burn his warehouse where he kept weapons; David killed the five guards that manned the place. As he was pouring gasoline throughout the place, Flash and Elongated Man arrived and tried to stop him. David was adamant and set the warehouse ablaze.

A memo passed by David's desk that Carver was going into A.R.G.U.S. custody; David went to the police station to intercept him. When David exited the elevator, he saw Team Flash there, so David told Barry that he would like to trade Iris for Carver. Suddenly, Nash pushed David away from Carver and Barry and teleported Team Flash away.[1]


Mirror David is destroyed by Eva.

David was in the McCulloch Technologies building when he saw Barry attempting to protect Carver. He told Barry that he only lived for the will of his mother before he disintegrated into a weaponized Eva who blasted Barry unconscious.[1]


"After some personal reflection, I realized I have to be with her; everything I am started with her."
—David Singh on Eva McCulloch[src]

David Singh had no personality outside the will of his creator, Eva McCulloch. This was so apparent that Ramsey Rosso was disgusted to be around such an un-living being. David was staunchly loyal to Eva, refusing to listen to Barry Allen's pleads to stop cooperating with her plans by appealing to the real David Singh. David considered Eva his "mother" and kept attempting to convince Barry to let her plans come into fruition.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Connection to Eva McCulloch: As he was created by Eva, David has a connection to her.[3]


  • Expert deceiver/Manipulator: David had incredible impersonation and deception skills. He able to successfully impersonate the real David Singh to the point that not even Joe West, Barry Allen, nor Rob knew the difference for months.[2]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: David was able to kill five armed guards who worked for Black Hole.[1]


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