Davis Middle School is a middle school located in National City in the United States.


Samantha Arias dropped her daughter, Ruby, off at school in the morning. However, she was called back later in the day after Ruby punched another student, Stephanie Harrison, in the face.[1]

A couple weeks later, the school's soccer team had a game which Ruby participated in while her mother watched. Davis' team won the match.

A few days later, the school held a recital. In one of the acts, a group of girls dressed up as Supergirl and performed a dance dedicated to the superheroine. After, Ruby sang "Pure Imagination." Samantha, Lena Luthor, Alex Danvers, and Kara Danvers all came to the recital to support Ruby.[2]

In early 2018, Samantha picked Ruby up after school to go ice skating.[3]

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