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|name = Daxam
|name = Daxam
|image = Daxam.png
|image = Daxam.png
|universe = [[Earth-38]]
|universe = [[Earth-38]]<br>[[Earth-Prime]]
|species = [[Daxamites]]
|species = [[Daxamites]]
|population = 0
|population = 0

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Daxam was the home planet to the Daxamites. It is located 2,000 light years from Earth, orbiting an old red dwarf star named Rao. It was ruled by the late King Lar Gand and the late Queen Rhea.


The planet was mostly covered in deserts. Daxam also had moons, but the exact number in unspecified. During the planetary devastation, the moons were hit by Krypton's debris so it's unclear if they still exist.

Daxam was ruled by the Royal Family of Daxam. The family lived in a pyramid shaped building.


Slave trade

Daxam was a large presence in the slave-trade market, often buying alien slaves from Maaldoria to do their labor. This was a very common business on Daxam, particularly with the royal family, and one of the many things that sparked a war with Krypton.[1]

War with Krypton

Daxam is known to have feuded with her sister planet, Krypton, over various issues such as Monarchy vs. Democracy and how life should be lived. Both Daxam and Krypton went to war over their respective ideals, with casualties in the thousands.[2]

Planetary Devastation and Relocation

The death of the planet soon followed after Krypton when the shock waves from the explosion hit the moons of Daxam, causing gravity to fluctuate and solar storms to ravage the land. Mon-El fled the planet through the use of a commandeered Kryptonian pod and for a time believed himself to be the planet's sole survivor. It was then revealed that his parents Lar Gand and Rhea, along with a number of other Daxamites, escaped aboard ships and have scattered across the universe. Despite the Daxamite immunity to Kryptonite, when the mineral rained down on Daxam, it made the atmosphere uninhabitable for them  By the time the King and Queen reunited with Mon-El, the atmosphere of the planet had settled and they were planning on returning to Daxam and start gathering their people to rebuild their society. However, Mon-El refused to leave Earth and return to Daxam. This fueled Rhea into taking vengeance on both Kara and Earth whom she both blamed for his desertion.

Rhea went into a partnership with Lena Luthor to create a transmatter portal which she would use to bring all the scattered Daxamite ships across the universe to make Earth their new home. As they arrived, she christened Earth as New Daxam until Supergirl set off a Lead bomb irradiating the atmosphere with Lead forcing the Daxamites to retreat. 

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