"Welcome to New Daxam."

The Daxamite army is an army of Daxamites led by Lar Gand, but after he was murdered by his wife, Rhea led the army until her death.


The army aimed under Rhea's orders was to conquer the planet Earth and make it the new home for the Daxamites as well as sate Rhea's vengeance against Supergirl for turning her son against her.


Rhea tries to inspire Lena

Queen Rhea

Recruiting Mon-El

Rhea's son Mon-El didn't want her to destroy National City and was forced to join Rhea's team.

Recruiting Lena Luthor

Queen Rhea tried to inspire Lena so she would be a member of Daxamite army. Rhea was impersonating to be a human. Lena was later forced to be a member of Rhea's team and the fiancée of Mon-El.

Mon-El and Lena leave the army

Attempt to destroy National City

Known members

Current members

Former members

  • Rhea (leader, queen of Daxam and field support; deceased)
  • Mon-El (unwilling member; abdicated prince of Daxam and field support)
  • Lena Luthor (unwilling member; tech support)
  • Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman (unwilling member; field support)

Known enemies

Current enemies



Season 2

Season 3