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"Your home is gone and taking us with it. This is your punishment!"
—Royal Guard before killing a Kryptonian.[src]

An unnamed man (died 1979) was the guard of the prince of the royal family of Daxam, Mon-El. He presumably died along with the rest of Daxam when it died alongside Krypton.


According to Mon-El, this man had actually been the prince who he was trying to bring to a Kryptonian pod to safety as he was his guard. Mon-El initially wanted to save him as it was his duty, but the prince flat-out refused to leave the planet and chose to remain on Daxam until its demise. He tricked Mon-El into the pod and closed it behind him so that Mon-El could get to safety.[1]

However, when Mon-El's identity as the true prince of Daxam had come to light, it was revealed that this man had actually been his guard. When Daxam was suffering fallout from the destroyed planet of Krypton, he had charged into Mon-El's room to bring him to safety. He had told Mon-El to abandon the girl that he had with him and ran him out of the palace, making him ignore all the carnage and people in pain. They came to the Kryptonian pod where one of the Kryptonian emissary was trying to flee and return to Krypton. The guard angrily pulled him away and told him that Krypton was responsible for this chaos and then shot the emissary in cold blood in front of Mon-El. He then moved the prince into the pod and told him to take off while he held off people that were running to try and get to the pod to try and get to safety. Mon-El watched as he fought the people off before fleeing the planet.[2]



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