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"By the laws of Earth-19, I hereby challenge you for possession of H.R. Wells. If you want, we can solve this another way. There's a great spot for drinks..."
"You realize trial by combat is to the death?"
Cisco Ramon and Gypsy

"Dead or Alive" is the eleventh episode of the third season of The Flash, and the fifty-seventh episode overall. It aired on January 31, 2017.



This scene begins with a gathering of arms sellers meeting to do an arrangement while we hear Harrison Wells portraying the scene. The sellers are ruined by Barry and Wells, who happens to have an enormous vortex gun. The scene slices to Team Flash HQ where it's uncovered Wells is composing a book.

Alarms start sounding and we discover there's another wrongdoing in progress and the two Flashes, both Barry and Wally, speed out and stop the wrongdoing in progress. A group amasses and start reciting Kid Flash's name, much like a weekend ago. The gathering ends up back at STAR Labs and Wells compliments the gathering while Wally offers props to Barry.

While the remainder of the gathering disperses, Barry stands up to Cisco Ramon/Vibe on if he's figured out how to change the future yet. Cisco and Caitlin Snow at that point take Barry to show him a LEGO chart of the scene where Savitar murders Iris later on. Julian joins the trio and starts experiencing the logical procedure on what paces and speeds Barry needs to venture out to prevent Savitar from killing Iris later on. Julian at that point leaves the gathering and Cisco makes reference to how he's somewhat obtuse.

We slice to Jitters, without precedent for a long time, and see Gypsy accomplishing recon work. She contacts some espresso stirrers and has a dream of Wells being at that area. A cop appears and Gypsy vanishes and we see Barry and Joe filling in as wrongdoing scene examiners the following morning. Joe sees something has been going on among Barry and Iris, as he's as yet ignorant of things to come in which Iris is killed.

Back at STAR Labs, they're evaluating surveillance camera film from Jitters while Gypsy hacks into the lab's security feed and says she's searching for Wells. Wells clarifies that Gypsy is a "collector" from his Earth in no time before Gypsy transports herself from outside into the STAR Labs storm cellar where the group is found.

Cisco starts utilizing his vibing powers trying to drive Gypsy away from the gathering while Gypsy makes the associate that he can likewise vibe. With Cisco infusing some funniness into the scene by attempting to ask Gypsy out on an espresso date, Wally advances into the cellar before getting halted by Gypsy's vibing powers. Vagabond educates the gathering that they're holding a criminal in Wells before she vibes out of the storm cellar.

The gathering inquires as to why Wells is a criminal and Wells clarifies how his earth, Earth-19, has restricted between dimensional travel made deserving of death. They at that point go on a conversation about ethical quality as Julian brings up that since it's an alternate measurement, they have various principles and guidelines.

Barry goes to see Iris at work and inquires as to whether she's educated Joe regarding the future wherein she's killed. Iris denies anything in spite of the fact that it's reasonable something's despite everything irritating her. Iris is then observed observing Wally train at STAR Labs where Wally advises her to lay of the scoop she's working for the paper, one which includes the arms vendors from previously.

Wells is seen pressing his office supplies into a pack while Cisco strolls in and starts a discussion. Wells shares his emotions on why he traveled to Earth-1, since he felt like he was a con artist back on his earth. Wells speaks harshly to Barry while Barry offers some direction and Wells makes reference to the best way to receive in return is win a trial by battle. Caitlin pages them that Gypsy is hanging tight for them outside to take Wells home.

Outside, Cisco astounds the gathering by moving Gypsy to a trial by combat and Gypsy uncovers that a trial by combat is to the death. The two show up very coy until Gypsy uncovers that Cisco will have 24 hours to plan. After Gypsy vibes from the scene, Cisco comments "She's going to kill me, right?"

Wally and Wells can be heard raving about Gypsy, Wells even notices how she's a "legend" on his earth. An obviously shaken Cisco can be viewed as Barry solaces him until Julian illuminates Cisco he'll begin setting up the clinical straight, which doesn't help quiet the circumstance.

Iris and Wally are considered going to be the police office as Iris discloses to Wally that he needs to speed through the office and take photos of the case record on the arms vendors. A cautious Wally has his mind changed as Iris clarifies that it could be her most recent couple of weeks on earth on the off chance that the Savitar future works out. Iris diverts Joe from the case record while Wally gets the document to take pictures in a hilarious trade with Iris pretending she's pregnant.

The group is seen helping train Cisco and Cisco vibes into the help pillars at the head of the roof to circumvent preparing. Wells pulls Barry aside and repeats that he can't let Cisco battle her and uncovers that he's been following Gypsy and she's right now situated at the waterfront.

Barry and Wells face her and Gypsy as the last quells Barry and accepts Wells through a gateway as "protection" to ensure Cisco battles her.

Cisco is justifiably vexed as Barry enlightens him regarding going up against Gypsy at the waterfront. Barry follows Cisco into a different room and the two talk about dealing with the weights of battling wrongdoing as Team Flash. Julian butts in to the cut the second off as he tells the two that he's a shortcoming to Gypsy: for a brief instant as she leaves a break, her feet are off the ground which leaves her unequal and powerless for assault.

Wally and Iris are seen moving toward a stockroom, where it's uncovered that is the place the arms sellers are putting away their store of weapons. While she's investigating a box, one of the vendors moves toward her and takes steps to shoot her as she strolls towards him and presses the weapon against her chest before Wally speeds in and stops the shooter.

At Team Flash HQ, an angry Joe talks about his mistake in Iris and Wally bargaining a sting activity the Central City PD had been taking a shot at for quite a long time. Barry and Iris stroll off to have a side discussion where Iris uncovers she's not hesitant to bite the dust, rather she's reluctant to leave Earth like her mom. Barry consoles her she'll be fine and Cisco strolls in to reveal to them that Gypsy vibed him her area.

Cisco appears in a whole troupe complete with a coat and glasses. Cisco begins saying some brilliant comments as Gypsy impacts him away. He recovers financially and the two of them shoot vitality at one another as it compromises and hold it some time before they quit, obviously drained and exhausted.

Rover vibes Cisco to a housetop as the last references its Earth-2. She then vibes him to another Earth where we see Miss Tessmacher, a character we've recently observed on Supergirl before vibing him to an earth fundamentally made of magma.

She wrecks Cisco back on Earth-1 and goes to do the move which Julian demonstrated him before and Cisco wrecks her as she's off her feet and she guarantees he won. Cisco is a glad champ and assists Gypsy with offing the ground and she specifies that "in all the multiverse, she's never meet somebody like Cisco." The two offer a grin.

Vagabond is welcomed into STAR Labs where she uncovers she'll tell the individuals who recruited him that she slaughtered Wells with the goal that they aren't dubious. The main proviso: Wells may stay away forever to Earth-19. Vagabond and Cisco talk for some time and as Gypsy inclines in to kiss Cisco, she vibes herself away.

Iris and Barry are seen back at their loft while Barry is shown reading Iris' article about the arms vendors. Barry makes reference to that the article is incredible and consoles Iris again that he's going to stop Savitar.

Wells is in STAR Labs as he's talking into his voice recorder as Cisco strolls in and starts talking. Cisco comments that Wells as cultivated bounty and Wells expresses gratitude toward him for sparing his life. Cisco makes reference to it's their main thing for companions and how to adjust the abilities. Wells requests Cisco to share a portion of the information his doppelgängers had and Cisco goes into some profundity about how he values working at STAR Labs.

The scene finishes as Barry strolls in to observe Wally train. Barry makes reference to that he's going to require Wally to get quicker and when Wally inquires as to why, Barry reflects "I've been taking a gander at things the incorrect way. I'm not going to save Iris from Savitar, you are."



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Caitlin and Cisco's LEGO recreation

Caitlin and Cisco's LEGO recreation


  • At S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash determines that Barry needs to cover a certain distance (which looks to be approximately 30-40 feet) in .21 seconds to stop Savitar from killing Iris. They determine that this is not possible considering Barry's current speed improvement. However when Barry decides to train Wally to save Iris, Wally's listed speed is 1,881 mph, which was about equal to Barry's speed. This speed equates to approximately .5225 miles per second, which is about 2,758.8 feet per second. So in .21 seconds, Barry should already be able to travel 579 feet, which is much farther than the distance he needs to travel in order to save Iris.