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"We can't punish ourselves for the mistakes we've made. That's a closed door. But we can take responsibility for our actions, no matter how great the obstacle to overcome."
Wally West inspiring Barry Allen after the death of the Speed Force

"Death of the Speed Force" is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-twenty-eighth episode overall. It aired on March 10, 2020.



A helicopter starts to rust and drop out of the sky over Central City, yet a speedster races to the scene and recoveries the traveler before destroying the airplane, making all the difference. It's not Barry. It's Kid Flash, otherwise known as Wally West. He's back with another feeling of zen and some new powers, as well. Cisco likewise comes back from investigating the world, his last quit having been Atlantis. After the festival, Barry and Wally speed tidy up and he has an issue with his speed and Wally uncovers that he's truly returned in light of the fact that some kind of problem with's the Speed Force.

Wally stands up to Barry about the Speed Force issue and carries him into the Speed Force where they discover her - the portrayal of Nora Allen - and she's perishing. She discloses to him it's his activities that is murdering her. Without Wally helping him, Barry enters the Speed Force once more, alone. Speed Nora clarifies that it wasn't the fight with Bloodwork. It was when Barry had the Specter send him to the Speed Force that caused this calamity. Speed Nora discloses to him she adores him and passes on.

Cisco doesn't feel like his outing far and wide transformed him in any case and that he's simply back where he began from, which provoked him to be impolite and contemptuous of Nash when he came to him for help with his abnormal "dreams." Cisco later goes to see Nash, yet is controlled by Eobard Thawne now, however he doesn't have speed or powers, yet Cecile brings Reverse Flash Nash down and they detain him in the Pipeline. Invert Flash realizes that the Speed Force is dead and he needs to utilize that loss of capacity to murder Barry and everybody he adores.

With respect to the antagonist of the week, at Jitters, Maria Volkova - the lady from the helicopter - is assaulted by a secretive meta and executed, actually transformed into a matured mummy. The meta reprobate is Turtle 2, otherwise known as Frida Novakov. She's the explanation Cisco came back to Central City as he's been catching wind of her in the entirety of his movements. She later assaults the CCPD, however Wally and Barry best use their residual forces to stop her by means of remedy Cisco makes.

The scene closes with two pivotal turning points. The first is that, with the Speed Force dead, Barry chooses to work with Caitlin and Cisco to manufacture a fake Speed Force and reestablish his speed. The second is that Kamila has made sense of Mirror Iris isn't right gratitude to a photograph she took, yet before Kamila can do anything, Mirror Iris fires her with the Mirror Gun.



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