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This article is about the conjoint meta-human that is the result of the fusion between the Earth-2 versions of Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein.
For the individual characters, see Ronnie Raymond (Earth-2) or Martin Stein (Earth-2).

Deathstorm was the name used by the transmuted meta-humans Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein, mutated by Harrison Wells' particle accelerator.


Around 2013 on Earth-2 when Harrison Wells' particle accelerator exploded,[1] Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein were both affected by the dark matter released and merged into the conjoined meta-human called "Deathstorm". Ronnie gained full control of their powers and shut out Stein's voice and eventually was no longer able to hear him and kept him trapped for almost three years. Deathstorm was one of the meta-human criminals employed by "Zoom" as one of his enforcers to keep the other criminals of Central City in line, others being Ronnie's wife Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost and dealt directly with one of Zoom's lieutenants, Francisco Ramon/Reverb.

Deathstorm and Killer Frost

In early 2016 while Deathstorm and Killer Frost killed several bank robbers defying Zoom's will they were informed by Reverb of the arrival of a breacher from Earth-1 and both confronted by breacher, a meta-human named Barry Allen/The Flash at Jitterbugs. While confronting him Deathstorm tried to kill the onsite cop Iris West-Allen but instead blasted her father Joseph and killed him. Deathstorm then pursued Barry throughout the city but ceased the chase when Barry redirected a nuclear blast at Killer Frost and tended to her instead.

Deathstorm is disabled after Zoom kills Ronnie, and Stein with him.

Later Deathstorm and Killer Frost confronted Iris, Floyd Lawton and Cisco Ramon/Vibe (Reverb's Earth-1 doppelgänger) and were surprised to see Reverb offer Vibe a place at his side and to overthrow Zoom. However, when Reverb threatened to kill them both they backed off. Amidst the tension Flash arrived and fought the three meta-human criminals but was overwhelmed. An angered Deathstorm continued to blast him while unconscious along with Reverb despite Zoom's order to leave him unharmed, and Zoom immediately arrived and stabbed Deathstorm in the back which killed both Ronnie and Stein and destroyed the Deathstorm matrix with it.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Nuclear physiology: Deathstorm got his powers from the nuclear energy his body created. This energy was the source of his pyrokinetic powers.
    • Nucleokinesis: Deathstorm was virtually a living reactor, and as such, created great amounts of nuclear energy via the innumerous atomic reactions constantly occurring in his body. That and his mental capacity to process both fission and fusion, allow him to harness the energy emitting from his own body and/or any near source of energy that's nearby.
      • Flight: Deathstorm had at least two methods to achieve flight. The first and most common was when he used fires nuclear blasts downward at a consistent rate, thereby defying generating enough force to defy gravity and allow for stable profusion and gliding. This flight style was his preferred and most practiced choice. The second method is unclear, as he was shown to be able to fly at impressive speeds without the need of his blasts. How he achieved this skill or how he even did it is unclear.
      • Nuclear pyrokinesis: The amount of energy being processed in their bodies was often released through their head and hands. They could use their control over the energy to project it willingly in the form of concussive blasts, in the form of fire. These "nuclear blasts" were often shown to be quite powerful and have shown to be able to knock unarmed humans out unconscious and were hot enough to burn through solid structures and even cause harm to meta-humans (such as The Flash).
      • Psychic link: Ronnie has implied that like Earth-1's Firestorm, the two halves of Deathstorm also share a psychic connection. However, Ronnie has also stated that he hasn't let Stein out in years, and that he no longer hears him.[2]


  • Quantum splicer: Ronnie and Martin use a Quantum Splicer to help merge and separate from each other. Ronnie wears it all the time and never takes it off to prevent Martin Stein from getting out.
  • Deathstorm suit: Ronnie also wears a black leather uniform for when he is terrorizing people as Deathstorm.


The Flash

Season 2

Background Information

  • In the DC Comics main continuity, Deathstorm is one of two alternate versions of the Firestorm persona:
    1. During the Blackest Night event in the pre-Flashpoint continuity, Ronnie Raymond is reanimated by the Black Lantern Corps and attempts to assimilate Jason Rusch (the then-current Firestorm).
    2. In the Forever Evil event in the New 52 continuity, the Earth-3 Martin Stein becomes Deathstorm after having his body fused with that of a dead lab subject which give him nuclear powers similar to his Prime-Earth counterpart.


  • Deathstorm is the second Crime Syndicate of America member to make a live-action appearance, after Ultraman in Smallville.