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"They're calling you Deathstroke."
"That's a bit flamboyant. I like it."
Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson

"Deathstroke" is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Arrow, and the forty-first episode overall. It aired on April 2, 2014.



Initially pretending to comfort Thea after her breakup, Slade uses his opportunity to kidnap her. Thea is told to get out of the car and when she runs, she bumps into Brother Blood.

Felicity tells Oliver about his messages for the past month and a board meeting that he has to attend but he is too focused on Slade to care.

Oliver shows up early to the meeting as Isabel lied about the time for the meeting. He is in talking to Isabel when Felicity tells him that Moira was there. He then learns that there was a debate that night. He tells her that he has learned about being someone he's not.

Later that night, Oliver tries to call Thea before the debate. Sebastian shows up and claims that she was probably running late due to a barricade of cars.

Laurel then approaches Sebastian to apologize for her accusations. (Not realizing she knew all the truth.) During the debate, a video showing Thea had been kidnapped with the message, "How much is Thea Queen's life to you?"

Oliver brings up that it had to be the man in the mask when talking to the police.

Distracted by Thea's kidnapping, and having his team work to locate Slade, Oliver gives temporary CEO status to Isabel Rochev (something that she had suggested to him to do) so that she can ensure that the company runs smoothly in his absence.

Felicity got information for Oliver on a lead on where Thea is. In Flashback, Sara and the Russian try to remove one of the landmines off the Island. She suggests rigging Hendricks with the bomb.

In the present, Oliver heads to the warehouse with Sara and Roy. Slade is sitting in a chair waiting for them. Thea is nowhere to be found. Slade asks him (referring him as "Kid") what he was going to do. Oliver then has Quentin called to arrest Slade, who is poisoned. One of the detectives yells at Lance due to the fact that Slade supposedly had an alibi.

Oliver goes in to talk to Slade and tells him that he is called, "Deathstroke." He then asks how he got off the island. Slade says that he swam and the mirakuru helped him stay alive. "Why are you doing this?" Oliver asks. Slade tells him that despite the island being five years ago. Oliver tells him to blame him and begs for his sister.

The same cop who yelled at Lance, finds Oliver and yells at him. Slade then talks outside to the reporters about his alibi and money being given for information on the captors.

Diggle, Sara, and Roy track Slade after he leaves but learn that Slade had cloned the tracker they planted, with the sole purpose of screwing with them. Roy is the last to lose Slade.

Slade returns to Thea and she threatens him. She wants to know why he wanted her. She learns that she was free to go, and so she begins to walk away. Slade tells her that her brother has a secret to keep her from leaving.

Roy is pissed that they turned Slade over to the police. He blames Oliver for not being there for Thea.

At the Queen home, Oliver walks over to his mother who is upset about Thea. He suggests that she get some sleep. She then asks if her baby is still alive, and Oliver says that Thea is alive. She says she can't endure losing her daughter just like she had lost him all those years ago. Oliver tells Moira that it is not her fault.

Back on the island, Sara begins the trade by getting Oliver and Slade mentions how he could smell the explosive on Hendricks. Slade gets pissed and threatens Sara. Oliver steps in front of Slade. Shado's ghost then appears.

In the foundry, Roy wants to leave and Diggle tries to stop him. Sara aims a bow to stop Roy. Oliver then shows up and Roy quits.

Oliver shows up at the board meeting after finding something from Felicity. Isabel had used her temporary power to convince the board of directors to make her position permanent, thus allowing her company to take full control over Queen Consolidated. When confronted, Isabel reveals that she has been working with Slade the entire time. Isabel reveals that she knew of his nighttime activities and then mentions how the "Sins of the father are the sins of the son" before they begin to fight. He then threatens to kill her if she doesn't reveal his sister's whereabouts.

Oliver arrives, but Thea has already been freed - her kidnapping was a diversion from Slade's real plan to free a group of convicts to be used as test subjects for the next Mirakuru trials. Thea informs Oliver and Moira that

Oliver arrives alone, as instructed, and starts fighting with Slade's men. After finishing the men, he finds the room empty of Thea.

Meanwhile, a group of convicts are being driven around town. Slade is there and kills the D.O.C. men driving the convoy. He then gets the prisoners to join him off the bus.

Felicity reveals that Thea walked into the precinct 5 minutes prior. Oliver then rushed off, and learns that the whole thing had been a diversion. Oliver and Moira hug Thea but she is unresponsive. She tells them that Slade told her Oliver's secret and says that Slade told her that her biological father is Malcolm Merlyn. As Thea leaves the precinct, Roy watches from afar as he leaves town.

In the past, Shado's ghost is telling Slade what to say: but it wasn't truly Shado, but the Mirakuru affecting him.

News reports piss off Sebastian about the election. While Sebastian asking Slade about the grudge he have against the Queen, Isabel mentions how QC's science division were working on the serum using his blood.

Oliver returns to the Foundry and is surprised to find Felicity and Diggle. He says that Roy was right. Oliver realizes that he did so many wrong things due to focusing on Slade. Felicity and Diggle tell him that he isn't alone. "Now we fight back," Oliver says.

Laurel is at home watching the news when there is a knock on her door. It's Slade who forced his way into her apartment. He tells her that Oliver isn't the man she thinks he is and tells her that Oliver is the Arrow. He then leaves.


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  • A piece of graffiti with the names "Griffith" and "Kerr" appears on the building outside where Oliver, Sara, and Roy encounter Slade Wilson before having him arrested. Stu Kerr and Ralph Griffith are writers for "Arrow Comics", an independent comic book company.


  • When Slade returns to where Thea Queen is being held, his eye-patch isn't sitting properly, showing Manu Bennett's real eye.
  • After Deathstroke kills the guards in the prison bus, all the inmates are able to move freely; usually, prisoners being transported are shackled in place in a transport bus.
  • When Roy is chasing Slade on foot, you can hear Felicity speaking to him over a earpiece, despite the camera not showing a earpiece in his ear.


Preparation ran from January 30 until February 7, 2014. Shooting ran from February 11 until February 20, 2014.[1]