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"When the Jackals took my son, they didn't count on who his father was!"
Slade Wilson

"Deathstroke Returns" is the fifth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twentieth episode overall. It aired on November 9, 2017. The episode acts as the first half of a two-part episode.[1]



"Deathstroke Returns" begins with Dinah leaving the police division conversing with her associates when a marksman starts to start shooting. Dinah — and every other person — jump off the beaten path. They're all sheltered.

Rene calls Oliver so the two can discuss the circumstance. Oliver orders Rene to discover the character of the shooter and he hangs up — Slade Wilson is with him at home.

Slade starts informing Oliver regarding his child — he joined an Australian knowledge outfit and fell into difficulty. He got put in prison forever. Slade requests Oliver's assistance — however not as the Green Arrow. Or maybe, Slade needs him to go about as a representative.

We see a flashback of Slade with his child, they're exploring nature and his child makes reference to that he's vexed in light of the fact that Slade consistently figures out how to leave.

Felicity and Curtis are going over security film when they perceive the shooter was Vigilante, and he was obviously a city councilwoman.

While researching the shooter's home, Dinah and Diggle chance upon Special Agent Watson, the FBI operator exploring Oliver. After an encounter with her, Diggle leaves the scene.

Oliver is conversing with Felicity with his circumstance with Slade. Felicity reminds Oliver that he wouldn't get ready as the Green Arrow and Oliver continues emphasizing that he'll keep pummeling himself since he guaranteed William he'd avoid that stuff.

Slade's outside his vehicle trusting that Oliver will appear, who does a couple of moments late and they head to discover Slade's child.

Dinah is marking out Councilwoman Pollard when she sees Vigilante stirring his way up the emergency exit to her condo. She leaves her vehicle and approaches him and in the wake of utilizing her forces to thump him back, Vigilante removes his cover to uncover his personality — Vincent Sobel.

The group accumulates at HQ and Dinah tells the remainder of the group it was Vincent, her old accomplice — and sweetheart — who she saw being shot in the head.

Felicity's telephone rings and it's Special Agent Watson — she needs to meet.

Oliver and Slade have shown up in Kasnia. They're meeting with one of Slade's old companions, who hands over an organizer with knowledge. The companion reveals to Slade that his child was sneaking about certain hired fighters when he was captured.

Felicity is meeting with Special Agent Watson, who inquires as to whether she will affirm after swearing to tell the truth to concurring she was Oliver's alilbi on the evenings Green Arrow was dynamic. Felicity gets a book from Curtis that he discovered more data of Dinah's ex accomplice.

Oliver and Slade are bring forth out an arrangement to get Slade's child. Slade gives Oliver a case loaded with cash and plane passes to London, he arranges Oliver to not tell his child he assisted. Slade fears his child looking downward on him for being Deathstroke. Oliver attempts to convince him in any case yet Slade isn't gnawing.

We see another flashback — Slade and his child are lounging around a pit fire. His child continues posing inquiries, which Slade doesn't answer honestly and his child gets up to leave the fire.

Group Arrow assembles at the last known area of Sobel to discover more data on the assumed dead ex-cop.

Oliver meets with the negotiator who can discharge Slade's child from jail. We see Oliver before long come back to Slade with the portfolio of cash and Slade knows something's awry. Oliver says that Slade's child was slaughtered in a jail yard fight.

A troubled Slade starts grieving his child — he communicates his lament of not heading off to the jail with Oliver.

We see another flashback with Slade and his child Joe — Slade's obviously investigating one of different families at the campsite.

Dinah is preparing against a spurious when Diggle strolls in to converse with her about the arrival of the assumed dead beau. Rene strolls in and says he has two issues: first, Councilwoman Pollard has booked a meeting about her enemy of vigilante submission and two, he has been summoned.

Oliver and Slade return to the jail to see Joe's body. At the point when they approach the superintendent, the superintendent uncovers he misled Oliver before. Joe didn't pass on in a jail yard fight, rather he was taken by the pack he was clandestinely examining.

Dinah has called police to give assurance at TV station where Councilwoman Pollard being met and sooner rather than later, Special Agent Watson appears with individual FBI operators. They're wanting to get the Green Arrow in real life.

Back is Kasnia, Slade is getting ready in his Deathstroke uniform to go chase down the Jackals that took his child. Oliver has a go at talking Slade from going on the experience and afterward blacks out — he's been medicated by Slade so he doesn't bargain the mission.

We see another flashback at the campground where Slade and Joe are eating. Slade sees the man he's been watching stroll by. He slips away to get into his Deathstroke suit to move toward the man. After a battle, Slade cuts the throat of the man.

Diggle appears at the TV station where Dinah is at and they begin discussing Vincent. Dinah guarantees that nothing is left from the principle she used to cherish. The meeting starts and we see Vigilante moving toward the set on a catwalk close to the roof — he has a weapon drawn.

Councilwoman Pollard is in the meeting when the force is removed. She runs from the set and is pursued somewhere near Vigilante. Dinah shows up and occupies Vigilante with the goal that Pollard can escape.

An anxious cop appears and shoots Vigilante in the head and he tumbles to the ground. Vincent takes his head protector off and the shot has been squashed against his temple — he's impenetrable.

Dinah and Vincent talk about being influenced by Dark Matter and when police alarms rage on out yonder, Dinah lets Vincent stroll from the scene so he doesn't get captured.

Dinah radios into Team Arrow and discloses to them Vigilante escaped.

Oliver awakens in Kasnia and sees a note left by Slade that instructs him to return home. His telephone rings and William's calling — he asks when he's returning home. Williams says he wishes his father could have helped Slade discover his child and Oliver concurs.

Slade's gotten to the Jackals' home base and starts unleashing destruction. He slaughters almost everybody in his manner however is before long overwhelmed. While encompassed, we see the man Slade got the intel from before — he's the instigator behind the gathering.

We get another flashback of Slade and his child Joe, they're leaving the campsite.

Dinah is getting together from the scene when she's drawn closer by Special Agent Watson. Watson discloses to Dinah that she heard Pollard was spared the latest trend Black Canary. Watson says that when the lights went off, Dinah was no place to be seen, indicating that she thinks Dinah is the Black Canary.

Dinah pivots to leave in her vehicle and she finds a little box on her dashboard — it's a paper rose, a blessing from Vincent.

Oliver appears at where Slade is being held hostage now. Slade consents to join the Jackals insofar as they let Joe go. The companion uncovers that they can't let Joe go, he's their chief.

Joe strolls into the light and welcomes his dad, saying it's been quite a while since they've talked.


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Preparation ran from August 15 until August 23, 2017. Shooting ran from August 24 until September 5, 2017, with a break on September 4 for Labor Day.[2]



  • When was fighting one of the guards, he stabbed them, but the sword didn’t appear to have gone through the guards stomach, but in between the guards left hand and stomach.