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The Deathstroke gang is a criminal organization founded and led by Grant Wilson in 2019 in Star City and led by John Diggle, Jr. in an erased future.[1]


Around 2019, Grant Wilson founded the Deathstroke gang in order to honor The Siege his father caused years ago.

Due to the Canaries being sent back in time, they prevented the Deathstroke uprising by stopping Grant with the help of Team Arrow, resulting in Grant being incarcerated at Blackgate Penitentiary.[2]

Erased future

At some point before 2040, Grant trained John Diggle, Jr. in order to have someone to take his place one day.

By 2040, JJ is the leader of the gang and went head-on against the Canaries.[1]

After the fall of the Glades wall, the gang start targeting all members of the Star City unification. During a fight with the canaries, JJ kills Zoe before their adversaries got sent back in time.[3][4][5]

Known members

Former members

Erased future members



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