"This mask, it's my operational equivalent to a balaclava. My partner and I wore them to keep our identities classified during our missions."
—Slade Wilson on the mask used by him and Billy Wintergreen[src]

The Deathstroke suits are a series of protective suits designed to be utilized by Slade Wilson as Deathstroke, as well as his partner Billy Wintergreen. In an erased future, Grant Wilson designed his own suit as "Deathstroke", modeled from his father's upgraded suit.


Original suit

Slade in his original balaclava.

During their time in the ASIS and on the island, Slade and Billy used customized military uniforms. They had the predominant color black, were composed by a bulletproof vest, along with the protective shoulders and forearms. The uniforms also had a holster for a pistol, a support for grenades, and two sheaths for swords on the back. Slade and Billy also possessed black and orange masks. The version kept on the island is a solid mask with a black/orange fabric balaclava, to conceal their identities whenever they were sent on missions by the ASIS unit.[1]

Upgraded suit

Slade in his upgraded suit.

After he got off the island of Lian Yu, Slade become a mercenary that A.R.G.U.S. would codename "Deathstroke", and he started using a new suit that he stole from ASIS which was a new prototype armor. It is predominantly black, however, adds blue protective plates, composite fiberglass, which overlap feet, shins, forearms, chest and shoulders. The suit also has orange details in all joints. The various equipment pockets with wrapped legs and arms, the costume also has a support for grenades and ammunition, along with a sheath for the sword on its back.[2][3]

Slade's new suit also possesses a black and orange mask. This version is a metal helmet, which opens in two, with the back of a strip of bandana. This is divided into a half-black and half-orange, but the right side has no opening, serving with an eye patch.

Future suit

In an erased future, Slade's son Grant wears his own Deathstroke suit, similar to his father's upgraded one. The mask is completely grey, rather than bi-colored, but was otherwise much the same.[4]

In a possible future John Diggle Jr. becomes Deathstroke and wears a different variant of the upgraded suit (the mask of the suit is somewhat reminiscent of the original one in the comics when Slade Wilson began his intial vendetta against the Teen Titans)

Alternate versions

A variant of the upgraded Deathstroke helmet was used by the members of Slade Wilson's army such as Ripped. It featured two eye holes instead of one, like on their leader's mask. Ravager used another variation of the helmet, with her jaw left open.[5]



A.S.I.S. prototype of Deathstroke's suit.

  • Personal armor: The mask choice was likely done originally to let his allies know of the user's identity in battles and stealth. In the upgraded version used by Slade Wilson in his war with Oliver Queen, the mask lacks one less eyelid than before to cover up Slade's injury.
  • Kevlar: The suit is lined with kevlar to prevent gunshots wounds to the user.
  • Protective plates: The suit has external plating surrounding the kevlar sheeting to protect the user from extreme environments. It has helped prevent point-blank fire, steel arrows, grenades, high-level impacts and intense heat.
  • Fiberglass: The lensing in the eyelids help the user from debris or bullets in eye range.
  • Equipment holsters: The suit is lined with holsters to carry an immense array of firepower and offensive weaponry. It includes sheaths for a sword, grenade holsters lining the chest, knives in the boots and lower back, and a firearm in a hip holster.

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Slade Wilson initially wore an all-orange mask as part of his Deathstroke persona, but soon switched to the half black and half orange mask after being blinded in his right eye by his enraged wife.
    • In the current Rebirth continuity Slade Wilson and the rest of his family uses specialized Ikon Suits developed by Dr. Isherwood, similar to how in Arrow the suits are developed specifically for A.S.I.S. agents.


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