Debbie Anne Dibny[1][2] is the mother of Ralph Dibny, and the ex-wife of an unnamed man.


Debbie was left by her husband when their son, Ralph, was ten years old. According to Ralph, she was even more afraid than he was from that, which led him to start making jokes, doing stupid gags, funny bits and whoopee cushions; anything to push her fear away.[3]

In 2018, Debbie and Ralph spent Thanksgiving together.[4]

At some point after being abandoned by her husband, Debbie dated a Zamboni driver named Doug,[5] ultimately breaking up with him, claiming to Ralph that he'd died.[2] She also dated a man named Craig at some point, a tax accountant and freelance bull rider.[6] She eventually broke up with him too,[2] but claimed to Ralph that he'd been crushed to death by a filing cabinet.[6] Debbie also dated Nick and Marv Perez, but both relationships soon ended, claiming once again to Ralph that they'd died.[2]

Debbie gambled at the Cleaner's Royale each second Monday of the month, becoming a regular. One day, she visited a pawn shop on Avenue M. That night she went to gamble. After a game, she met with Marv, who tried to give her flowers, but she refused. The following morning, Debbie was taken in by police, who believed her to have robbed the pawn shop due to its owner identifying her. Due to this, Ralph and Cecile Horton helped to find an alibi for her. They headed to Cleaner's Royale, where they requested the owner Tony provide them with security footage. He agreed to help, but only if they gave him $5,000. In an attempt to win the money, as they didn't have anywhere near enough, Debbie played for it, while Ralph secretly stole a USB containing the files from Tony's office. Returning to Ralph's office, they reviewed the footage, Ralph realizing that Debbie had met with Marv, who Ralph had believed to have died. Debbie admitted she'd lied about all of her ex-boyfriends dying, and Ralph ordered her to leave. Later that night, Debbie returned, offering an apology and an explanation. They rekindled and shared a hug.[2]


Debbie is very close to her son, Ralph Dibny who she affectionately calls "Ralphy", who considers her his only family, along with Team Flash.[7]


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