Deities, also known as Gods, are a race of immortal supernatural entities.


On Mars, there is a deity called H'ronmeer, he is the god of death and wrath.[1]

On Krypton, there are two deities, Rao the god of sunlight[2] and Yuda Kal, the god of life.[3]

On Earth there are many deities, but the better known is God, the creator of the multiverse. The Fates, three Greek sisters comprised of the deities Clotho, Atropos and Lachesis, weave the Loom of Fate, until Clotho realizes she wants mortals to decide their own fates and betrays her own sisters by destroying the powerful loom, subsequently diminishing the Fates' own powers. Clotho goes on the run and later adopts the name Charlie to hide from her sisters.[4]

Known Deities

Beings considered deities

Powers and abilities

  • Immortality: As deities, they can live forever as they are immune to aging and disease.
  • Invulnerability (possibly): They are most likely unharmed by conventional weaponry. However, Charlie, one of the Greek goddesses of fate, says that she can be harmed by a gun,[4] although this could be a result of John Constantine making her mortal and therefore a trait unique to Charlie.
  • Superhuman strength: They are exceedingly strong.
  • Magic: Deities possess incredible magical powers and knowledge.



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