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"We might not have it all together, but together, we have it all!"
—Delta Chi Sigma's motto[src]

Delta Chi Sigma (ΔΧΣ) sorority was created by the female members of the Legends in order to obtain the Chalice of Dionysus to gain temporary immortality, to allow them to be able to use the Loom of Fate. The organization was successful in promoting sisterhood among three female students at Hudson University, but also among the women of the Legends as well.


When Clotho and Astra Logue failed to become members of a sorority because of their clashing personalities, the female members of the Legends, still needing to become immortal in order to use the Loom of Fate and still needing to obtain the Chalice of Dionysus to accomplish that goal, decided that they could create their own sorority instead. The women had Gideon find potential candidates who would want to pledge the sorority and the A.I. found the three Hudson University students whom Clotho and Astra had caused to be banned earlier, Inez Martin, Lisa Lindhome, and Silvia Hines; the women then separated to recruit them. Meanwhile, a portal was put in the doorway of an abandoned house to link it to John Constantine's house; those who entered went from Hudson University to England without knowing.

The three young ladies and the female Legends then proposed ideas for the sorority's mission statement and purpose. Meanwhile, Dionysus was not pleased with Clotho and the possibility that she could stop his eternal partying if she used the sorority to gain more immortals; he came to the house to tell the sorority that it was disqualified from competing to hold the Chalice. This confused the three young ladies, but greatly disappointed the Legends, especially Astra who believed that this was all a contrived plot and her more direct approach would have been simpler. Eventually, Clotho and Astra compromised and created a scheme to make Dionysus comply.

Sara victorious.

Delta Chi Sigma had a campus party where ultimately Sara Lance challenged Dionysus to a game of beer pong, where the winner could use the Chalice. Dionysus bragged that he was undefeated; he did not know that Sara was a precognitive. She won the contest.

The three college students promised that they would continue the motto of Delta Chi Sigma and gather more pledges;[1] the original founders left to complete their master goal.[2]

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  • In English, the sorority letters spell DCS, as in DC's, part of the name of the television show, DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The Greek letters also resemble the word "AXE".