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Demons are beings which typically have a connection to the supernatural and regularly Hell, though this is not always the case as with beings such as the Kryptonian demon and the shadow demons (respectively Juru and Qward). Most demons of Hell are subordinate to the Triumvirate of Hell, though generally have the freedom to interact with the "mortal plane".


Demons frequently cross over to the mortal plane, using human bodies as hosts, though they can be condemned back to Hell through an exorcism. According to John Constantine, there are millions of demons. According to Furcifer, damned human souls within Hell can be transformed into demons.

Shadow demons are another form of demon who are under the leadership of Mobius.

Powers and abilities[]


As supernatural creatures from Hell, demons possess a variety of powers which force vary in function of the demon.

  • Possession: Demons can possess human bodies and use them as hosts while also manifest their supernatural powers through them.[1]
  • Accelerated healing factor: Demons are capable of rapid cellular regeneration of their host bodies, as seen when Pazuzu healed John Constantine's injuries while possessing him.
  • Electromagnetic interference: The presence of a demon cause electric systems to go rogue.
  • Electrokinesis: Furcifer can control electricity.
  • Immortality: Demons do not age, get tired, don't require food, air, or water; and can potentially live forever unless they are killed.
  • Superhuman strength: Demons are supernaturally strong. For example, the demon Lamashtu was able to hold John Constantine down into a fountain.
  • Superhuman speed: Demons can move at superhuman speed. Lamashtu was able to instantly appear behind Anne Marie Flynn.
  • Shapeshifting/Illusion casting: Demons can take on the appearance of other people or cast illusions that make themselves look like another person.
  • Telekinesis: Demons have the ability to move objects with their minds.
  • Teleportation: Demons have the ability to disappear and then reappearing elsewhere.
  • Flight: Demons have the ability to fly in the air.
  • Resurrection: Demons can restore a deceased person to life as they were exactly when they died. After being killed by Bishop, John Constantine gave his Soul token to a demon in exchange for revival; damning himself again.


  • Magic: Magic can be use to perform rituals that can defeat demons.
    • Exorcism: An exorcism well performed can force a demon to leave his host.
  • Deals: As Neron states, demons MUST honor their deals. If broken, whatever the demon got out of the deal will be taken back. Example: Neron got possession of Ray Palmer's body in exchange for not harming Nate Haywood. However, because Nate was killed by Neron (having been glamored to look like John Constantine), the deal was broken, allowing Constantine and Nora to restore Ray's soul to his body.
  • Salt: Salt acts as a shield against demons.
  • Eye of Horus: Demons can be prevented from crossing a place marked with this Egyptian symbol.
  • Hierarchy: High-ranked demons can subdue weaker ones, as proven when Constantine summoned Nergal to exorcise another demon.
  • Frequency attacks: Some demons, specifically Time Wraiths, can be destroyed if exposed to a high-enough frequency, as demonstrated by Hartley Rathaway.
  • Stakes: Some demons, Kryptonian demons, can be destroyed if staked in the chest, as demonstrated by Alex Danvers.
  • Lack of corporeal form: Shadow demons are made of shadows and when anything touches them they dissipate.[2][3][4]

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