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Demos (died June 11, 2018) was an agent of the D.E.O.. He was killed by the Children of Juru during their attack on the D.E.O. National City headquarters.


At some point Demos became an agent of the D.E.O..

When M'yrnn attempted to use a ceremony to preserve his declining memory at the D.E.O. headquarters, Demos was one of the agents affected as a result of his psychic abilities. Inadvertently under M'yrnn psychic influence, he confronted Winn, who was also affected, and the two fought each other until Alex Danvers arrived to stop them.[1]

Later on, Winn revealed to Demos the plans for his new non-lethal technology after the D.E.O. decided to phase off the use of guns.[2] The two still sharing some animosity, Demos agreed to punch Winn to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new forcefield belt he had created. Afterwards, when the Children of Juru planned to break into the D.E.O. headquarters to steal the blood of Pestilence and Purity, Demos quickly took the vials of blood with Winn's forcefield belt equipped. Despite wearing the belt though, the combined heat vision from the Children of Juru killed him, though not before he threw the vials to Supergirl.[3]


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