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Deon Owens is a resident of Masonville and the host of the Still Force. After gaining his power, Deon began to play with time until he was confronted by Chester P. Runk and Cisco Ramon.

Later, Deon began working with "Nora" to annihilate his siblings, Bashir Malik and Alexa Rivera, but Deon was reformed thanks to Barry Allen and helped him along with the others to reform "Nora". Deon continues to help Iris West-Allen with her time sickness.


Early life

Deon once had a promising football career, which was ruined by a knee injury during a high school game; it required him to get four pins in his knee. Unable to follow his dream, Deon became a bitter adult who sold used cars.[1]

One of four

Things changed in 2020, when the Still Force chose him as its host. Elated at his new time manipulation powers, Deon rewound himself to 1998 to alter his past. Unfortunately, he found himself unable to prevent it, forcing several rewinds.

Deon's eyes shine.

Unaware of the damage his use of the Still Force was doing to time, Deon's repeats began causing time shifts and anachronisms to appear in the present, ranging from people's clothing altered to a past era to dropping a Roman soldier and a T-rex in Central City. One rewind wave pulled Chester and Cisco into 1998, where they got stuck in the loop and tried to figure out how to stop it. Chester eventually told Deon that his constant failure was because his injury was a fixed point in time, one that couldn't be altered, and that he should instead move on and improve his future instead of holding into the past. Deon accepted the truth but misunderstood it, thinking that he could improve everyone else's future including his instead. He then disappeared, stopping the time loop and breaking the Still Force's effect on the duo, sending them back to 2020.[1]

Battle for existence

"Is this what you were going to use to make it like I never existed?"
"Not you. Just the force inside you."
—Deon Owens arguing with Barry Allen[src]

Deon appeared in 2020, 17 days after the birth of the Still Force, in S.T.A.R. Labs, startling Cisco and Chester who knew who he was and how powerful the Still Force was; they introduced him to Barry Allen and Harrison Wells. Deon learned that Barry wanted to erase the existence of the Still Force so that the Speed Force would not harm Deon. Deon became irate and stated that he and the Still Force were one and that he was a god. Deon then attempted to destroy the Tachyon prototype to assure the Still Force's existence, but mistakenly grabbed its empty holder, before disappearing.

The Still Force temporarily leaves Deon.

Later, Deon almost faded from existence, but he reappeared.

Afterwards, Deon was listening to music when the Speed Force in the form of Nora Allen appeared and threatened him.[2] Instead of fighting the two talked about Barry Allen and how they felt betrayed by his desire to wipe them from existence. Originally, Deon was not receptive of the Speed Force's conversation, but it/she grabbed him before he could leave, threatening him once again.[3]

Assisting the Speed Force

"First, you show up trying to kill me; now you want to chat like we're in Sunday school."
—Deon Owens to the Speed Force[src]

Deon and the Speed Force appeared in S.T.A.R. Labs. When Barry Allen approached the pair, Deon froze Barry in time. Meanwhile, the Speed Force hit Alexa Rivera, Bashir Malik, and Iris West-Allen with tendrils of energy that caused them to fall. Deon then released Barry as he and the Speed Force vanished.[3]

Deon was in a football stadium and when Barry arrived. Barry warned him about Nora and that he can help him, but Deon told him that he prefers to do what he wants and teleported away.

Helping Team Flash

Deon, Barry, Bashir, and Alexa within the Speed ​​Force.

After much thought, Deon agreed to help Barry and joined him to confront Nora, but he was knocked unconscious and taken to S.T.A.R. Labs to recover. Deon woke up to find Bashir and Alexa, who had been revived; he apologized to them and together they accepted their differences and teamed up with Barry to defeat Nora once and for all.

The group traveled to inside the Speed Force and attempted to stop Nora there, but was unsuccessful. Back in Central City, Deon then gave Nora a vision of a world without her family; deeply frightened, she asked the trio to forgive her, to which they accepted. Seeing as the storm was still raging on, the forces of nature teamed up and helped the Flash to stop the threat.

Deon, along with Nora, Alexa, and Bashir, then went to the West house in the Speed Force and began rebuilding.[4]

Godspeed War and stabilizing Iris' condition

Later, Deon preserves Iris in a time loop due to the dangers the Godspeed war is causing.[5]

When visiting Iris, who suspects of someone causing her father's death, Deon discovers that someone has taken advantage of the Negative Still Force. After Deon sent Barry to 2030, he discovered that Eobard Thawne was responsible for causing the Reverse Flashpoint timeline.[6]


Deon was a very bitter and angry individual. Having had a good football career ruined by his injury and being relegated to a mundane job left his resentment festering for more than two decades. When he was chosen as the host of the Still Force, Deon decided to use it's power to change his past.

Or rather, to segregate and then set it into an infinite loop that endlessly cycles to the best point of Deon personal life and staying there by not moving forth or back when he realized that he couldn't truly alter the events to come.

However, Chester forced Deon to accept it was a point in history that couldn't be changed and that the latter should learn to become better because of it.

After uniting with the other forces and accepting them, Iris and Barry as him family, he became a better person. He considers speed force Nora as his sister and Iris and Barry as his mother and father. In his own words, Deon was happy as the avatar of stillness; believing that he had found his true purpose in the "big leagues" as he had so-long desired.

Powers and abilities


"Time god!"
Chester P. Runk[src]
  • Still Force connection/Meta-human physiology: As a host to the Still Force, Deon draws all of his power from it and is directly linked to it. As a Force god Deon is extremely powerful, and is one of the most powerful beings in existence.
    • Chronokinesis: Thanks to the Still Force, Deon has the power to control time. He can stop time itself and others in their tracks with a snap of his fingers. By the time Armageddon came around, Deon had gained enough control over his powers to freeze an entire room of people in time, rather than just a few people.
      • Chrono vision: The Still Force enables Deon to see events past, present and future.[7]
    • Time travel:

      Deon using the Still Force.

      Deon can use the Still Force to travel back in time. Unlike normal time travel, Deon instead sends his consciousness back into an early version of himself; it's unknown if this is a personal choice or limitation, though he can apparently also travel to the future if he wishes, and take passengers with him.[5]
      • Selective displacement: Deon can emit green blasts of Still Force energy to remove singular items and individuals from the time he's in, having sent Cisco's device away when he tried to stop Deon from rewinding time again and causing the implement to instantly disappear from Cisco's direct possession. He can also send people back to their time and "rewind" their clothing; Deon sent Cisco and Chester back home, even restoring the clothes they arrived in 1998 wearing. He can even practice a form of teleportation in this manner, notably transporting himself and the Speed Force out of S.T.A.R. Labs after the two were deceived into thinking latter had succeeded in killing Alexa, Bashir and Iris due to Bashir’s telepathic illusions. When battling the Speed Force alongside the other forces, he transported her mind into the future through eye contact, turning the pupils of her pitch black eyes a luminescent green.
      • Time barrier: A literal barrier of time created by Still Force energy. It seals the area where Deon is constantly using his powers; it cannot be broken unless Deon decides to release his powers.
      • Memory manipulation: A secondary effect of his time manipulation powers. By rewinding time, Deon can bury memory of what has already occurred; though a mention of something yet to happen can return the victim's memories. As shown with Cisco, if someone is transported into the past and gets zapped by the rewind, they lose memory of anything beyond the year they are in; Cisco temporarily regressed to his 7 year old persona until Chester mentioned Game of Thrones to wake up his memories.
    • Entropic energy manipulation: As the host of the Still Force, Deon can utilize the innate energy and power of entropy (i.e. stagnation, reversion and perpetuation) and use it for a variety of purposes. He has used this to fire blasts of green stillness energy at Speed Force Nora to intercept a lightning bolt fired at himself by Nora. He has also demonstrated the ability to use his stillness energy to keep Iris West-Allen from spontaneously moving between timelines and stablize her in her own timeline though the effort apparently taxes him considerably and requires periodic appointments.
    • Dowsing: Deon was able to implant Still Force energy into Iris similar to a tracking device, as a way of knowing where she is at all times.
    • Power bestowal: Deon was able to grant Barry partial access to the Still Force to allow him to run to 2031.[6]
    • Bioluminescence: Deon's eyes change color to glow green when he uses his powers.
    • Connection to other forces of nature: Deon as a force has a connection to his siblings, and as such can communicate with them telepathically.


  • Memory permanence: Deon cannot suppress his own memory despite his rewinds doing the same for his victims; this only increased his anger with each rewind.
  • Limited temporal control: While Deon can rewind time as much as he likes, he cannot alter key moments in people's lives, unlike time travelers who utilize the Speed Force or temporal zone.
    • Temporal backlash: The more Deon rewound 1998, the more residual Still Force energy leaked back into the present day. As a result, items and clothing people used got changed to early eras—at first, Joe, Caitlin, Frost and Iris ended up with clothes from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, and a tablet computer got turned into an abacus. At its worst stages, the Still Force began dropping anachronisms in the present day like a Roman soldier, a submarine, and a T-Rex.
  • Geothermic isotopes: Similar to Alexa Rivera and Bashir Malik, Deon gives off traces of geothermic isotopes, allowing him to be easily tracked.
  • Other forces of nature: Despite how powerful Deon is, he could still be overpowered by the other forces such as the Speed Force.
  • Time sickness: Iris’ time sickness is capable of spreading into the Still Force thereby making Deon sick as well.


The Flash

Behind the scenes

  • In Deon's second appearance, he used a jacket with a logo that represents the Still Force in the DC comics.[1] The logo looks similar to a turtle's shell. Coincidentally, Turtle was a user of the Still Force in the comics.
  • The one who holds the title of host of the Still Force in the comics is Steadfast.