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Derek Powell (1994-2021)[1] was the son of Sharon Powell.


Early life

Derek was born in 1994 to Sharon Powell. He and his mother lived in Smallville, until Derek got a deal to work in New Carthage under Morgan Edge.[1]

Edge offered Derek the "opportunity of a lifetime",[1] which was actually to make him a test subject, exposing him to X-Kryptonite, to see if he gained powers similar to those of Superman. Eventually, the experiment was successful and Derek became a host for a Kryptonian conciousness.[2] Derek then sent a voice message to his mother to tell her that he believed he was in trouble, and he later disappeared. Since then, Sharon had gotten some money back from his job, but eventually the voice message was all she heard back from him.[1]

At some point, the Kryptonian whose consciousness was placed in Derek's body started to have a romantic relationship with Leslie Larr.[2]

Return and death

"She resurrected me, Kal-El. You're not alone anymore."
—Derek Powell[src]

Superman appears as Derek stands by the x-Kryptonite machine.

Derek reappeared months later, claiming to have accidentally suffered a head injury in the mines and lost his memory. He went to the Smallville Harvest Festival with his mom to donate some clothes, but he started to lose control of his powers and accidentally set the building on fire using his heat vision. Then, he went to Leslie Larr, who kissed him and helped him control his powers, putting him in the X-Kryptonite machine.

Derek Powell dies.

Later, Superman appeared at the facility and Derek ran away, making the hero follow him through the cornfields around Smallville. Using his powers identical to those of Superman, he managed to dodge, until the two were hit by a missile, causing them to fall. After landing, Derek told Superman that he would not be able to help him and killed himself using his heat vision.[2]


Chrissy Beppo and Lois Lane researched Derek after his death. Clark wondered, especially, about his statement pertaining to not being alone.[3] Lois theorized that Morgan was placing Kryptonians in the bodies of humans.[4]

Chrissy discovered that those born in Smallville did not glitch with exposure to X-Kryptonite, concluding that Derek was not born in that town.[5]

Powers and abilities


  • Kryptonian physiology: Due to having a Kryptonian consciousness placed into his body, Derek's DNA was altered, gaining Kryptonian powers.
    • Heat vision: Derek was able to emit red heat vision from his eyes, as seen when he burned down the Smallville Community Center.[2]
    • Superhuman strength: Derek was strong enough to fight Superman on equal grounds.[2]
    • Flight: Derek used the power of Flight to to lure Superman away from the hideout.[2]
    • Superhuman durability: He was able to sustain multiple attacks from Superman.[2]


  • Power instability: Derek couldn't control his powers. Because of this, he accidentally set fire to a building using his heat vision.[2]


Superman & Lois

Season 1


  • According to Derek's missing person's poster, he disappeared May 7, 2018 and is 27 years old.[1]