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"Descent" is the second chapter of the comic book series Arrow: Season 2.5, and the second chapter in the Blood arc. It was released digitally on September 15, 2014. It was released in a printed collection on October 8, 2014.


Oliver acts fast to prevent Roy from plummeting to his death! Plus: Caleb Green is approached by a mysterious stranger...[1]


Oliver confirmed that Felicity's autopilot gadget was working before jumping from the "drug plane" that they'd been on. As he free-fell, he asked Diggle to prep for surgery for Roy's bullet wound. As he got closer he caught Roy and enabled a parachute. Back at the foundry, Oliver reasoned that their base was much closer than a hospital, so it was the smartest move. Diggle fetched the appropriate blood, before Oliver fixed his dislocated arm in order to help with the surgery.

In an alleyway, a homeless man, Caleb Green, sat drinking a bottle of alcohol. A mysterious man approached him, promising that he could fix his problems and could put him on to a better path, through a "Church".

Through the use of Felicity's autopilot gadget, the plane had landed and police were arresting the drug dealers.

Back at the foundry, the surgery had finished. Oliver believed that there was nothing else they could do but wait, to which Felicity was uncertain.

In the hospital, Laurel Lance sat beside her father's bed. A doctor came in, urging her to go home and get some rest, as she spent most of her time at the hospital, as well as only eating food out of a vending machine. Laurel expressed her desire to stay beside his side, but the doctor pointed out that his hematoma had been cleared, and how the coma was medically induced and only temporary, purely to help him recover. On her way out, the doctor promised to call Laurel if anything happened, so long as she went home. When the doctor had left, Laurel called Sara, needing to talk about their father.

At the foundry, Oliver begun to blame himself for making Roy take on such a high-risk mission. Diggle then decided to leave in order to help out his pregnant partner, Lyla. Felicity, meanwhile, told Oliver that he needed a new place to live as the foundry was comparable to a cave. She proceeded to accidentally imply that she wanted him in her bed, as opposed to her intended message of a bed owned by her, much to her major embarrassment.

Caleb Green had been taken straight to an abandoned church. Caleb was initially unimpressed by the state of the building. However, the man took him further in, showing him the masses of its occupants, as well as their leader, who he called Brother Blood.


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