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"Bear witness to a coming Armageddon that you create 10 years from now, one that destroys your own planet. It's already happened Flash, that's why I, Despero, have to kill you. It's how I save our world."
—Despero to the Flash[src]

Despero is a Kalanorian from the future who came to the present in order to stop the Flash from causing Armageddon.


Early life

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At some point, Despero was born on the planet Kalanor. He eventually became leader of a rebellion seeking to overthrow the ruling tyrant of Kalanor. After heavy losses on both sides, the rebels were victorious. However, when the time came to kill the tyrant, Despero chose to spare him. His act of mercy allowed the tyrant to rise again stronger than ever. He ended up sparing Despero, whom he decided to banish to Earth, since he knew that losing his home world would be a fate worse than death.[1]


Eventually, after his banishment, Despero came to accept Earth his new home. In 2031, Despero witnessed an Armageddon in Central City that he claimed was caused by the Flash. This event ended up destroying the planet. In order to prevent this from happening, Despero traveled back in time to kill the Flash.[2]

Stopping Armageddon

Despero preparing to fight The Flash.

At the Central City Tech Convention, Despero interrupted Iris West-Allen's interview with Ray Palmer, luring the Flash towards him. The Flash tried to create a vacuum around Despero, but Despero punched the ground, taking the battle outside. Eventually, the Atom showed up and tried to help the Flash, just before being misled by one of Despero's illusions. After Despero threw a taxi at the superheroes, the Flash attacked him with a speed mirage, but still wasn't able to get a hit in on Despero. As Despero had the Flash pinned down, the Flash asked what happened to him in the future. Despero then showed him this future, using his third eye.

Despero threatening The Flash.

Just as Despero was about to kill the Flash, his belt malfunctioned, which was caused by the Atom, and teleported Despero away to a random location. Sometime later, Despero teleported to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he was confronted by the Flash. After being impressed by the Flash by reading his mind and him showing Despero his real identity, Despero gave the Flash 7 days to prove that he is not the man Despero believes he is and left.[2]

Testing the Flash

Throughout the next few days, Despero would keep an eye on Barry to see if he was telling the truth or not. When Barry attacked the Central City, Despero sought to complete his mission and kill the Flash.[1] He tracked him to the Hall of Justice, where he fought Black Lightning who was standing between him and Barry. After Barry escaped into the future, Despero left the Hall of Justice, not to be seen again.[3]

The timeline rewritten and returning to the future

After Barry resets the timeline and Despero senses that the future is safe, he returns to 2031 to see for himself; with the threat of his return if the world is still in danger.

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Despero is shown to have a honorable side to him shown when he refused to fight an unarmed person and when he chose to spare the despot who oppressed his home world. However, he has also been shown to be ruthless in battle and is not afraid to do what he has to do to complete his mission.

In his travels on Earth and projecting his mind into Barry Allen's, Despero has a some bit of understanding of humanity as well as Earth's heroes. Though some lack of it as well. Such as Team Flash's loyalty to Barry after discovering that Despero might potentially be right.

Despite his quest, Despero also shows quite a bit of arrogance about his abilities as well. Preparing a strike to take down Barry Allen in one move and seeing Cecille Horton as weaker in power to him.

Powers and abilities


"This guy isn't just strong. I think he's messing with our minds."
The Atom to The Flash[src]
  • Kalanorian physiology: Like every member of his species, Despero has special abilities. Chester P. Runk stated that Despero thinks like Gorilla Grodd and punches like Fuerza. In his true form, Despero is approximately ten feet tall, and Ray said that he took his and Barry's best shots like they were nothing.[2] After getting a boost from the Particle Accelerator, he's become next to invincible.
    • Telepathy: Despero can communicate with others mentally as when he attacked the Central City Tech Convention.[2]
      • Illusion inducement: Despero is able to plant illusions into people's minds. He used this power on the Flash and the Atom, causing them to fire at nothing while Despero could sneak up behind them. He was also able to create illusions of himself while mentally spying on Barry. [2]
      • Sleep inducement: Despero was able to put Cecile to sleep with a mental command.
      • Mind control: Despero was able to take control of a group of safety workers at Star Labs and cause them to attack each other.
      • Mental detection: Despero was able to scan the entire world while he was looking for Barry.
      • Future vision bestowal: Despero was able to show the Flash the future by having him look into his third eye.[2]
    • Energy projection: Despero can generate a powerful flame like energy from his third eye known as The Flame of Py’tar. It's also been shown that the flame is a power source that boosts Despero's abilities.
    • Superhuman strength: Despero is extremely strong as he is able to create a shockwave by punching the ground that caused the Flash to be blasted away. Additionally, Despero was able to pick up and throw a taxi.[2] Caitlin has also stated that his strength is sufficient enough to match a Kryptonian in battle.
    • Invulnerability: According to Caitlin, Despero's durability level is on par with solar powered Kryptonians. This is proven when The Flame of Py’tar was deflected back at him and he stood back up virtually unfazed.
    • Superhuman speed: Despero can move much faster than a normal human.
    • Superhuman jumping/leaping: The muscles in Despero's legs are extremely powerful, allowing him to jump great distances and heights and land without injuring himself.[2]
    • Bioluminescence: Despero was able to make his eyes shine when confronting the flash in his human form. He can also do the same with his third eye.[2]
    • Temporal awareness: Despero was aware of the timeline changing after Barry caused Armageddon to undo the Reverse-Flashpoint.[4]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician: Despero is a tremendously intelligent alien. He knows how to operate various alien and futuristic technology, and could outthink his enemies in battle including the Flash (who can think at super speed).[2]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Despero was able to fight off the Flash even when the latter was using a speed mirage.[2]



  • Belt: Despero wears a high-tech belt that enables him to teleport, time travel, and transform into a human form.[2]


The Flash

Season 8


  • In the comics Despero is a warlord. While in the Arrowverse, he's more of an antihero.
    • Though in an uneasy alliance with Vril Dox, Despero did serve to more heroic ends before.
  • An alien resembling Despero appeared on a screen in the first episode of Supergirl.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Despero is an intergalactic conqueror and enemy to the Justice League. He debuted in Justice League of America #1 (Oct. 1960), and was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.