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For the Ultimate O member, see Destiny (Earth-Prime).
"Gideon, plot a course to the Oculus Wellspring. Team... I think it's about time we seized our destinies back."
Rip Hunter

"Destiny" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifteenth episode overall. It aired on May 12, 2016.




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The scene opens with a flashback to the first scene of Legends of Tomorrow, when Rip demonstrated the future to the team. After Snart and Rory leave, Jax likewise says that he doesn't need a section in Rip's strategic leaves the housetop on which he and the others met Rip. Stein pursues him and implores him to rethink, however Jax is entirely firm in his choice and leaves. When that occurs, an alternate Jax, the one sent back from the future, approaches Stein and approaches him for help.

At the Vanishing Point, Stein's condition has exacerbated, yet Rory says Stein is lucking out. The Time Masters plan on transforming Rory over into Chronos. The Time Masters' officers show up and take Rory, Rip and Kendra, in spite of the fact that Kendra quickly attempts to retaliate. Tear is directed to Druce's office, where the Time Masters' pioneer offers to save his team on the off chance that he uncovers where Sara and Snart are. Druce then clarifies why the Time Masters are helping Savage: the Thanagarians will attack Earth 10 years after Savage overcomes mankind, decreasing the whole planet to rubble. In the event that Savage doesn't join the planet under his standard, the Time Masters dread that Earth is damned.

Snart and Sara and rise up out of a mystery bring forth in Rip's office, found by Snart when he initially boarded the Waverider. Snart needs Sara to guide the Waverider to opportunity, yet Sara needs to spare the group. Snart undermines Sara, however Sara says that their undertakings together has transformed him. A telephone rings, separating their strained confrontation, and Sara finds that Gideon has endure the Waverider's glitches. Gideon advises Sara that the remainder of the group is alive too...for the occasion.

Kendra awakens on a little timeship, held hostage by Vandal Savage. Savage clarifies that the Time Master gave him the boat, Kendra and Carter (who is in balance) and sent him out the door to his fate.

The Time Masters indoctrinate Rory once more, transforming him once more into Chronos.

In the interim, Druce carries Rip to the Oculus Viewing Chamber, the Time Masters' hotspot for survey what's to come. Not exclusively can the Time Masters see time utilizing the Oculus, they can likewise control time. Druce likewise uncovers that the Time Masters have been utilizing Rip to achieve Savage's ascent to control. Tear investigates the Oculus and sees that Druce is coming clean (he additionally observes a dream of Ray apparently getting disintegrated). Furthermore, the Time Masters additionally requested Savage to kill Rip's family so as to spike Rip energetically.

The Time Masters take a crushed Rip back to their holding cells, where he discloses reality to Ray and Stein. Tear likewise said that he saw Ray's demise in the Oculus.

In 2016, past Stein and Jax take a shot at building a Time Sphere to get him once again into what's to come.

In the mean time, the Time Masters keep reconstructing Rory into Chronos. Rory attempts to oppose, however in the long run comes back to his abundance chasing persona. The Time Masters release him and advise him to chase down Sara and Snart.

As Ray advises Rip and Stein not to surrender expectation, Sara and Snart plant gadgets on the outsides of the other time ships, so Gideon can hack into their PCs. After Gideon brings the Time Drive back on the web, the Waverider takes off. At the point when the other Time Ships attempt to seek after, Gideon undermines their PC frameworks, closing all the boats down. The Waverider then "bounces" into the timestream, just to come back to assault the Vanishing Point. Druce attempts to arrange the remainder of the group's execution, however Snart makes all the difference and thumps Druce out. Lamentably before Snart can free the others, Chronos shows up and points his firearm at Snart. Be that as it may, Chronos turns and shoots the Time Master who had tormented him and afterward pounds his skull under his boot.

Back on the Waverider, the group prepares to get away, yet the Time Masters catch the boat with a tractor pillar. Beam utilizes Rory's Chronos suit to supersede the bar, permitting the Waverider to escape by and by.

With the jumpship complete, past Stein bids farewell to future Jax.

Tear clarifies the Time Masters' control and why the group doesn't have a potential for success at sparing the world from Savage. Beam acknowledges they have to annihilate the Oculus so as to stop the Time Masters (since the Oculus doesn't work inside the Vanishing Point), thus Rip arranges the Waverider to go to the Oculus Wellspring.

Rory gives Ray a shockingly nostalgic motivational speech about his looming passing. Rory says that on the off chance that he can endure the Time Masters' conditioning, Ray can endure anything the Time Masters toss at him.

Snart apologizes to Sara for threatening to use his weapon on him, and afterward makes a startling go at Sara. Sara's not intrigued however and stomps off.

After the group shows up at the Oculus Wellspring, situated in the rear of the Vanishing Point, they're trapped by Druce and a little armed force of Time Masters. Druce uncovers that it was the group's predetermination to get caught by and by. Druce orders his troopers to shoot, yet Jax shows up in the escape and cuts down the military. He converges with Stein to becomes Firestorm, and afterward the group heads into the Oculus Wellspring to decimate it.

Savage shows up in 2166 to execute Rip's family, considerably after Kendra beseeches him not very.

As Snart, Sara and Firestorm battle the Time Masters outside, Ray attempts to undermine the Oculus. Beam removes his head protector and gloves to work better, however Rip cautions him that is the way he passes on. Beam couldn't care less, on the grounds that all he's at any point needed to do was to have any kind of effect. Nonetheless, when Ray finds a safeguard in the Oculus that would expect him to remain behind to trigger the blast, Rory takes Ray out and has his spot.

Snart and Sara run into the Oculus and Snart attempts to convince Rory not to forfeit himself for the group. At the point when that comes up short, Snart takes out his accomplice and advises Sara to take Rory back to the boat. Sara kisses Snart and snatches Rory as Snart remains behind to trigger the blast. Snart explodes the Vanishing Point as the Waverider escapes into the time stream.

In 2166, Savage killings Rip's significant other and child by and by.

The group quickly lauds Snart, while Rip contemplates their best course of action. Beam discloses to Rory that Snart yielded himself to give the remainder of them unrestrained choice. Rory says he despite everything needs to slaughter somebody, so Ray proposes they murder Savage.

In the interim, Savage discovers that Rip has halted the Time Masters' arrangement, leaving Savage without partners. Notwithstanding, Savage says that he'll simply head over into the past with the time transport the Time Masters gave him and control time himself.


Preparation ran from February 29 until March 8, 2016. Shooting began on March 9 and ran until March 21, 2016.[1]



Sneak peeks[]


  • This is the highest rated episode of Season 1 with a rating of 8.5 on IMDb.
  • The Time Masters appeared unaware of the danger Martin Stein posed, as he was steadily becoming unstable to the point where he would explode.
    • Thus, if Jax hadn't managed to get back, it's possible the Legends would have left Martin behind to explode and take the Oculus with him; but likely losing half the Firestorm Matrix in the process, if not separated beforehand.
  • Time Master Zaman Druce tells Rip that Earth will be attacked in 2175 by an alien race from Thanagar. In the comics, Thanagar is the home planet of the Thanagarians; the Hawkmen and Hawkwomen.
    • In his holograms depicting Thanagar, there are also a few other planets seen in holographic form: including Jupiter, and what may be the twin planets of Apokolips and New Genesis.
  • After managing to hide on the Waverider while the rest of the team was captured, Sara says, "This isn't 'Bonnie and Clyde.'" while discussing her and Snart's next move, referring to the 1967 film of the same name.
  • When Jax enlists the aid of an older version of Professor Stein after traveling back in time to before the two joined the Legends, it's seen in the lab that Stein is building a Time Sphere. The Time Sphere was Rip's vehicle of choice in the DC comics and also appeared in The Flash episode "Fast Enough", which was the Season 1 finale. (However, according to Eobard Thawne - who used a 21st-century prototype built by Cisco Ramon, it was Rip Hunter who designed the vehicle.)
  • Before Snart sacrifices himself, he says, "There are no strings on me", quoting a lyric from "I've Got No Strings", a song from Pinocchio.
  • In the last episode, Snart made it clear he was attracted to Sara. This episode shows Sara reciprocates his feelings by sharing a kiss with him before his death.
  • Based on what Rip tells the team, the Oculus seems to trick a person's conscience. Such an example is Rip sparing Per Degaton when killing him would have been the right move.[2]
  • This episode features the last appearance of present-day Leonard Snart, following his sacrifice.
  • The Oculus is powered by a contained, albeit reduced, supernova. In Doctor Who the Time Lord's technology is powered by a captured star held at the moment of collapsing into a black hole. A supernova is what collapses into a black hole.
  • At the source of the Oculus, the team is intercepted just in front of a large, oddly domed building. It is the Bloedel Conservatory, a greenhouse and aviary in Vancouver. Despite having opened in 1969, the Bloedel is still a very popular filming location for futuristic sci-fi, such as Argo City's greenhouse.


  • When Ray and Mick are talking about Chronos, the cupcake in Ray's hand disappears in one shot but reappears in the next.