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Destiny is a close associate of Evelyn Stillwater-Ferguson/Lady Eve who also works at the Ultimate O.


Ultimate O

Destiny in Ultimate O

When Devonte Jones visits Ultimate O, Destiny welcomes him and asks him if he prefers male or female prostitutes, Devonte says that he prefers women and then Destiny tells the men to leave. Later, Devonte returns to Ultimate O with Lala, with the latter demanding to see Lady Eve, Destiny denies it and then Lala threatens her with a gun. Lady Eve appears and saves her. Destiny then goes with them to Eve's office, where she witnesses the gang deal.[1]

When Devonte comes to the Ultimate O upon the recommendation of Lady Eve and picks Shalon to fulfill his needs, Destiny pours him a drink, smiles at his choice, telling him that she is perfect. Unknown to Devonte, Destiny had a hidden camera in his room; when he talked to Shalon about how Lala had a briefcase belonging to Tobias Whale and that Lala planned to kill Tobias, Destiny brought the recording to Lady Eve for her to see, causing Lady Eve to tell Destiny to arrange a meeting.[2]

Days later, Destiny is kidnapped and held at gunpoint by Lala; she is used to lure Lady Eve into a meeting, so that Eve could reveal the location of Dr. Blair.[3]

Later, Destiny receives a call from Lady Eve to inform Lala to help to stop the War for Freeland if they have any desire to conquer the city for themselves.[4]

Kobra Cartel

A year after the War for Freeland, Destiny was the second-in-command of the Kobra Cartel, answering only to Lady Eve.[5] The Cartel was in a bloody war with The 100.[6]

Destiny shoots The 100.

Destiny was hosting a party for clients, providing prostitutes and gambling, when members of The 100 attacked. Many people were shot and killed when Destiny took command and single-handedly killed the four intruders. Later, Destiny and Lala are kidnapped and brought before Blackbird who tells the gangsters that their gangs will not battle at the park that homeless people are using to rebuild their lives. Destiny ultimately agrees to the proposal, citing that financially-enabled citizens are more susceptible to her product than the dead.[5]

False truce

Destiny called Lala and asked for a truce in the war, but, actually, she was setting him up to be arrested by the police since he was a fugitive. When Lala escaped arrest, Destiny told her minions to call an assassin who specialized in killing Meta-humans[7] named Ishmael.

Days later, while Destiny was meeting with the Kobra Cartel about getting extortion payments, Lala and The 100 attacked. Destiny watched as Lala and Ishmael fought. Ishmael killed Lala in the battle, but, to prevent Lala's resurrection, Destiny encased him in concrete. Later, after mounting the new statue, Destiny gave Ishmael pictures of members of Black Lightning's team and asked him to stay in Freeland,[8] where he stalked and fought the heroes.[9]

New leader

Destiny and Ishmael met with Tobias as he moved the Lala statue to his home. Tobias told Destiny that he was the new leader of the cartel and that the war with the 100 was over. Destiny pulled her gun but Red used his magnetic powers to grab and crush the weapon. Tobias warned her that Red could do the same to her bones. Destiny told Ishmael to defend her, but Ishmael walked over to Tobias and stood with him and Red, causing Destiny to see that Ishmael had spoken to Tobias already and had chosen him. Destiny, full of anger, left the coup.[10]


  • Leadership/Intimidation: Destiny proved to be a great gang leader, leading the Kobra Cartel in the absence of Lady Eve.
  • Expert markswoman: Destiny is shown to be a good with firearms.
  • Acrobatics/Agility: Destiny was shown to have quick reflexes and agility while dodging the shots of the 100 and giving her own.


Black Lightning


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