"I think it's what my father would have wanted me to do. He saved my life. On Genesis Day, he... wrapped me in these rags, said they were ancient, from the time of Devarim, that they would protect me from the fire. And they did. So you see why I have to avenge him."
Rory Regan to Green Arrow[src]

The Devarim rags were a set of over 2,000 year-old-rags, typically worn as a suit, that granted the user mystical powers. They were used by Rory Regan, otherwise known as Ragman. After being used to contain a nuclear explosion, the rags lost their effects.


The rags dated back to the ancient time of Devarim,[1] the biblical period when Moses and the Israelites wandered in the wilderness after leaving Egypt before arriving in the promised land.

Rory wielded the rags, using their mystical powers. He eventually handed them down to his son, to carry on the legacy.[2]

The nab used the rags on Genesis Day to wrap his son, also named Rory, in them to protect him from the nuclear fire. Because of the rags, Rory was left as the only survivor of Havenrock. Due to this, he sought to track down Janet Carroll, the CEO of AmerTek Industries, since their subsidiary had manufactured the nuke which had destroyed his hometown. However, he was convinced to let his vendetta go by Oliver Queen, who persuaded Rory to use his powers for good, joining Team Arrow.[1] Wearing the rags, Rory joined the team on a mission, using them to provide backup for his teammates.[3]



  • Mystical rag manipulation: Its user could control the numerous rags that compose the suit. While seemingly fragile and decaying, the rags were able to grip, lift and throw human beings with ease. Their width varied and while rags could be launched from the user's hands, they could come off any part of his suit. They could also be used to grapple onto and swing from structures and surfaces to quickly escape or to stalk enemies from higher vantage points.[1][2]
  • Enhanced strength: While wearing the suit, its user possessed incredible strength. They could drag and lift up human beings with one hand and without any visible effort.[1]
  • Enhanced durability: While wearing the suit of rags, its user possessed incredible durability. Arrows were incapable of piercing the suit and according to Rory Regan, the suit was strong enough to withstand a nuclear strike and protect its wearer from the radiation after the blast.[1]
  • Identity concealment: The user's identity was concealed while wearing the Rags, appearing as a mystical ghostly figure, real face unseen.[1]
  • Voice modulation: Its user's voice was mystically distorted while they wore the suit to sound like there were numerous whispers, having no control over it.[3] While it could serve as identity concealment, it could also be seen as a means of intimidation. Their voice, however, returned to normal if they removed the rags that concealed their face.[1]

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  • In the DC comics, Ragman wears the Suit of Souls, a mystical Jewish artifact used to protect Jewish communities since the time of Abraham.
  • "Devarim" is a Hebrew word meaning "words". It is the second word (in Hebrew) of the Book of Deuteronomy and is used as the name of that book.


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