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Devonte Jones (born June 28, 1992)[1] is one of the surviving metahumans under the A.S.A. and a member of The 100.


Original multiverse

During his containment with the A.S.A., Devonte was repeatedly interviewed by an automated voice, much to his agitation.[1]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Devonte as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[2] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[3]

New multiverse

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Devonte is a lieutenant under Latavious Johnson.[4]

A lieutenant's duty

Devonte is sent to Ultimate O to collect the money that Lady Eve owes Lala. To make their business relationship easier, Eve tells Devonte that it is his duty, since Lala won't, to test the quality of the product that the brothel delivers; with a small chuckle, he falls for the temptation.

Devonte selects Shalon as his partner and tells her about how his boss has Tobias Whale's briefcase and plans to kill Tobias when he comes to retrieve it. Later, Devonte escorts Lala to a meeting with Lady Eve where Lala gives her the briefcase.[4]

The next day, Lala tells Devonte to make sure that a woman has safe passage back into Ultimate O after she debriefs Lala on what happens there. Devonte hears Black Lightning and Thunder talking to Lala when he returns, so he walks into the room with a loaded weapon, threatening that he can kill them both. Ultimately, Lala rejects the heroes and Devonte watches as they leave.

Later, Devonte is present when Lala meets with Lady Eve to learn the whereabouts of Dr. Blair. Upon finding him, Devonte assaults him constantly for Lala.[5]

War for Freeland

When Markovian soldiers invaded Freeland, Devonte stood with Lala in battle, killing the troopers who were firing upon Bill Henderson and Two-Bits.[6]

One year later

Devonte became second-in-command of The 100 under Lala in the months that followed the war. He acted as Lala's sounding board and conscious as the gang went to war with the Kobra Cartel.

Devonte listened as Lala complained about how Thunder and Lightning were disrupting illegal shipments of drugs and weapons that The 100 were set to procure. Devonte was told to separate the next shipment.

Later, Devonte stood with other lieutenants of The 100, who wondered why Lala was still in his car only staring at them; Devonte told them that Lala was debating which of them to kill for allowing Thunder and Lightning to destroy the drug shipment. Lala when he spoke confirmed Devonte's statement and told Devonte to distribute the weapons that had successfully been procured. Lala then threatened each lieutenant with what order he would kill them, but when he approached Devonte, Lala hesitated slightly. The lieutenants then created a plan to kill Lightning, who was viewed as the stronger of the two Meta-humans.[7]

Days later, Devonte warned Lala that Destiny might be coming for him, because the assassination attempt on her was a failure, as she killed the four gang members sent to kill her; Lala was unmoved, even inviting the confrontation. Devonte was told to make sure that some of the DEGs the police were soon to get disappeared from the truck.[8]

Devonte listens as Lala complains about the money Lala is losing in his secret fight club because Marcel Payton continues to beat fighters bigger than himself and Lala continues to underestimate Marcel's skills. Devonte is later told to dispose of the body of a gang member that Lala disliked and killed. The next day, Devonte acted as security for the club, allowing Marcel entry; he was surprised when Jefferson Pierce knock on the door, but Devonte respected Jefferson and allowed him to enter.[9]

Devonte tested a DEG that Lala procured; it was the only Direct Energy Gun that worked in a shipment that Lala killed a soldier to procure. After Lala meets with Deputy Chief Wesley Robinson, Devonte listened as Lala promised The 100 that they would be without equal when they got the 2nd-generation of the weapons.

Later, Lala, Devonte, and other gang members attempt to assassinate Mayor Billy Black.[10]

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Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Jones is a meta-human with unknown enhancements.



  • Poor health: Jones has hypertension and type-2 diabetes.[1]


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