"You saved innocent lives. You saved me. Pulled me back from crossing that line."
"Well, I've been pulled back from that line a couple of times myself."
—Dick Rory and "Officer Shwarzenegger"[src]

Sergeant Dick Rory (died 1990) was the husband of a late unnamed woman and the father of Mick Rory. He served in the Vietnam War as a Green Beret and suffered PTSD from massacring innocent villagers. As a result, Dick was abusive to his son up until his death.


Early life

Dick Rory served in Vietnam, where he massacred an entire village. Due to this, he would suffer from PTSD, and would use his anger on his son, Mick Rory. One day when Mick was playing around with his father's lighter, he lost control of the fire and caused the fire to burn the house, killing his father and mother.[1]

Altered timeline

"They say life is the sum total of all the choices you make. As your misfortune sinks in, maybe you want to ask yourself, what choices did I make to find myself here? Today, I want payback for what that monster did to my men, my brothers."
—Dick Rory[src]

When an anachronism occurred in Vietnam, Dick was there, and he met Nate Heywood and his future grown-up son, though he had no idea who he really was. He bonded with Mick, showing a different side of his personality, making Mick regret killing him. When they attacked a village that housed the anachronism, Gorilla Grodd, Dick decided to get revenge for the deaths of his men, by massacring the village, but Mick convinced him to stop, though he knocked him out just because he'd always wanted to do so. He later thanked Mick for stopping him and saving his soul. It is unknown what happened to him after Vietnam, whether or not he was a different man when he came back, or if his treatment of Mick was better than the original timeline.[2]


"The only thing my old man was good at was sitting in a chair. Cigarette in one hand, beer in the other. And the only time he ever got up was to..."
Mick Rory to Nate Heywood[src]

Mick Rory describes his father as a "bastard". According to Mick, Rory would often indulge in smoking drinking rather than pay attention to his family, and when he did, he would often be abusive. This is most likely due to Rory witnessing the horrors of the Vietnam War, including having to take lives but also bear the pain of betrayal from Ông Trời Mới swaying his friends to do his bidding. He even prioritized eliminating deserters and traitors over the actual objective, as his hate for the New God was so great he wanted to sacrifice innocent lives to send the latter a message. Rory even came to the conclusion that there were no good people in Vietnam. Throughout his youth, Mick blamed his father for his sick tendencies and thought of him as a monster.

"I've seen things out here... no, I hope I never bring home with me."
—Dick Rory[src]

Before the war, Rory was an honorable man. He recorded the names of all the men who died under his watch and carried it with him throughout the war. His motivation to save lives was to keep the list from growing. He keeps them with him to remind himself it's his job to protect his soldiers and ensure their safe return home. On the back of the list was a picture of his girlfriend, and he intended to marry her when he returned home. He also considered having children, but did not want them to experience war like he did. Upon learning this, Mick realized his behavior was worse than his father's.

Dick Rory is the spitting image of his son. He is naturally snarky, gruff, spiteful, irascible, and is frequently seen grunting and spitting on the ground in disrespect.


"Don't know about you boys, but I'm ready to go to work."
—Dick Rory[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: As a Green Beret Special Forces soldier, Rory was in top physical condition. He had great reflexes, as he was fast enough to tackle down "Officer Schwarzenegger" before he could be shot. He was also strong enough to knock Nate Heywood down and unconscious.[2]
  • Leadership: Dick Rory was a Green Beret, commended by President John F. Kennedy as a symbol of excellence and a badge of courage. Rory commanded the Echo Team in Vietnam to great effect. He had the authority to call in air strikes and even disobey the CIA.[2]
  • Expert marksman: Rory was proficient in using his flamethrower. He skillfully retaliated against Ông Trời Mới's minions.[2]
  • Stealth: Rory and his Echo Team were able to surround and sneak up on Nate Heywood and "Officer Schwarzenegger", using their camouflaged uniforms to conceal themselves in the Vietnam jungle.[2]


  • Flamethrower: Rory's signature weapon during the Vietnam War was his flamethrower. He used it to kill Grodd's minions, burning them to death.[2]
  • Colt M1911A1: Rory was prepared to use his sidearm to execute innocent civilians before his son stopped him. He threatened to kill him as he was talked down.[2]


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