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For the eponymous character, see John Diggle.

"Diggle" is the fourth chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on October 31, 2012.



John Diggle narrates the events which happened during his time in the special forces as an army sergeant on July 23, 2005 to a superior.

In Afghanistan, Diggle and his unit are driving back to F.O.B. Delaram to work on the front lines. On the way, Diggle chats with a fellow soldier, Hereda, about his family. Suddenly, the group finds a young girl standing in their path. Despite the rules and soldiers' warnings, Diggle stops the convoy and approaches the girl, believing she needs help. The girl suddenly releases her scarf into the air as a signal and Diggle realizes she is a trap. A bomb is then thrown onto the soldiers, killing four men.

Diggle and his unit face off against over a dozen Taliban insurgents. Diggle narrates how they ruthlessly slaughtered the outnumbered soldiers with no restraint or mercy. Diggle fails to save the last member of his unit due to his gun running out of bullets, much to his devastation. He is attacked by three insurgents with an axe but flies into a rage, pushing them back. Pulling the axe out of his side, Diggle goes on a rampage and kills the rest of the insurgents, furious with himself over falling into their trap and getting his men killed.

After the massacre, Diggle finds the girl crying, having been injured during the battle. He begins to calm down, remembering that she was also a victim of the Taliban and his goal in the army is to save lives. Diggle bandages the girl's wound before carrying her to safety.

Diggle states to his superior that they have to protect the people of Afghanistan because their support will ensure the war is won.

In the end, Oliver Queen is revealed to be reading the account as he contemplates trusting Diggle with his secret.

Continuity errors[]

  • Diggle's full name is stated to be "John Andrew Diggle". However, it was revealed in the Arrow Season 5 episode "Who Are You?" to be "John Thomas Diggle".