"The mayor may have gotten the vote but I got the power."
—Digsy Foss[src]

Digsy Foss was a mobster in the Music Meister's movie musical reality. He was the counterpart to Joe West.


Digsy is a feared crime lord and a rival of Cutter Moran. After his daughter went missing, his husband and henchman captured Barry Allen and Kara Danvers. Digsy introduced himself to the two and ordered them to find his daughter, Millie Foss.[1]

"With a sheep's eye and a liquorice tooth."

After his daughter returned, he was distraught when he learned his daughter was dating Tommy Moran, the son of his rival Cutter Moran. He seemingly accepted his daughter's love by singing "More I Cannot Wish You". However, shortly after he ordered his husband to gather their men for war. Digsy confronted Cutter outside his club and a firefight ensued, leaving no survivors.[1]


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