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"John, living in the shadows is when all the worst things happen. Oliver going to prison, Vince first undercover, and then... That's the real reason, because as much as I believed in Team Arrow, I had to move on. I had to be a different kind of hero for this city."
—Dinah Drake to John Diggle[src]

Captain Dinah Drake, formerly known undercover as Tina Boland, is a meta-human superheroine. She was an undercover detective for the Central City Police Department, until her partner and boyfriend, Vincent Sobel, was murdered. She sought revenge for his death after becoming a meta-human due to the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion with the power to produce sonic screams.

Dinah was eventually recruited into the ranks of Team Arrow by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, who was searching for a successor to the Black Canary mantle. She became a detective in the Star City Police Department and helped Team Arrow fight Prometheus. Dinah became close friends with its members, particularly John Diggle, Rene Ramirez, and Curtis Holt. During the final battle with Prometheus on Lian Yu, Dinah met her rival, Laurel Lance/Black Siren.

During the team's fight against Cayden James, Dinah found out that Vincent was still alive and operating as "Vigilante" and eventually rekindled their relationship. After learning that Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity Smoak had violated her privacy, along with Rene and Curtis, to learn who betrayed Oliver to the F.B.I., Dinah left Team Arrow. She, Curtis, and Rene eventually formed New Team Arrow. After Vincent was truly killed by Laurel, Dinah returned to her vengeance ways, putting her at odds with her former teammates. It wasn't until Ricardo Diaz became a bigger threat than the two teams could handle alone did Dinah, Curtis, and Rene finally reconcile with and rejoin Team Arrow to take him down. In the process, Dinah began to move on from her vendetta against Laurel.

After Quentin Lance's death at the hands of Diaz and Oliver's sentence to prison, Dinah became the new captain of the SCPD after her predecessor, Kimberly Hill, was arrested for being on Diaz's payroll. She maintained a strained relationship with Laurel and chose to leave to the vigilante life behind until realizing that sometimes, going outside the law is needed to help the city. Dinah now works alongside Oliver (who was recently released from prison), John, and Rene in the SCPD.

While searching for the serial killer Stanley Dover, Dinah's throat was slit, leaving her voice damaged. Upon recovering, Dinah learned that the damage to her vocal cords was so severe that she couldn't use her sonic scream anymore. However, she continued to operate as the Black Canary in the team's fight against Oliver's half-sister, Emiko Adachi, and the Ninth Circle. After teaming up with Felicity and Sara Lance to stop Laurel from becoming Black Siren again, Dinah completely let go of her mistrust towards the former meta-human criminal and the two became friends.

After the destruction and restoration of the multiverse, J'onn J'onzz restored her Earth-1 memories and she helped to stop the Anti-Monitor. She attended Oliver’s funeral to honor her friend. Dinah decided to move to Metropolis to start a new life. However, the day after the funeral, Dinah was mysteriously taken to the new future of the year 2040, and her prior history as a vigilante was erased from the timeline. She remained there, opening a bar and living a normal life, retiring from vigilantism and her job as a SCPD captain.

When Laurel appeared, needing her help to avert a dark future, Dinah came out of retirement, becoming Black Canary once again. She chose to fight alongside Laurel Lance/Black Canary and Mia Queen/Green Arrow to defend Star City as a member of a heroine team in 2040.


Original multiverse

Early life

Dinah Drake's police profile.

Dinah was born and raised in Central City. She joined the CCPD sometime in 2003,[1] becoming a detective specializing in undercover jobs.[2] Dinah's first undercover assignment was with the street gang called the Pilgrims, where she was trained in bo-staff fighting.[3] Another one of her undercover missions involved working with a gang of safe crackers.[4]

During one of Dinah's undercover ops, she learned of the Quadrant, a massive criminal organization that spanned all over the United States, but no one was able to confirm their existence.[5] When the criminal organization known as Blockbuster's gang tried to expand their activities from Blüdhaven to Central City, Dinah infiltrated their ranks and prevented a turf war with the other crime families of Central City.[6]

Dinah has been engaged to be married multiple times, though all of these relationships dissolved.[7]

Undercover with Vincent

Dinah is introduced to her partner, Vincent Sobel.

Dinah was an undercover cop going by the name "Tina Boland" to protect her family. In 2013, she was called to Captain David Singh's office for her newest job. They were joined by a fellow undercover cop, Vincent Sobel, who took an instant liking to Dinah, as she did him. Singh assigned Dinah to help Vincent take down drug dealer Sean Sonus, whose gang Sobel had been undercover in for a while. Vincent warned Dinah that Sonus was dangerous, but she still accepted the assignment. Over the next three years working together in Sonus' gang, Dinah and Vincent fell in love and began an intimate relationship.

Dinah undercover as "Tina Boland" in Sean Sonus' gang.

One night during their undercover mission, Tina was helping Sonus stay in the dark regarding the funding for his operations. She asked for a little bit more information but quickly backed off before Sonus got suspicious. After leaving for the night with Vincent, the two discussed what Tina's discovery from his books that Sonus had some money hidden away. The two then shared a kiss.

Tina and Vincent discuss their mission.

After Vincent found out that Sonus caught wind of a cop had infiltrated his organization, he suggested to Tina that they call Singh and bust Sonus' operations now. However, Tina disagreed, reminding Vincent that they don't have enough on Sonus' illegal dealings to take him down. Vincent was worried that Sonus discovered one of them was the mole, to which Tina assured him that had Sonus found out, either one of them would've been dead already. Vincent then agreed to go along with Tina's plan.

Tina is exposed as an undercover cop.

The following night, Tina was playing cards with Sonus' right-hand man, Declan Lin, when Sonus came over and asked her to look over some numbers before his deal with Alvarez. When Dinah opened to page 12, she was horrified to find her police photo on it. A gun was then pointed at her head.[8]

Becoming a meta-human

Tina tortured by Sonus' gang.

Tina was then tortured by Sonus' men, trying to get information from her. Two weeks later, Sonus captured Vincent, having discovered he was a cop too. Tina tearfully begged Sonus to spare him, but Vincent was shot dead right in front of her. At the same time, S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded. As Dinah screamed in despair over Vincent's apparent death, the dark matter particles from the accelerator went into her system, turning her into a meta-human with powers of sonic screaming. In her grief over Vincent's murder, Dinah unleashed her sonic scream for the first time, attacking Sonus.[2]

Following Vincent's funeral, Dinah handed in her badge and resigned from the police force. Over the next three years, she began traveling all across America to avenge Vincent's death, never settling down roots. Dinah always kept track of Sonus' movement and began systematically targeting his gang. She also occasionally acted as a vigilante, attacking criminals to protect innocents.[2]

Dinah using her abilities on two men in Hub City.

By January 2016, Dinah tracked Sonus to Hub City. One night, she was at a bar and witnessed two male patrons harassing a waitress. Dinah intervened, claiming she found the attackers' actions to be cliché. When the two men started bothering her instead, Dinah simply smiled to herself before screaming them out of the bar.[9]

Recruited into Team Arrow

Dinah meets the Star City vigilantes.

Tracking Declan, Dinah intended to attack a meeting he was in when she was halted by the vigilantes of Star City; Green Arrow, Wild Dog, and Mister Terrific. Dinah was amused to see them and demanded to know what they wanted. When Green Arrow offered her a place on his team to call home and better hone her powers, Dinah refused and warned the trio that if they got in her way again, she would "send [them] back to Star City with [their] nuts in a sling". Dinah then jumped off the roof and fled.

Dinah tortures Declan in her apartment room.

Afterward, Dinah was able to capture Declan and brought him to her apartment room 511. There, Dinah inflected the same torture on Declan which he did to her, demanding to know Sonus' whereabouts. During this, Green Arrow and Wild Dog barged in. Before they could do anything, Dinah screamed at Declan in close range, snapping his neck. Wild Dog managed to dampen Dinah's powers with a sonic dampener. The three were soon attacked by Sonus' men. While Green Arrow and Wild Dog were distracted, Dinah escaped out the window. However, Green Arrow chased after her and shot a dummy arrow to knock her to the ground. Helping her up, Green Arrow continued to try and persuade Dinah to let them help her take down Sonus without anyone dying in the process. Green Arrow tried to explain they aren't so different, as they've both struggled to cope with trauma in their lives. Unfortunately, Dinah still wasn't interested, and knowing they were out of the sonic dampener's reach, used her powers to escape.

Dinah finds Sonus.

Finally tracking Sonus to his hideout, Dinah swiftly dispatched his men and entered his office. Sonus, however, wasn't afraid to see Dinah again and revealed that he was affected by the particle accelerator explosion as well, using his sonic wave ability to disorientate her. Just before Sonus could finish Dinah off, Green Arrow and Wild Dog showed up and saved her.

Dinah agrees to work with Oliver Queen.

Waking up a few hours later, Dinah proceeded to continue her vendetta. But Green Arrow, in his persistence, asked Dinah again to let them help her. She denied them once again and left. As Dinah was leaving on her motorcycle, the Green Arrow appeared in front of her, revealing his identity as Oliver Queen. Oliver tried to relate with Dinah by telling her about a man in Star City who's trying to convince him that he is beyond redemption. Dinah refused to let Oliver put his issues on her, but he claimed to not want that. Oliver finally asked Dinah to let the team help her and she'll never have to see them again afterward, which she agreed to.

Dinah kills Sonus.

Following Dinah's lead, the team tracked Sonus to a rooftop, bringing in a large shipment of a new drug called Slide. With Mr. Terrific's help on comms, Dinah, Green Arrow, and Wild Dog interrupted the meeting. After dampening Sonus' powers, taking down his men, and destroying the inbound helicopter, Dinah held Sonus at gunpoint, ready to kill him. Green Arrow tried to talk her out of it, asking her what Vincent would've wanted. However, Dinah pulled the trigger and killed Sonus, saying Vincent would've wanted that. She then left the scene.

Dinah joins Team Arrow.

Ultimately not feeling any better than before, Dinah tracked down Oliver and learned he was the mayor of Star City. Entering his office, Oliver was surprised to see her again. Dinah expressed her disappointment in not getting closure after killing Sonus and wondered how Oliver does what he does, to which he admitted to still be working on it himself. Dinah then revealed that she and Vincent were lovers and she hated herself more than Sonus for not preventing his death. Oliver assured her that his team is about finding redemption, revealing Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific's true identities as Rene Ramirez and Curtis Holt in the process. Feeling she could trust Oliver, she revealed Tina Boland was an alias for her undercover work and her real name was Dinah Drake. Seeing how Oliver was affected by the name, Dinah asked if it meant anything. Oliver revealed that a friend of his was named Dinah, and she was the reason he sought her out. Dinah then joined Team Arrow.[2]

After joining Team Arrow and moving to Star City, Dinah started living in the abandoned H.I.V.E. headquarters.[3]

Fight against Prometheus

Integrating herself into the team

Dinah speaking with John Diggle.

After joining Team Arrow, Dinah's first mission was in Russia helping Oliver, John Diggle/Spartan, Felicity Smoak/Overwatch, Rory Regan/Ragman, and Curtis stop a nuclear arms deal between former United States General J.G. Walker and Markovian terrorists. Arriving in Star City's sister city in Russia, Dinah talked to Diggle about the unexpected missions Team Arrow went on, to which Diggle dropped the existence of aliens. As the team was introduced to Oliver's Bratva friend Anatoly Knyazev, they were shocked when Oliver's so-called ally punched him in the face and denied his assistance. The team then went to an abandoned A.R.G.U.S. safe house to discuss their next move. Dinah suggested Oliver make amends with Anatoly since they were desperate. Oliver agreed and went with Diggle.

Dinah practicing her abilities with Curtis Holt.

That night, Curtis was helping Dinah harness her abilities, but found she didn't have much control "beyond on and off". When Felicity's trail to find Walker hit a dead end, Dinah suggested tracking the burner phone which he used in the states, since criminals tend to follow the same habits. Using the information, Felicity tracked Walker to a Russian church. Dinah remained outside to keep watch. When the mission went sideways, she saved Oliver and Diggle from one of Walker's men, whom they took prisoner.

Dinah talks to Oliver about his influence on Team Arrow.

Dinah later joined Oliver as a backup to fulfill a favor for Anatoly in exchange for his help in finding Walker. After helping him take down one of Anatoly's rival businesses, Dinah discussed with Oliver about his influence on this team and how Prometheus has gotten into his head about him infecting the people he loves. She assured Oliver that he's nothing like what Prometheus wants him to believe, urging him to talk to Diggle and Felicity and how they've been acting.

Dinah bonds with Anatoly Knyazev.

With Anatoly's intel, the team moved in on the Markovians. While chasing them down, Dinah used her sonic scream to tip the van over. Oliver and Dinah got out but found the terrorists' guns pointed at them. Fortunately, Anatoly arrived in time to provide backup. After securing the nuke and arresting Walker, the team celebrated at a Russian club, where Dinah impressed Anatoly with her ability to hold her vodka.[10]

Dinah trains with Diggle in the Arrowcave.

One day, Dinah was practicing her bo-staff routine with Diggle in the Arrowcave. When Felicity found a lead to Prometheus' identity, the two took a break. Diggle complimented Dinah's skills and questioned where she learned how to use a bo-staff. Dinah revealed that she learned to fight with the weapon while infiltrating The Pilgrims. When Dinah revealed she was still living at H.I.V.E.'s old base, Diggle suggested she find a better home, but she assured him it was fine.

Dinah meets Quentin Lance.

After an attack on City Hall by an unknown individual, the team managed to grab the gun he used: an AR-15 assault weapon. Unfortunately, the shooter was able to avoid surveillance cameras in City Hall, leaving the team with nothing to go on. Dinah and Diggle attempted to get information from the ESU, to no avail. When they returned, they found an argument had broken out about the use of guns. Dinah voiced her opinion and introduced herself to Quentin Lance, who seemed a bit off hearing her name. Felicity then revealed that she finally discovered who the shooter was: a simple man named James Edlund with no criminal record, much to the team's shock. They contacted Green Arrow and informed him.

Dinah and Spartan talk about her living arrangements.

When Oliver returned, the team learned that Edlund's family was gunned down 16 months ago during a mall shooting and he attacked City Hall in retribution. Dinah and Diggle went out to chase down some leads on Edlund's whereabouts. After a dead-end, Diggle brought up Dinah still living in H.I.V.E.'s headquarters again. After some persuasion, Dinah revealed the reason she hasn't applied for an apartment was that she doesn't feel normal enough to settle down her roots. Diggle confided in her that he felt the same way after returning deployment and advised Dinah to permit herself to be normal again.

After Edlund was eventually arrested, Dinah took Diggle's advice and got a lease on a studio apartment. She also became the newest recruit of the SCPD. While packing her things, Diggle came to check on her and Dinah thanked him for pushing her to do it.[3]

Becoming Black Canary

Dinah being sworn into the SCPD by Oliver.

While Oliver and Diggle were out talking to Prometheus's mother, three of the team's old foes break out of a prisoner transport to Iron Heights Prison: Liza Warner, China White, and Carrie Cutter/Cupid. When Oliver and Diggle returned and gave Felicity information on Prometheus, Dinah caught them up on the breakout. After giving orders to find them, Oliver reminded Dinah of her swearing-in ceremony at the SCPD. Diggle took the time to congratulate her, which she appreciated. Oliver proceeded over the ceremony and welcomed her as an SCPD officer.

Dinah is given Laurel Lance's mask by Felicity Smoak.

After learning the three escapees were after the late Tobias Church's money spot, Felicity was able to track them to Oak Hill Memorial. Before Dinah could go out with Wild Dog and Mister Terrific, Felicity stopped her, suggesting she wear a mask. When Felicity gave her Laurel Lance's Black Canary mask, Dinah was overwhelmed, feeling she wasn't ready to fill her predecessor's shoes. Felicity assured her it was just the mask.

Dinah in her vigilante costume.

Wearing her vigilante costume, Dinah used her scream to stop Warner, China White, and Cupid from escaping with Church's money. When the escapees' hired men showed up, Dinah took China White on by herself. After a brief battle, Dinah managed to scream China White away from her and into Green Arrow's grasp. The rest of the SCPD soon showed up, led by Captain Frank Pike, and took the criminals into custody. Later at the precinct, Dinah spotted Quentin coming out of Warner's interrogation room. When Quentin talked about her taking up Laurel's mantle, Dinah confessed she wasn't ready to replace her. However, Quentin assured her that Laurel didn't want a replacement, but someone to carry on her legacy.[11]

Dinah with Quentin and Thea Queen.

When evidence was leaked that Oliver covered up the death of Detective Billy Malone, Dinah served on Mayor Queen's detail while he faced impeachment. Entering his office with his sister, Thea Queen, and Quentin, Dinah agreed with Oliver that Prometheus was behind this and asked him what their next move was, but he didn't have one. Dinah then realized that as Oliver's detail, she was to remain outside his office and did so to blend in.

Dinah works the Vigilante crime scene.

After Oliver's hearing, Dinah accompanied him in his limousine. The extremist Vigilante then showed up to kill Oliver and caused the limo to crash. Dinah got out and screamed at Vigilante, causing a piece of his visor to break. Instead of attacking Dinah, Vigilante proceeded to throw a bola to incapacitate her. Vigilante was forced to retreat when the SCPD showed up. Dinah worked on the scene of the attack and found the piece of Vigilante's mask she shot off. When contacting the team about it, Curtis believed he could track Vigilante with the piece using his T-Spheres, and recommended Dinah bring it back to base. Unfortunately, District attorney Adrian Chase showed up and insisted that he log Vigilante's mask in for her. The next day at the precinct while Pike was busy with Chase, Dinah swiped the visor fragment and brought it to the team.

Dinah stands next to Oliver as he discredits Green Arrow.

While Spartan, Wild Dog, and Mister Terrific went after Vigilante, Dinah stayed by Oliver's side. Just before Oliver went in front of the press to condemn the Green Arrow, Dinah got a call from Felicity that Vigilante was on the sixth floor of a building across from them in a sniper position, ready to take Oliver out. She warned Oliver, but he was confident that the team can handle Vigilante. Dinah stood next to Oliver in dismay as he announced that Green Arrow and his team were to be hunted down and arrested. She was later present in the bunker with the others as Oliver arrived and revealed that he wasn't going to be impeached. Oliver then thanked Dinah and everyone else for having his back through all of this.[12]

Dinah and the team learn that Adrian Chase is Prometheus.

A week later, Dinah and the team were horrified upon learning Prometheus was Adrian Chase all along and he had Susan Williams as his captive. Dinah recommended going to Pike with the truth but was reminded by Quentin that they didn't have any evidence to support it. Diggle then sent Dinah and Curtis to Opal City after Chase's mother as leverage.

Dinah and Mister Terrific are disgusted by Prometheus.

Arriving at Amanda Westfield's house, the two discovered it was already cleared out. They deduced that Chase planned and had his mother leave town. Upon hearing screaming coming from upstairs, Dinah and Curtis rushed to the scene and found video footage of Prometheus torturing Susan, much to their disgust. They took the footage back to the bunker and informed Oliver that it was 30 seconds long, but no indication of where Susan is. When Felicity showed up, Oliver asked Dinah, Diggle, and Curtis to give them the room to talk, to which they obliged.

Dinah and the team before they face Prometheus.

Felicity was able to find where Chase was holding Susan. Black Canary, Green Arrow, Wild Dog, and Mister Terrific arrived at an abandoned building while Spartan retrieved someone who would make Chase vulnerable. Learning that there were many heat signatures in the building, the team split up to canvas more ground. Dinah went with Wild Dog, while Terrific went with Green Arrow. After checking a room, they discovered that the heat signatures were explosives and Black Canary and Wild Dog became trapped by the bombs. Mr. Terrific managed to get them out and escape in time to see Spartan coming out with an injured Doris Chase. Black Canary, Wild Dog, and Terrific then went back inside to rescue Oliver, but only found his bow. Returning to the bunker, the team learned Susan made it to the SCPD, but Doris died on her way to Starling General. With no leads, Dinah and the others watched as Felicity went to get help to find Oliver.[13]

Dinah and the others are informed that Team Arrow has been disbanded.

Oliver was eventually released by Chase after six days of torture but disbanded the team for unknown reasons. Diggle, Felicity, and Curtis informed Dinah and Rene about this and they were shocked. Dinah wondered what Chase did to Oliver, but the others opted not to know. The team decided, regardless of what Oliver said, to keep fighting for the city while Felicity worked on locating Chase. Using equipment loaned by A.R.G.U.S., the team set up shop in Felicity's loft. After Dinah made fun of their communication devices, one of the computers went off with an alert that there was a break-in at Batoon Medical Research Laboratories.

Dinah points a gun at a Bratva member.

Arriving at the laboratories, Dinah did a sweep and reported two men at the back entrance. Spartan ordered Dinah to not spill any blood. Dinah agreed and swiftly took out the two men. They all converged on the remaining men, only to discover that it was Anatoly and his Bratva allies. Anatoly then revealed that Oliver invited him to Star City to steal these drugs in exchange for taking Chase out.

Dinah and Rene Ramirez argue about who would be the "new John Diggle".

The team regrouped at Felicity's loft the next day to discuss this latest development. Dinah questioned why Rene wasn't in City Hall with Oliver and Lance, to which Diggle revealed that Quentin banned him from City Hall until Chase was taken down. That night, Curtis discussed the role reversals and how Diggle was "the new Oliver" and he was "the new Felicity", but then asked who the new Diggle was. Dinah and Rene answered at the same time. When Dinah didn't argue further about it, Curtis and Rene agreed that Dinah was the new Diggle. When a discussion broke out on why they're not letting the Bratva kill Chase, Dinah remained quite as Diggle explained that they aren't saving Chase, but Oliver. The computer in front of Dinah then started beeping, revealing Chase's trip to his safehouse. The team left to stop the Bratva.

Dinah and Curtis have something to expose Chase as Prometheus.

Arriving in time to see the Bratva had already started their attack, Dinah used her sonic scream on three men and made way for Diggle and Rene to knock out the rest. A fight then broke out where Dinah took cover behind a car and fired on the Bratva men. Chase managed to escape, but not before Curtis retrieved a device to reveal him as Prometheus. Dinah rendezvous and picked Curtis up.

The team is brought back together.

After being convinced by Diggle, Oliver asked the team, minus Felicity and Curtis, to help him stop the Bratva from continuing their thefts. He also revealed that he was afraid that he would've corrupted them if the team stayed. Dinah and Rene were more than willing to help stop Anatoly and prove that Chase was wrong about Oliver and donged their vigilante costumes.

Dinah rescues hostages from the Bratva.

Arriving at ZARN Corporations, the team split up in search of Anatoly and his men. After a while of searching, Dinah found some of Anatoly's men holding employees hostage. Dinah, at first, had difficulties. But with the assistance of Wild Dog and Spartan, Dinah was able to defeat the Bratva men and rescue the hostages.

Dinah and Quentin show the SCPD that Adrian Chase is Prometheus.

Back at the bunker, Felicity and Curtis returned with evidence that confirms Chase is Prometheus. Dinah volunteered to bring the evidence to the SCPD. But, before she does, Oliver shows her, and the rest of the team their costumes on the manikins where his old team's costumes used to be. After bringing the evidence to the SCPD, Dinah and Quentin urged Officer Lopez to call the U.S. marshals to arrest Chase. Unfortunately, Chase escaped custody.[14]

Dinah getting annoyed at Wild Dog and Mister Terrific.

Working with A.R.G.U.S. to find Chase, the team tracked him to an arcade. Dinah went with Wild Dog and Mister Terrific but became annoyed when they started arguing about a vintage arcade game. An A.R.G.U.S. agent then set off a bobby trap, turning the whole arcade on and setting off explosives and automatic weapons. Dinah, Wild Dog, and Terrific were able to defuse the situation, but not without A.R.G.U.S. agents being killed in the process.

Dinah on scene with Oliver and Lyla Michaels.

After an A.R.G.U.S. agent named Jordan Pierce with ties to Chase was killed in an elevator, Dinah went with Oliver and A.R.G.U.S. director and Diggle's wife, Lyla Michaels, to investigate. Dinah noticed Lyla taking something from Pierce's dead body and was somewhat unnerved when Lyla claimed it was A.R.G.U.S. evidence. The three at first believed this was Chase tying up loose ends, but after seeing video surveillance, they deduced Pierce's death was caused by a third party.

Dinah and Oliver listening to Spartan's explanation for letting the attackers get away.

When the life another A.R.G.U.S. agent named Ditkoff was at risk of losing her Security Key just like Pierce, Dinah rendezvoused with the team to intercept the attackers. Coming in with Oliver on motorcycles, Dinah sonic screamed, knocking two of the attackers out, while Oliver handled the third. Just when they were about to stop the last attacker from escaping with the Security Key, Spartan advised them to let them escape, as Felicity believed it would lead them to capture Prometheus.

Dinah defeats Helix's armed men.

When it was deduced that Felicity and her group Helix had gone too far with wanting to rescue known cybercriminal Cayden James, Dinah and the team, minus Rene, opted to stop them. When they attacked A.R.G.U.S.'s black ops facility to rescue James, Dinah was able to hold off the armed men. unfortunately, however, Felicity and Helix were able to free Cayden James and escape. Returning to the bunker, Dinah knew they should give Oliver space and left with Diggle and Curtis.[15]

Dinah, Rene, and Curtis at Diggle's apartment.

When there appeared to be no power in the bunker and an explosion was heard, Dinah, Rene, and Curtis went to Diggle's apartment for his assistance. Arriving there, the three found some marital issues going on between Diggle and Lyla. Determining that Oliver and Felicity were trapped in the bunker, the five planned to break them out. While Dinah, Rene, Curtis, and Diggle went to the bunker, Lyla would get the supplies they needed.

Dinah tells Diggle about her relationship with Vincent.

At the entrance to the bunker, Dinah and Diggle monitored Curtis and Rene's progress as they tried cutting through the elevator. Dinah was amused listening to Curtis and Rene bicker and joked that they would make a great couple. Dinah then noticed how off Diggle was and asked if everything was alright between him and Lyla. To help ease Diggle's worries, Dinah confided in him how she and Vincent had to keep secrets from each other due to their jobs. Lyla then arrived with the supplies Curtis needed.

Dinah recommends using hydrochloric acid to get into the bunker.

Rene and Curtis came back up after a methane gas explosion in the elevator halted their efforts. Using knowledge from one of her undercover ops, Dinah recommended using hydrochloric acid to safely melt the titanium hatch. Rene and Curtis returned after trying Dinah's suggestion and revealed that the acid would take too long to melt the hatch enough for them to enter the bunker. Lyla then returned with a modified version of Curtis's T-Sphere they could use.

Dinah and the others wait on Oliver's status.

Curtis was able to use the improved T-Sphere to break a wall in the bunker. Using the device's surveillance, Dinah and the team were able to see that Oliver and Felicity were okay. The team managed to guide Oliver and Felicity before the remaining methane gas could ignite, though Oliver was severely injured. Getting him to A.R.G.U.S.'s headquarters, Dinah and the others were relieved upon hearing of Oliver's recovery.[4]

Dinah, Oliver, and Quentin discuss the deceased Henry Goodwin.

When a dead body by the name of Henry Goodwin was sent to City Hall by Chase, Dinah was on the scene investigating. She informed Oliver and Quentin that Goodwin had no connection to Chase and chocked him sending the body due to being "crazy". Oliver asked Dinah to pull any forensics that is on the body and find a connection to either Chase or his father, Justin Claybourne. After doing so, Dinah was shocked to find Oliver's father, Robert Queen's, DNA on the body. When Quentin showed up at the SCPD, Dinah gave him the forensics report. The two went to City Hall and told Oliver, and the returning Thea, the news. Dinah then brought some pieces of evidence to Felicity and Curtis to look at.

Dinah and Mr. Terrific save Oliver and Spartan.

Dinah and Mr. Terrific were later staking out Derek Sampson, one of the convicted criminals were released because Chase prosecuted them. They found that Sampson was running guns, but didn't have enough evidence to move on him. When Sampson was moving out, Dinah and Curtis were about to follow when Overwatch contacted them, revealing that Oliver and Spartan were in trouble at Oliver Enterprises. The two arrived just in time to save Oliver and Spartan from sinking in cement. Back at the bunker, the team learned that while Dinah and Terrific were saving Oliver and Spartan, Sampson made off with two of the three chemicals Chase's father used to weaponize tuberculosis four years ago. They deduced that Sampson must be working with Chase. Quentin and Rene then entered, revealing they found someone who could help with the Goodwin mystery; a lawyer named Darren Coffman, who represented both Goodwin and Claybourne.

Dinah, Oliver, and Terrific fight Derek Sampson's men.

Dinah and Mr. Terrific were able to track Sampson to Fairbanks Chemical, a laboratory that had the third chemical Sampson needed: cyclotrizane. Oliver met up with them. The three were able to take down many of Sampson's men, but couldn't stop him from escaping with the cyclotrizane. With the sampled they retrieved, Curtis was able to deduce that what Chase was planning would be worse than what his father planned with no cure. Wanting all hands on deck, Oliver asked Dinah where Rene was and she told him he was with Quentin handling something personal.

Black Canary and Wild Dog work together.

Tracking Sampson and the chemicals to the Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center, Dinah and Wild Dog were in position on the roof waiting for Oliver's, who had taken on the Green Arrow name again, gave the order. Green Arrow, however, was busy fighting Prometheus, so Dinah and Wild Dog joined Spartan and Mr. Terrific in fighting Sampson. When he was on the verge of killing Wild Dog, Dinah saved him by using her scream against Sampson. Mr. Terrific was then able to stop the spread of the virus and Green Arrow was able to capture Prometheus. With Prometheus in A.R.G.U.S. custody and the city safe, the team went out for drinks to celebrate.[16]

Their victory was short-lived however, as Chase had his allies Talia al Ghul, Evelyn Sharp, and Laurel Lance of Earth-2 kidnap Dinah and Rene and bring them to Lian Yu.[17]

Dinah and Rene try to escape their chains.

Dinah and Rene were chained to the floor with a sonic dampener placed above them so Dinah couldn't scream. The duo was soon joined by Diggle and Quentin escorted by Black Siren and members of Talia's cult. To their horror, Oliver was soon brought in by Black Siren and Slade Wilson. After they left, Oliver asked where his son, William Clayton, was. Dinah told him that they didn't know anyone else was on the island. Oliver then pulled out a device that Curtis made and gave it to Dinah; It will control her powers and allow her to bypass the sonic dampener. Dinah yelled that she loved Curtis and warned them that it might hurt. When Rene called her Canary, Quentin corrected him by addressing her as Black Canary. Dinah used her scream to free them from their chains.

Dinah about to be killed by Black Siren.

Rendezvousing with Nyssa al Ghul and Slade, it was revealed that the latter betraying Oliver was part of the plan to deliver Curtis's sonic amplifier to Dinah, allowing her to override the sonic dampener. The team then moved out to find Chase and William. They were soon cornered by Chase, Black Siren, and Talia's cult members. A fight then broke out, with Dinah battling Black Siren. After an equally-matched fight, both Dinah and Laurel used their sonic cries on each other, with the resulting shockwave knocking Dinah against a nearby rail with pottery, briefly incapacitating her. As Black Siren moved to finish her off, mocking Dinah on how she thought she could "replace" her, Quentin used Dinah's bo-staff to knock Black Siren out. Dinah assured Quentin that he didn't have to do that, but he disagreed and helped her up. Dinah and Quentin returned to the group in time to see Oliver defeat Chase and renounce his guilt over his father's suicide. Dinah and the rest were then horrified to hear that Chase had killed Oliver's son. Oliver, however, didn't believe him and Chase escaped. Oliver ordered everyone to get to Chase's plane and get off the island as he had rigged it to explode. He then went after Chase to find his son.

Dinah and the team stuck on Lian Yu.

Meeting up with Felicity, Thea, Curtis, and William's mother Samantha Clayton, they found that the plane's engines weren't starting. Dinah questioned Diggle's piloting skills, but Nyssa came over and revealed the plane's on-wing hydraulic system. Felicity contacted Oliver and was told to head to the A.R.G.U.S. supply ship that Slade will lead them to.[18] Slade, however, abandoned the team and headed for the ship himself. Diggle and Dinah then suggested using the plane as shelter. Everyone except Thea and Samantha got on the plane. Dinah and the others were able to survive the explosion and she and Quentin opted to check the monastery for survivors.

Dinah at knifepoint by Black Siren.

Arriving at the monastery, they found all of Talia's cult members dead. Dinah suggested searching by herself in case they find Black Siren, but Lance assured her he was fine. Dinah urged Quentin to have a sword in case Talia was alive, but he preferred a gun. Just then, Dinah was ambushed by Black Siren and had a knife to her throat. Before Laurel could kill her, Quentin acted on impulse and shot Laurel in the stomach. Believing she was dead, Dinah and Quentin decided to tell the others she died in the explosion, not wanting them to know Quentin killed her. They returned to the group and left the island with Chase and Samantha dead and Thea in a coma.[19]

After Lian Yu

Five months later

Dinah interrogates Alex Faust.

Five months later Dinah had been promoted to a lieutenant and got a new suit. After Team Arrow apprehended Alex Faust, a known terrorist, and brought him to the precinct, Dinah was assigned to interrogate him. Dinah questioned where Faust got the hired gun and grabbed his injured arm to get him to talk. Faust refused to give her anything and requested a drink. Getting nowhere, Dinah left the interrogation room. The officer on duty then told Dinah that Quentin had missed his appointment to oversee the police officer graduation. At that moment, Dinah received a message from Quentin to meet him. Before leaving, Dinah told the officer to get Faust a drink.

Dinah with Quentin talking about his grief.

Dinah met Quentin at a bar, who had three shots lined up for him. Dinah sat next to him and thanked him for calling her instead of drinking. Quentin then started pouring out his guilt for what he did to Black Siren on Lian Yu five months ago and that all he can do is drink to make it go away. Dinah assured Quentin that he was stronger than that and that Laurel wouldn't want that from him. Quentin rebutted by asking which Laurel. The two then sat in silence.

Dinah shows Oliver, Quentin, Rene footage of Laurel Lance.

After Faust was able to escape while destroying most of the SCPD, Dinah was able to get video footage and discovered that Black Siren was alive and that she and her group broke Faust out. She showed Oliver, Quentin, and Rene the footage and assured Oliver that no one else saw it. They took the footage back to the bunker where the team questioned Dinah and Quentin about Black Siren's survival. Knowing Quentin didn't want to reveal the truth yet, Dinah stood with her claim that Laurel was dead when they found her. The team then decided to wait on A.R.G.U.S. for a lead on Laurel.

Black Canary and Black Siren fight.

Having a lead on Black Siren, Black Canary suited up and went with the team. She stood in front of the van Laurel was in and stopped it with her scream. Canary and Siren got into a fight while the others dealt with her muscle. Siren was able to overpower Canary and use her bo staff to knock her and Quentin on the ground. Recovering, Canary saw Spartan miss a shot on a mercenary and watched helplessly as Wild Dog was shot off the bridge with Green Arrow saving him. While Quentin and Curtis took Rene to Doctor Elisa Schwartz for treatment, Dinah, Oliver, and Diggle regrouped back at the bunker. After Oliver gave Felicity something to track Laurel, he questioned if Dinah knew any reason why Quentin would think Laurel was after him. Lying, Dinah said she no idea. Felicity was able to track where Laurel was last and Dinah and Diggle went to investigate.

Black Canary and Spartan lie to each other.

Canary and Spartan arrived at the warehouse only to find it empty. Believing they left something behind, the two vigilantes looked around. While searching, Canary questioned if Spartan was feeling all right as she never saw him miss like he did that mercenary on the bridge. Changing the subject, Spartan brought up how Canary was acting after Oliver asked her about Black Siren targeting Quentin and that he didn't find her convincing. Their discussion was interrupted when they discovered plans for City Hall. Realizing they were after City Hall for the graduation ceremony, Canary and Spartan went to warn the others.

Dinah defends Quentin's actions on Lian Yu.

Bringing the plans back to the bunker, Lance decided to tell what happened on Lian Yu. While Dinah opted against it to spar Quentin the guilt, he assured her it was fine. After Quentin told the team he shot Laurel to save Dinah, Dinah defended Quentin's actions and said she was the one who told him not to tell the others. Quentin opted to use himself as bait at the graduation ceremony, much to the reluctance of the other. The team then headed for the ceremony while Diggle stayed back to run comms.

Black Canary and Black Siren prepare to fight again.

At the ceremony, Dinah kept watching with Felicity and Curtis while Oliver gave his speech. They grew suspicious when Laurel and her group didn't show up. Much to their horror, it turns out that Black Siren targeted their bunker and the blueprints were planted as a diversion. Black Canary and the others quickly arrived where she and Siren got into another fight. Siren overpowered Canary but retreated when the odds were turning against her and set off explosives to cover her escape.

Dinah confronts Diggle about his lies.

After the battle, the team deduced that Siren was using the bombing on the SCPD and the bunker as a cover to steal something. The team decided to do an inventory to see what was missing. During the inventory, Dinah found that Diggle never fired his gun during the fight. She went to confront him about it and wasn't pleased by him lying to her. Curtis arrived and revealed that Laurel had taken one of his prototype T-Spheres. Worried, Dinah questioned if that meant the sphere wasn't weaponized, to which Curtis confirmed. That eased Dinah, as that meant they couldn't use it against them but left them wondering what could they do.[19]

Dinah with Felicity and Curtis.

After Oliver was exposed as the Green Arrow to the public by a photo sent to Channel 52, Dinah was with Felicity and Curtis. She asked them if they handle this situation. They considered using Christopher Chance, also known as the Human Target, of whom Dinah just learned about, but Diggle reported that Chance was out of the country, leaving them with little time and options before Oliver being outed led the FBI's investigation to them as well.

Dinah questions Diggle's well-being.

Things soon went from bad to worse, as Anatoly and his Bratva arrived in Star City and kidnapped Markovian diplomats with Oliver unable to do anything without being exposed. Hearing of the incident, Dinah and Diggle waited in Oliver's office for him. While waiting, Dinah asked, again, if Diggle was all right, to which assured he was and that he didn't appreciate her in his business. Before the two could continue, Oliver and Quentin arrived. The group then suspected that it was Anatoly who leaked the photo of Oliver. The team then left, while Oliver stayed behind, to find out where Anatoly was hiding.

Black Canary is left frustrated by Spartan's lies.

Learning Anatoly was at a Bratva run restaurant, Canary, Spartan, and Mister Terrific waited for Green Arrow to arrive. After the archer arrived, the team went in. Canary and Spartan were given the instructions to handle the guards while Terrific watched the perimeter and Green Arrow extracted the Markovians. After Canary took out the Bratva on her end, she saw Spartan unable to shoot and instead took down a guard with his hands. After this, Canary was left frustrated by Spartan's continued lies. Green Arrow was able to rescue three out of the four diplomats, as Anatoly took their CEO Alec Tarkov.

Dinah demands to know what is happening with Diggle.

Back in Oliver's office, Dinah and the others watched as Felicity pulled up surveillance of Anatoly fleeing the scene with Tarkov. Before leaving to meet up with Lance and Rene, Oliver told Dinah and Diggle to be ready when Felicity had a location on Anatoly, to which they agreed. Oliver soon got footage from Anatoly of the now infected Tarkov and that if he did not pay 20 million dollars, he will die. Oliver sent the footage to the team, where they learned it was Tetrodotoxin. Dinah and Diggle went to Starling General, where Dr. Schwartz gave them to antidote. After Dr. Schwartz gave Dinah the antidote, she overheard the doctor talking to Diggle about pain medication. After Schwartz left Demanding to know what was wrong with him, Diggle finally told her that he got hit by shrapnel during the explosion on Lian Yu and that it caused degenerative nerve damage. When Diggle assured Dinah that he was fine, she didn't believe him and said they should leave to save Tarkov.

Dinah convinces Diggle to talk with Oliver.

The team soon arrived at an abandoned warehouse and started searching for Anatoly and Tarkov. Canary had Spartan's back but was soon put in a chock hold by a Bratva member. Canary was able to get out of the hold and take down the thug but glared at Spartan in disappointment. After the mission ended with Anatoly executing Tarkov, Dinah was practicing her bo staff routine in the bunker when Diggle came up to apologize for not being straight with her and that it almost cost her life. Dinah was able to convince Diggle to talk to Oliver about his situation and go from there.[20]

Black Canary uses her scream on the Green Arrow.

Unfortunately, Diggle didn't have the chance to tell Oliver as the latter asked him to do the Green Arrow mantle for him. One night, the team, with the newly suited Green Arrow, were tracking Faust and Canary got eyes on him before one of his goons shot at her. When Green Arrow jumped off a building, Canary used her scream to propel him to the building that Faust was in. The team was soon able to apprehend Faust and turn him over to the authorities. Back at the bunker, after Felicity went home for the night, Dinah continued to push Diggle to tell Oliver the truth. But, Diggle assured Dinah that his tremor was gone and he was back to full strength. Dinah decided to let it go, while still being unconvinced.

Dinah talks to Officer Lopez at Kord Industries.

After a break-in at Kord Industries left multiple casualties, Dinah was on the scene. She spoke to Officer Lopez, who told her that whoever broke in stole something from the computers that the company is unaware of yet. After the officer left, Dinah contacted Felicity and Curtis, who guided her to a port to download the Kord Industries database. Curtis learned that the assailant downloaded a schedule for Kord Industry's next shipment of nerve gas.

Black Canary and Team Arrow rendezvousing with the nerve gas shipment.

The team rendezvoused with the shipment and planned to ambush the assailant. While Green Arrow was in the front, Canary, Wild Dog, and Mister Terrific remained in the back with the gas. When the assailant arrived and took out the Green Arrow, Canary and the others ambushed her in the back. They were, unfortunately, blindsided by her lightning grenades and her backup. The team was unable to stop her as she used the gas to destroy a building full of people. Arriving back at the bunker, Dinah defended Diggle when Rene jumped down his throat for not giving orders when they needed them. The team then went to the control room, where Felicity told the team that the woman they encountered was named Onyx Adams, who was the leader of a Black Ops in the CIA. Felicity told them that her team vanished with over 100 million dollars. The team then went about to find out why she and her team would risk their fortune by stealing nerve gas.

Dinah talks with Diggle about his role as leader.

During one of Dinah's bo staff routines, Diggle came up to talk with her. He thanked Dinah for having his back, but she made it clear that she didn't do it for him, but the team; they needed a chain of command or else they would fall apart. Their conversation then went into Diggle's injury, and Dinah told Diggle that she's become worried about his mindset. They were interrupted by Felicity, who had a lead. She revealed that not all of her Black Ops members defected with her and that two of the three were killed in terrorist attacks in the past year. The team deduced that Onyx was after the last defector, Rob Reynolds, to tie up loose ends. Felicity then showed them footage of what the gas could do to a populated area.

Black Canary uses her sonic scream to save lives.

Curtis was able to track Reynolds to a hotel. Before leaving, Dinah took Rene to the side and questioned his attitude. Rene stood by his position and left Dinah wondering the same. Canary rode in with Green Arrow and was assigned to help Terrific to find the gas. They were temporarily blindsided by Onyx's grenades but managed to withstand it thanks to Terrific's latest invention. Canary and the team were able to take down Onyx's men but were too late to stop her from releasing the gas. Canary was able to protect everyone by using her scream to push the gas way. Canary and Terrific then used one of Onyx's grenades to ignite the gas while they got the people to safety. Green Arrow and Wild Dog were also able to apprehend Onyx and Reynolds.

Dinah tells Diggle he can make the hard calls.

After the mission, the team celebrated with drinks and Dinah stood to the side while Rene apologized for doubting Diggle's leadership. Dinah was then impressed when Felicity and Curtis showed Diggle the Green Monster, a crossbow that Diggle could use to shoot arrows, instead of a bow. She then watched in amazement as Diggle used the crossbow for the first time on tennis balls and didn't miss once. When they were alone, Dinah told Diggle she was finally convinced that Diggle's injury was taken care of gave him confidence about him making the tough decisions.[21]

Dinah investigates a murder.

After the murder of an accountant named Jackson Klimavich was reported outside a bar, Dinah was on the scene. She contacted the team and told them that Laurel had killed the victim. She then told them what the witnesses reported before going back to work. Unfortunately, it wasn't the last body Laurel dropped, as she killed a librarian named Veronica Medina the same way. The team, minus Felicity, were in the bunker trying to figure out what Laurel was planning. Dinah informed them that the police had nothing and the group then hit the streets to find where Laurel was hiding.

Black Canary and the team after Black Siren escapes.

Tracking Laurel using her sonic scream, the team found her at a parking garage between Marleau and Hainesly. The team arrived too late to save the victim, Jenny Johnson and Canary was sent flying to a car by one of Laurel's screams. Canary recovered, after calling Laurel a "twisted bitch", and used her scream, causing Laurel to flee. The others caught up with her, only for Dinah to report that she got away. The team regrouped back at the bunker where Dinah revealed that all three victims had their fingerprints scanned. With that, and how unremarkable the three victims were, the team realized that they were undercover operatives. Thanks to Curtis, the team was able to deduce that Laurel was at the old Helix Headquarters with Cayden James. Diggle informed them that Felicity was in danger and the team quickly moved out.

Dinah and the others learn Cayden James's plan.

The team arrived just in time to save Felicity and Alena from Laurel and Sheck. After a lengthy fight, the team managed to scare the perpetrators off, but, Alena, was shot during the conflict. Felicity was able to get Alena to Starling General and once she returned to the bunker, Dinah was the first to ask about Alena's condition. After Felicity was done blaming herself for what happened, the team got to work. Thanks to both Felicity and Curtis, the group learned that the three victims were members of the International Domain Name Directory; a company that controls the internet. The team then realized that Laurel had stolen those fingerprints to gain access to the IDND's vault. They then waited for Felicity's algorithm to give them a location.

Team Arrow storming the International Domain Name Directory vault.

After a while, the team received a location and moved on it. Arriving, they found a dead body to which Canary confirmed. The team then entered the vault and were soon attacked by Cayden Jame's men. Canary and the others covered Felicity as she went to stop James's virus from destroying the internet. The team was successful and returned to the bunker. At the bunker, Dinah and the team were amused when Oliver, who had assisted as Overwatch, started acting as the leader again. Dinah then watched as Oliver and Felicity left together.[22]

Later missions

Dinah stopped Councilor Pollard as she returned home, handing her some important papers to sign. As she waited, she noticed a spotting light reflecting in one of the windows, immediately triggering a sniper alarm and protecting Emily. She passed this information on to the team, who discovered that the Vigilante was responsible for the launch. Consequently, Dinah began to observe Pollard from hiding, noticing the Avenger near her late at night. She immediately ran up to him and when she saw that he was going to attack, she shouted at him, destroying his visor. The battered criminal pulled off his mask, revealing his identity. The sight surprised Dinah, who froze. After a short time, she returned to the bunker, where she introduced the team that Vincent Sobel - Drake's ex-partner and boyfriend - was hidden under the mask of Vigilante. Based on the captured shell, the heroes tracked down the criminal's hideout, where there was a large supply of ammunition. Dinah couldn't understand why he was doing this and why he was pretending to be dead, venting his emotions in training until Diggle revealed that Pollard would be interviewing Channel 52 where she would be unprotected. The policewoman went there immediately and set up her men, as did Agent Watson for the FBI agents. As soon as the lights went out, Dinah changed her clothes and saved the councilor from the Vigilante. This moment later shielded the heroine from a policeman's shot, hitting her in the head. His regenerative powers healed him immediately, which surprised the woman who let him go, hiding this fact from the team. On her way home, she was stopped by Agent Watson, who revealed her assumptions about who was hiding under the hood of the new Black Canary.[1]

Dinah meets the Vigilante.

In Oliver's absence, a team led by John investigated a criminal gang, but their leader managed to escape. As it turned out, thanks to Felicity's efforts, their opponent was Ricardo Diaz - a man known by the code name Dragon, a criminal who will not bow to anything. The heroes tried to get him, eliminating most of his men, but he managed to escape again, throwing the ball towards Diggle. Upon returning to the hideout, the avengers rethought their actions and discovered that Diaz was behind the production and sale of a steroid that would increase combat abilities and concentration. Thanks to John's informant, the heroes obtained the address of his laboratory, where they eventually went. Unfortunately for them, everything was destroyed and Diaz managed to escape once again. After a few hours, Diggle decided to tell his friends the truth that he was taking Ricardo to get rid of the hand vibrations that resulted from the wounds he received on Lian Yu. The team accepted the soldier's apology, and Curtis agreed to help his friend in the same way he helped Smoak get out of his wheelchair.[23]

Dinah asks Oliver if he should be released from custody.

Dinah and his team visited the hideout when Oliver was arrested by the FBI. However, no one could show the city that the Green Arrow is Queen and that after his arrest, the Avenger will stop appearing, so they decided to continue. Upon learning that Cayden James was working with the Black Mermaid again, they decided to attack them at the company they were breaking into. There, however, Diggle suffered a pain attack and had to send the team alone, but failed to catch the enemy. Holt, understanding the reason for the attack, took his friend to the hospital, where Dr. Schwartz looked after him. All the while, Drake carried out police duties until she finally had to put on her costume again and fight the hacker, with the help of Oliver, who was released on bail. Together with him, they discovered that James was taking revenge on the archer for killing his son - Owen Post. Despite trying to capture the criminal, he managed to escape, making the anti-avengers law come into force, making it difficult for the heroes.[24]

Crisis on Earth-X

Black Canary trapped in the Pipeline.

When Nazis from Earth-X invaded Earth-1 to conquer it, Black Canary, Wild Dog, and Mister Terrific assisted in fending them off. The three were present at S.T.A.R. Labs when Oliver's Earth-X doppleganer attacked and defeated Killer Frost and Heatwave. After a brief fight, the archer quickly defeated the trio and locked them up in the Pipeline along with Cisco Ramon, Harry Wells, Caitlin Snow, and Mick Rory.[25] She tried breaking out using her sonic scream, to no avail. When Cisco and Harry started bickering, Canary asked Killer Frost if the two would be arguing the entire time they were imprisoned, to which she cheekily said that they probably would.[26]

Black Canary with the other heroes of Earth-1.

Canary and the others were eventually freed by the Legends. Regrouping in the Speed lab, the heroes went up against Metallo and Canary compared him to the Terminator, much to Cisco's delight. With their combined efforts, they were able to destroy the android. Canary then joined the other heroes on the Waverider, planning their next move. She was present when Earth-X Oliver contacted them, demanding them to hand over Supergirl in exchange for leaving Earth-1 peacefully. Green Arrow denied and the heroes prepared for the final battle. Learning the Earth-Xers was in Central City, Canary joined her team, Team Flash, the Legends, Supergirl, Alex Danvers, and the heroes of Earth-X: The Ray and Leo Snart in the battle. The conflict ended with the Earth-Xers defeat and their Earth saved.[27]

Establishing a new team

The entire team attended Oliver and Felicity's wedding, with Dinah spending most of the time with Curtis and Rene on the call from Vincent, whom she decided to meet at the back of the building. The man wanted to live by her side again, but the woman was not ready for it, as she still couldn't understand what Sobel had become and ordered him to leave town, threatening not to let him go and put him behind bars at the next meeting. After the wedding, Dinah visited the hideout, where it was revealed that the band was on a mission without her. Immediately afterwards, it became known that Queen, Felicity and John were informed that someone on the team was going to testify against the mayor in front of Agent Watson. The three suspected Dinah, whom they rejected from the crew, confessing that they had spied on both Rene and Curtis, leading to an altercation of trust. It turned out, however, that it was Ramirez, whose FBI agent had pushed him to the wall, threatening him that if he did not help, his daughter would never see her father again. The confession upset Queen, who kicked the boy from the team. A few hours later, after talking frankly with Thea, Oliver gave the band a second chance, getting ready to take Quentin back from Cayden's hands. Even though it all turned out well, the mayor kicked Rene out of the team for disobedience during the mission, and Dinah, who could not trust the team, left with him. Immediately after that, she decided to meet Vincent whom she apologized to and asked to be her friend.[7]

Team Arrow is divided.

For the next several weeks, Dinah avoided the other team members, devoting herself fully to her work and improving her relationship with Vincent. At the end of January 2018, a man visited a woman at the police station, secretly bringing in criminals as vigilante, whom he had not killed or injured. The next day they went for a walk together by the river, where they hardly kissed. The romantic moments were interrupted by the phone call to Vincent who had to leave him. Some time later, Curtis, Rene, and Dinah were summoned to Felicity's house, who, along with John, presented them with discoveries that there had been a bedbug in the bunker for several months. As a result, Cayden's team, which included Ricardo Diaz, Anatoly Knyazev and Vigilante, knew everything about the Avengers. Distraught, Drake arranged to meet Vincent by the river, where she slapped him. She couldn't understand that she had let him approach her and handcuffed him. This one, however, was cleverer and broke free, stunning the woman. As soon as she woke up, she went to Rene's house, where Curtis was already present. The woman decided that they had to form their own band because they could not sit with their hands folded. Hours later, the three were invited again by the Green Arrow team, and during the meeting, Oliver apologized for his behavior, explaining his intentions and expecting the recruits to help him in his fight against Cayden. However, they disagreed, believing that they prefer to be in Outsiders where they are appreciated. As a farewell, Holt handed John the repaired chip, then left the rest of the way. The three headed to the hideout Curtis had prepared for their team.[28]

New Team Arrow.

The Outsiders were working in their hideout when they found out that Cayden James had mastered the city's entire infrastructure and was causing harm to innocent people from a distance. Their thoughts were interrupted by the activation of one of the T-Sphere, which began targeting the Vigilante itself. The team decided to go to the scene and check everything in order to finally be able to capture the enemy. There, however, they found nothing and returned to the base, where Curtis called Felicity to find out the location of a certain place. Immediately after that, they went to an underground link between two train routes, where the two vehicles were racing at each other. As neither Curtis nor Rene could separate the tracks, Dinah started screaming so hard at one of the trains that she finally stopped it. Upon returning to the base, Holt told his friends that the information he had had been passed on to him by Vincent Sobel himself, believing that they should trust him. After discussing the details, the heroes unanimously agreed that they should use the information from the enemy, who interrupted the conversation and sent another message using T-Sphera. According to its content, the heroes went to the indicated place, but for safety reasons, they contacted the Green Arrow team, with whom they decided to join forces for this one time. Together they held back Boots's attack on a safe zone of the city, and during the fight, the Vigilante once again proved his worth by killing Sheck in defense of Ramirez. After that, both teams returned to their hiding places, ending their cooperation. That same evening, Dinah met with Vincent, whom she forgave for her lies and with whom she began a new relationship by starting with a passionate kiss.[29]

The Outsiders.

The city was in fear of the recent actions of Cayden James, who continued his activities by murdering A.R.G.U.S. during one of the missions. Dinah continued her relationship with Vincent, who continued to feed the Outsiders. During one of the meetings, he was attacked by the Green Arrow team, but Wild Dog and Mister Terrific immediately stopped them from being stupid by confessing the truth about the Vigilante. Everyone immediately went to the hideout, where all inconveniences were cleared up. Queen, however, still did not trust Sobel, but needed him to hack Cayden's servers. Everything went as planned, but as soon as Vincent left the building, criminals caught him, seeing him as a traitor. As soon as the heroes found out about it, they set off to save him. Unfortunately for them, the original line-up of the team preferred to find the discovered bomb, rather than saving the ally, and thus only the Outsiders went to save Vincent. On the spot, however, they fell into a trap and were separated. Dinah crushed the ceiling as she watched the Black Siren murder Sobel on Cayden's orders before her eyes. When Curtis and Rene arrived, it was too late to rescue the ally. Returning to base, the devastated woman thanked her friends that they had gone with her to get Vincent, then headed home. After several hours of despairing on the couch, Oliver visited Drake, who did not come to apologize to her, but to confess that the man's death was not in vain and that they have the data that allows them to destroy James once and for all. Dinah didn't care, though, as she promised herself that everyone responsible for Sobel's death would die, starting with Laurel Lance.[8]

Laurel mocks Dinah.

Dinah chased Laurel Lance in spite of Curtis and Rene trying to stop her. Eventually, the woman found her target by trying to kill her. Unfortunately for her, Quentin and the other heroes appeared and separated the women. They explained that Cayden James had received new evidence regarding his son's death and suspected that some of his former allies were behind his murder. Thus, under the threat of activating the bomb, he ordered the avengers to deliver three criminals. After a short discussion, the heroes split up again to catch Knazev and Diaz. When they were all captured, they immediately went to the assembly point. There Laurel, wanting to upset Cayden, confessed to killing his son and approached him, beginning to insult him. Knowing that the woman was lying, he slapped her, not realizing that the bomb activator was interfering with the meta-gene blocking collar. In doing so, Laurel managed to break free and make a mess, deafening Cayden and allowing the others to escape. The woman was chased by Dinah herself, with whom Lance began to fight. Drake snatched the weapon from Quentin and shot her in the stomach of her opponent, which was stunned by her scream. When she awoke, it was revealed that Cayden was the only one who had been caught and arrested. The Outsiders, however, left the bunker, believing that their joint victory still changed nothing. Oliver held Dinah out and told her she was better than this and didn't need to kill.[30]

Team Arrow vs the Outsiders

Dinah being bitter towards Oliver.

After Cayden James's mysterious murder, Dinah had herself assigned to the case to be kept in the loop in case her former teammates decided to hide something from her. She accompanied the Star City accountant Jay Reimsdyk to inform Mayor Queen that the money he stole from the city and transferred to Corto Maltese went missing. When arriving at City Hall, she exchanged bitter words with both Quentin and Oliver. Oliver asked Reimsdyk if they knew who and Dinah hinted towards Laurel, Anatoly, and Ricardo Diaz. Oliver shook his head at her to not say anything in front of Reimsdyk and then she left.

The Outsiders try to find Laurel, Anatoly and Ricardo Diaz.

That night, The Outsiders started searching for Laurel, Anatoly, and Diaz, with no luck. When Curtis started to feel guilty that they weren't sharing information with Team Arrow, Dinah reminded Curtis that they couldn't trust that they would tell them the whole story. A conversation then broke out between Dinah and Curtis about her vendetta against Black Siren. Dinah then got a text from Reimsdyk to meet her at City Hall. The two entered Oliver's office and Reimsdyk showed both of them footage of Laurel leaving with the money. Sending Reimsdyk out, Dinah and Oliver got into a heated argument about killing Laurel, ending with both threatening each other.

The Outsiders investigate the crime scene.

The Outsiders went back to the scene where Dinah shot Laurel to see if there were any leads to follow. Wild Dog was less than optimistic, but Mister Terrific was certain he could use his T-Spheres to pull information out of it. They were able to deduce that Laurel was dragged away and that she was severely injured from Dinah's bullet. Black Canary hinted at torturing Laurel when they find her to get her to give up the money, much too Terrific's horror. Wild Dog found tire tracks, and the three investigated, with Black Canary leaving behind a footprint.

Dinah and Curtis are held at gunpoint by Spartan.

While the three were investigating their lead at their headquarters, they were confronted by Green Arrow, Spartan, and Felicity who believe they had kidnapped Laurel. With all six together, an argument occurred on how Team Arrow unjustly spied on them. When Arrow reminded them that Rene broke their trust, Dinah brought up Oliver's blindness when it comes to Laurel. The argument turned physical when Green Arrow held Rene at arrow point and Spartan and Felicity searched the lair for Laurel, who was nowhere to be found. They left with Dinah yelling at them that if they see them again, it wouldn't be on good terms.

Black Canary reminds Mister Terrific and Wild Dog not to hold back.

After the other team left, Rene revealed he planted a bug on Green Arrow so they could listen in i they got a lead on Laurel. They learned that Quentin had her the entire time and to their horror, Oliver was willing to get her out of the city in exchange for the money. Using the bug as a tracker, they followed Team Arrow, only for them to ditch the bug, leaving them with nothing. Terrific suggested using the chip in Spartan's arm to find them, but it will physically hurt him. Black Canary and Wild Dog agreed to do it. On the way to their position, Canary reminded them that they can't pull punches, even though the people they're fighting were once their friends.

Black Canary about to murder Laurel.

The Outsiders arrived at the cabin and Spartan tried to talk them down, to no avail. Canary used her scream on Team Arrow and the fight began. Canary went toe to toe with Spartan and knocked him down. She then went after Lance and Laurel. Catching up to the two, Canary knocked Quentin to the ground and calmly walked towards the defenseless Laurel. Canary grabbed Laurel's head and intended to kill her in the same manner that she killed Vincent. Terrific then showed up and was able to talk her out of murdering Laurel. Laurel, however, managed to escape using her scream on Canary and Terrific. Before they could pursue, Team Arrow arrived and Green Arrow planted a power dampening collar on Canary. Just when the fighting was to continue, Wild Dog arrived with severe injuries. Canary and Terrific left to get Wild Dog to the hospital.

The Outsiders sever their ties with Team Arrow.

While waiting on Rene's condition, Curtis assured Dinah that they would get justice for Vincent the right way, which she appreciated. Dr. Schwartz soon informed them of Rene's condition and that they would have to transfer him to a hospital outside of Star City to get the proper care that he requires. When Diggle and Felicity showed up with the intent to see if Rene was alright, Dinah and Curtis rejected them. They told the two that they're done working with or for Team Arrow and severed ties with them. They watched as Diggle and Felicity sadly left.[31]

Fight against Ricardo Diaz

Corruption in the SCPD

Dinah requests the case to investigate Laurel from Captain Kimberly Hill.

After the two team's fallout, Dinah was upset to learn that Black Siren was posing as Earth-1 Laurel Lance, whose death was faked by H.I.V.E. making her unable to bring her in. She went to Captain Kimberly Hill to request the case, to which she agreed and told her she was at the hospital; recovering from the wounds Dinah inflected. Outside Laurel's room, she watched her interaction with Quentin before questioning Dr. Schwartz about the night Laurel was killed. Quentin walked up to her and asked her to give him a chance to reform her. Noticing that Laurel was taking to long changing, Dinah and Quentin went into her room, only to find her gone. The nurse present informed them that a police officer took her to a safe house. Dinah accused Quentin of setting this up, but he assured her that he had nothing to do with this.

Dinah and Quentin find out that most of the SCPD is on Diaz's payroll.

The next day at the precinct, Dinah was on the phone trying to find Laurel to no avail. She hung up and glared at Quentin, who once again, assured her it wasn't him who was behind this. Oliver walked up and asked both of them to follow him to the interrogation room. Once in, Oliver had Dinah turn the cameras off. After they were turned off Oliver revealed that Cayden James was murdered in this interrogation room by Diaz and members of the SCPD covered it up. With the larger threat of Diaz's corruption, Oliver asked Dinah to put her vendetta on hold until they figured out who in the SCPD they can trust, and urged her and Quentin to work together to find out, because of their belief in the badge. Quentin suggested working out of his apartment and Dinah deduced that the officer that took Laurel was on Diaz's payroll.

Oliver denies Dinah's request to help him save Roy Harper.

At Quentin's apartment, the two made a stride in routing out the cops on Diaz's payroll when Laurel showed up with the location where Diaz is holding Roy Harper. Quentin contacted Oliver and Laurel told him, Dinah, Thea, and Quentin Diaz's plan to take over the city and where Diaz was holding Roy. Dinah doubted Laurel's claims, but Thea knew they didn't have any choice. Dinah offered her assistance but was shot down because she and Oliver didn't trust each other. This left Dinah somewhat disappointed.[32]

Dinah and Curtis investigate the SCPD.

In the following days, Dinah and Curtis continued their investigation on who was in Diaz's pocket. At Rene's apartment, the two found Officer J. Hester to be one of the corrupt cops. With that, it makes 10 dirty cops. This made Dinah believe that with all the corrupt cops, Captain Hill might be one of them. They then investigated Officer Nick Anastas, who Curtis took an interest in. Rene's daughter, Zoe Ramirez, then showed up from school and greeted Dinah. When she went to her room to do school work, Dinah told Curtis that Rene would appreciate him watching over his daughter while he was in the hospital. Dinah then got a text from Anastas on homicide and left to investigate.

Dinah suspects Captain Hill of being dirty.

Arriving at the crime scene, Dinah investigated a drug deal gone bad. Captain Hill then showed up and took the case from Dinah. Reluctantly agreeing, Dinah tried to make off with sample of the drugs the victim had on him, but Hill caught and Dinah was forced to hand it over to her. Dinah texted Curtis to investigate Captain Hill. Later that night the two broke into the SCPD evidence locker to steal that piece of drug evidence. While Curtis distracted Anastas, Dinah found the evidence she was looking for.

Dinah and Curtis find out Hill is working for Ricardo Diaz.

Back at the Outsiders's headquarters, Dinah added Hill's picture to the murder board filled with all of the cops on Diaz's payroll. After Curtis was finishing running the drug to see if it matched the ones Diaz pushes, it was revealed to be vertigo. This made Dinah believe that Hill wasn't on Diaz's take, despite her confidence that she was. The next day, however, Dinah learned that all vertigo related cases were kicked because of Hill. This led Dinah and Curtis to know that Hill is on Diaz's take and that he is pushing vertigo.[33]

Dinah with the only clean cops in the SCPD.

Dinah and Curtis were able to find the only seven cops who weren't on Diaz's take. Including Officers Anastas, Martin Hurst, and Brock. She informed them of the department's corruption, including Hill's involvement and agreed to assist her in taking down Diaz. They planned to grab Diaz's right hand, Anatoly, at the Orchid Bay Night Market. While some doubted they could capture Anatoly and the two men with him, Dinah assured them they had backup. With the assistance of Green Arrow and Spartan, Dinah and her police officers were able to arrest Anatoly and his men without any civilian casualties.

Dinah and Oliver argue about Rene.

Arriving at the precinct, Dinah ordered Anatoly's men to be processed while he went to the interrogation room. Hill approached her and demanded to know why she wasn't informed. Oliver and Quentin arrived in time to assure Hill that they authorized it given the stakes. They also informed her that they called in District attorney Sam Armand to expedite the charges. Hill agreed and walked off. Now alone, Oliver thanked Dinah for letting he and Diggle out. Dinah told Oliver it was only because Curtis was watching Zoe and Rene was in the hospital. The latter in which Oliver caused. A brief disagreement broke out between Dinah and Oliver before Quentin broke it up. Dinah told Oliver Anatoly was in the interrogation room and would buy him a few minutes. Unfortunately, when Armand arrived, he refused to prosecute Anatoly because of technicalities. Dinah, Oliver, and Quentin then figured that Diaz also had Armand on his payroll.

Dinah and the others were betrayed by Brock.

After Hurst's murder, because he was part of Anatoly's arresters, Dinah had the other officers hidden at a secure hideout, while feeling guilty for roping them in her fight against Diaz. Curtis assured her it wasn't her fault and that fighting Diaz may cause casualties. Dinah told Curtis that she'll make sure there won't be any more casualties. Curtis volunteered to assist, to which Dinah agreed to while making cracks about his relationship with Anastas. While at the hideout, Curtis tells Dinah that Anastas hates vigilantes. Dinah gave Curtis advice on how to handle it before the proximity alarm went off. It was revealed that Brock had turned on them and shot Curtis. Dinah killed Brock in defense. Dinah told Anastas to watch Curtis while she defend the hideout from Diaz's men. Knowing they were outnumbered, Dinah created an entrance on the east side and got everyone out.

Dinah is told by Nick Anastas that she was fired by Hill.

The following day, Dinah helped Curtis clean up Rene's apartment. After giving Curtis more love advice with Anastas someone knocked on the door. Dinah answered it and was happy to see it was Anastas. Unfortunately, Anastas came with the news that she, he, and all the cops that weren't on Diaz's payroll were fired by Hill before she cleared out her desk. With this latest development, Dinah decided to leave Curtis and Anastas alone to talk.[34]

Oliver's hallucinations

Hallucinations of Black Canary and Mister Terrific.

After Oliver was drugged via vertigo by Kullens, a councilman on Diaz's payroll, a few hours before his meeting with the Council regarding his probable impeachment due to the accusation of Armand and Hill, he briefly hallucinated Dinah, Curtis and Rene, as Black Canary, Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog, in a hospital, questioning why he didn't come to see Rene in the hospital if his conscience was clean. Oliver claimed that it was because all of them didn't want anything to do with him, which the hallucinations didn't agree with. Having enough, Oliver left the hospital hallucination.[35]

Making amends with Team Arrow

Dinah and Zoe Ramirez welcome Rene home.

When Rene was returning home after over a month in the hospital, Dinah, Curtis, and Zoe threw him a welcome home party. As Zoe went to get her father a slice of red velvet cake, the three talked about how they were going to take down Diaz. Unfortunately, with Diaz controlling the SCPD and other city officials, he's been able to avoid their usual tracking methods. Dinah, however, remained confident that with their team back to full strength, they'll be able to stop Diaz.

Dinah and Curtis tell Rene of Team Arrow's fallout.

Taking Rene back to their lair, Dinah and Curtis caught him up on past events; that Oliver has gone solo after Diggle left to join A.R.G.U.S. and fired Felicity. Getting back on topic of stopping Diaz, the three put their heads together on how to accomplish that. When Curtis thought about going after his money, Dinah suggested that with Diaz no longer able to push vertigo thanks to Oliver and Diggle, he'll go to his old group, the Scorpions as his new suppliers.

The Outsiders are cornered.

At the Scorpions base, the three learned when their next meeting is. The Outsiders snuck in and found that the Scorpions weren't shipping drugs, but M4s. They were soon joined by a third party who were taking out the Scorpions. Realizing they were outnumbered, the three opted to retreat. Heading for the backdoor, Black Canary saved Wild Dog from being shot by a Scorpion member. Unfortunately, they were soon cornered with no exit. They were soon saved by the timely arrival of Diggle and got them out of there.

The Outsiders reconcile with Diggle.

Regrouping back at the Outsiders base, Diggle informed the team that the Quadrant were the ones attacking the Scorpions. Dinah recalled hearing about them when she was still an undercover cop at the CCPD. After Diggle and the Outsiders made amends for everything that went down between the two teams, they got to work. Dinah brought up that it wasn't a coincidence that the Quadrant showed up just as Diaz took control of Star City and they agreed that Diaz is in league with the criminal organization. The newly appointed Mayor Lance walked in and told everyone that Diaz visited him and wanted him to sign over a piece of property to him. Being informed of the Quadrant, Quentin informed the group that Diaz was wearing a Quadrant ring, which made them all realize that Diaz wasn't working with the Quadrant, but had in fact joined the Quadrant. With this new information, the team figured Diaz was to use the city property to harbor the foreign weaponry the Quadrant was bringing in.

The Outsiders and A.R.G.U.S. destroy Diaz's shipment.

After Diggle and Rene returned from surveillance, the team learned that Diaz and the Quadrant were actually using that building as way to transport the weaponry. Aiming to stop them, Dinah and Curtis were surprised to hear that Rene was sitting out of this mission. Agreeing to his reasons, Dinah and Curtis left with Diggle and A.R.G.U.S. to stop the shipments. The plan was to have Mister Terrific tag each shipment so the A.R.G.U.S. drone could take them out. As Terrific was tagging a truck, Canary saved him from a Quadrant member by screaming him away. Thanks to their combined efforts, the Outsiders and A.R.G.U.S. were able to destroy the weapons shipment.

The Outsiders learn Oliver was arrested.

Dinah, Curtis and Diggle celebrated back at the lair, reminiscing on the good old days when the team was unified. The two then asked Diggle if he wanted to join their team, but Diggle generously declined and reminded them that they'd be still down a teammate before heading back to A.R.G.U.S. After Rene returned to the team, the three watched the news in despair, as Oliver's trial was moved to the following week and his bail revoked.[5]

Dinah agrees that Oliver shouldn't go to prison.

On the day of Oliver's trial, Dinah and Rene were subpoenaed to testify. Rene tried to do a mock trial with Dinah in preparation for the trial, but Dinah refused. Dinah told Rene that she would be pleading the fifth amendment, but Rene disagreed and said they had to be convincing. Seeing Rene's determination to keep Oliver out of prison, Dinah questioned why Rene was like this after everything. Rene still believed Oliver was jerk, but didn't forget that he was in this position because he chose to testify against him. Dinah admitted that Rene was right and agreed with him and Curtis that despite their fallout with Oliver, they didn't want him to end up in prison.

Dinah on the stand trying to help Oliver.

Dinah, Curtis, and Rene arrived at the courthouse and noticed Diggle didn't show up. They were then approached by Felicity who thanked them for being here. The three took their seats as the trial began. The prosecution, Alexa Van Owen, called Diggle to the stand and Dinah and the others were disappointed that Diggle still hadn't shown up. After Van Owen was finished with Dr. Schwartz, Diggle finally showed up and after he was finished, Van Owen called Dinah to the stand. Owen questioned if Dinah would admit knowing Oliver was Green Arrow, and she assured she would've. Van Owen then brought up Sean Sonus and after further questioning, Dinah pleaded the fifth, much to the other's dismay.

Dinah and Diggle ambush Diaz.

When the jury took a recess, Dinah apologized for pleading the fifth. But Rene assured her that he'll fix this and told them that he wouldn't be screwing Oliver again. Diggle then called them back in. As Van Owen began questioning Rene, they were all horrified when Diaz walked in with Zoe. They watched in despair as Rene was forced to admit that Oliver was the Green Arrow and that he was part of his team. Afterwards, Dinah and Diggle ambushed Diaz outside the courthouse and didn't care if the people knew the truth about them if it meant taking Diaz down. Unfortunately, Diaz's crooked cops arrived and Dinah and Diggle were forced to let Diaz go with Diaz calling Dinah "baby".

Dinah and the others shocked as "Tommy Merlyn" busts into the courtroom as the Green Arrow.

Returning to the courtroom, after both Felicity and Oliver were called up, Dinah and the others were in shock as Tommy Merlyn busted into the courtroom as the Green Arrow. Merlyn was taken into custody and the jury took a brief intermission. It was revealed to have been a plan orchestrated by Oliver and Diggle to have Christopher Chance disguise himself as the Green Arrow to fool the jury. Unfortunately, Diaz sent Laurel in to confirm that Oliver was the Green Arrow, not Tommy Merlyn. However, much to everyone's shock, Laurel betrayed Diaz and told Van Owen that Tommy was indeed the Green Arrow. As the jury reached their verdict, Dinah and Curtis wondered if Diaz had gotten to them as well. The jury found Oliver guilty, but Judge C. McGarvey pronounced Oliver innocent as there was too much reasonable doubt. It turns out that Diggle and Rene had knocked the real judge out and Chance took his place.[36]

Black Canary defeats Diaz's men.

After Oliver was cleared of all charges Black Canary went out to blow off steam. She encountered a thug who worked for Diaz and beat him for answers. Once she was done beating the man, she realized he was just the bait as more of Diaz's men cornered her. It turns out that with Diaz's original plan in shambles, he moved on to Plan B to kill Oliver and everyone he cared about. As they prepared to execute Canary, she used her sonic scream on the wall in front of her to bounce the sound waves back onto the thugs. She then grabbed her bo staff and head back to the Outsiders lair.

The team is reunited to defeat Diaz.

Allowing Team Arrow to hideout at their lair since the bunker was not secure, Dinah questioned why Diaz waited to move on all of them. Oliver postulated that since his original plan failed, he moved onto his backup plan. Felicity pulled up surveillance of the bunker to see Diaz's goons destroying it. Seeing this, Dinah cursed Diaz. As Diggle and Lyla arrived, the team watched helplessly as Diaz's men torched the bunker. Rene suggested they grab a couple of the thugs, but Dinah recommended they be patient. Oliver agreed, to which Dinah appreciated. They were informed by Lyla that A.R.G.U.S. wouldn't be any help taking down Diaz. Curtis then arrived and told everyone that Nick was stable after being shot be one of Diaz's men. As Dinah and the others discussed how to fight back, Oliver reminded them they have to think things through and suggested that Anatoly could help them after reaching an understanding with him. Oliver then asked them all to trust him and stand down until he gets Anatoly's information. They agreed.

Black Canary yells at Mister Terrific when he goes after Diaz.

Anatoly's intel paid off as he informed Oliver Diaz would be heading to the SCPD within an hour. Black Canary and the others ambushed Diaz while he was on root. While Canary was fighting Diaz's men, Mister Terrific went after the crime on foot. Canary called out to him not to pursue, but he didn't listen. This resulted in Terrific getting stabbed by Diaz and the vigilantes forced to escape as reinforcements had arrived. Regrouping back at the lair, Dinah informed everyone that Curtis is fine and resting with Nick. Oliver informed everyone that Diaz went for a hard drive after stabbing Curtis, and the team speculated that whatever was on it must be important to Diaz. They agreed to have Lyla walk into the SCPD to scan the drive.

The team watches as the Outsiders' base is destroyed.

They were able to scan the drive and it revealed it had a list of everyone on Diaz's payroll. Felicity was confident that they could decrypt it and free the city. While the team waited, Curtis came back to try and help. Dinah was able to get him to rest with Nick after reminding him what her vendetta against Laurel did to her. Diaz and his army then attacked the lair and started filling it with tricelic gas. While everyone evacuated, Oliver and Felicity stayed to ensure the encryption was complete. Dinah covered their escape using her cry. The team managed to escape, but Oliver and Felicity were nowhere to be found. The building then exploded as the married couple made it out. The team made it back to A.R.G.U.S. headquarters, where Dinah gave her condolences to Lyla for the loss of her men. They stood in despair as Lyla confirmed Diaz wasn't in the rubble of their lair.[37]

Team Arrow vs the Dragon

Black Canary using her scream on Officer P. Parks.

Making a deal with the FBI, Team Arrow stormed both the SCPD and Diaz's base. Black Canary used her sonic scream on Officer P. Parks and fought alongside Green Arrow, Mister Terrific, and the FBI agents in taking back the police station. When questioning those there, they were unable to get an location on Diaz. Diggle, Wild Dog, and Samanda Watson secured Diaz's base but found he wasn't there. The groups regrouped at the police station to figure out their next move. There, Oliver told the team that they all have immunity. Dinah then told Watson about Diaz's list of corrupt officials.

Black Canary with Team Arrow and the FBI.

Later, Anatoly came in with address for Diaz. He also informed them that Diaz had recruited the Longbow Hunters; three assassins that even the League of Assassins were afraid of. Undeterred the group headed to Diaz's location. Arriving at the warehouse, Canary went with Green Arrow, Diggle, and Terrific while Wild Dog went with Watson. To their horror, it was revealed to be trap and Wild Dog was stuck in a room filled with explosives. When Felicity urged the others to leave the area, Canary at first refused to leave Wild Dog, but ultimately agreed. Wild Dog and Watson managed to escape before the warehouse blew and Canary asked him if he was alright.

Dinah and Oliver make peace.

Back at the SCPD, the team was informed by Lance that Diaz had Black Siren and was blackmailing him to get the FBI out of Star City in exchange for her life. Watson then had the idea to use this to locate Diaz. Canary stood with the other vigilantes and the FBI, listening to Lance and Diaz's conversation and were disappointed that Lance blew the opp and went with Diaz to save Laurel. Arriving back at the SCPD, Dinah questioned Lance's judgement, but was left amazed when she and the others realized Lance intended to have Felicity track him through his pacemaker. Getting Diaz's location, Oliver took the time to talk to Dinah about rescuing Laurel. He apologized for not taking her feelings towards losing Vincent more seriously. Dinah also apologized for giving him a hard time and admitted that she respected him greatly for what's he's put together. The two shook hands and made peace.

Black Canary and Laurel work together to save Quentin.

Storming Diaz's base, Black Canary found Laurel cradling a bleeding out Quentin and destroyed her power dampening collar. While Laurel was surprised, Canary insisted they need to get Quentin to the hospital. Working together, the two meta-humans combined their sonic screams to take out Diaz's men. Black Canary and Laurel handed him off to two FBI agents. However, despite getting Diaz's list and taking down his men, Dragon managed to avoid capture and escape.

Dinah, Curtis, and Rene watch Oliver out himself as the Green Arrow.

Getting Quentin to the hospital, the team waited to hear about his condition. When Watson arrived with other federal agents, Dinah and the others were horrified to find out Oliver's deal to give them all immunity didn't apply to him. Dinah tried to fight it by reminding her that the judge dismissed his case, only for her to rebut and inform her that it was federal. As Lance's younger daughter, Sara Lance, showed up with Laurel, Dr. Schwartz came in and informed everyone that Quentin didn't make it. Dinah and the others were left heartbroken and watched as Watson walked off with Oliver. Dinah and Curtis went with Rene to his apartment and watched the news of Oliver outing himself as the Green Arrow and asking his allies to carry on his mission. The three looked on with what Oliver was asking of them.[38]

Being a different kind of hero

Captain of the Star City Police Department

Dinah as the new captain of the SCPD.

Sometime after Ricardo Diaz's downfall and Oliver's conviction, Dinah was reinstated and became the captain of the SCPD. She ensured that Officer Nick Anastas was reinstated as well. Five months after she was appointed as captain, Jason Stent, a notorious arms dealer who paid people off to keep his record clean, wound up on the SCPD's doorstep. After Anastas got him settled in the interrogation room, Dinah entered and started questioning him. Stent told the captain that the reason he was outside the SCPD was that an unidentified individual operating as the new Green Arrow put him there. Dinah then had Anastas (slowly) take Stent's statement.

Dinah and Rene argue about the new Green Arrow.

After Rene was saved by the Green Arrow from a weapons dealer, Dinah had him give his statement. In her office, she was watching Laurel, who had since become the new district attorney, tell the press that the new Green Arrow wasn't Oliver and that anyone who commits vigilantism will be prosecuted. Rene came into her office as she turned off her computer and found Laurel was "full of crap". Rene tried to convince Dinah to help the new Green Arrow, but she refused since the FBI was still keeping their eyes on them. Rene reminded Dinah that Oliver wanted the team to carry on his mission and that the new Green Arrow was doing it for them. Dinah still believed that the vigilante wasn't helping, but making it worse. Deciding to move on, Rene asked Dinah how her investigation was going. Dinah was having a hard time trying to find a connection between Stent and the arm's dealer, so Rene suggested going to Curtis, who had since become the head of Research & Development for A.R.G.U.S., for assistance.

Diggle tells Dinah and Rene how Oliver is handling himself in prison.

At A.R.G.U.S. headquarters, while Curtis was finding information, Dinah thanked Diggle since he was on a leach burning resources to go after Diaz. Diggle told Dinah and Rene of Oliver status in prison before Curtis called them over. Curtis revealed that the connection between the Green Arrow's victims was that Stent had an online weapons market and that the vigilante was trying to shutdown his network. Curtis told Dinah that Stent was selling his weaponry in an hour and will inform her where it's happening. Curtis then pulled up a sketch of the vigilante and asked everyone who they thought it was. Dinah was confident his identity won't be a secret for much longer.

Dinah and Rene continue their argument about the new Green Arrow.

Dinah had her officers get ready for as soon as Curtis supplies the location. While getting ready, Rene entered her office and once again pleaded to Dinah not to arrest the new vigilante. Rene tried to defend the vigilante by saying he didn't let him die, but Dinah pointed out that he just probably wasn't his target. Curtis then texted Dinah the location and before leaving with the strike team, Rene told her that arresting the vigilante would be a mistake. But Dinah believed it was her doing her job.

Dinah corners the new Green Arrow.

Arriving at the location of the buy, Dinah ordered her men to wait, as she believed the Green Arrow would show up. Dinah proved to be correct, as the vigilante arrived and took down the deal. As the Green Arrow prepared to murder Stent, Dinah and her men busted in and surrounded the archer. Dinah demanded that vigilante lower his bow. However, Dinah and the officers were blinded when mini explosives went off, allowing the Green Arrow to escape. Dinah ordered the officers to establish a perimeter and to her frustration, saw Wild Dog in the distance.

Dinah warns Rene that she'll arrest him the next time he goes out as Wild Dog.

The next day, Dinah visited Rene's gym asked if he knew anything about business's in the Glades getting the number of money that went missing during weapons deal; he denied. Dinah was upset with Rene as she was trying to restore the faith of the police department after Diaz corrupted it. She then warned him not to do what he did again. or else she will arrest him. Before leaving, Dinah told Rene to think of Zoe and what it would mean if he got locked up.[39]

The team reunite with Felicity and vow to take Diaz down.

The team later met up at Diggle's apartment to celebrate Felicity's return after she escaped Diaz's attack on her and William when she was in the witness protection program. But now knowing Diaz's vendetta is personal, Dinah had Laurel placed on protection detail since Diaz would want her dead fore her betrayal. Felicity then revealed that she created an algorithm that thinks only about Diaz and keeps track on all of his associates to figure out his next move. Dinah assured Felicity that she didn't have to do this alone and got annoyed when Rene suggested calling the new Green Arrow for assistance in taking down Diaz. The team then toasted to bringing Diaz down for good. Diggle later informed Dinah that the Longbow Hunters were active and working with Diaz.

Dinah scolds Laurel for having gotten rid of her guards.

After Laurel ditched her protection detail by secretly sabotaging them with her sonic scream to cause nausea and dizziness in order to distract them and escape Dinah confronted her the next morning in her office. She informed her that the Longbow Hunters were in town and she needs protection as Diaz has already killed Quentin who everybody thought was her actual father. After Dinah referred to that as a joke, Laurel told her that, regardless of what she believed, she actually loved Quentin, however she doesn't want the Department's protection. Dinah then decided to watch over Laurel by herself sitting in her office and starting to read a magazine. So an annoyed Laurel asked her to make herself useful and bring her coffee, which Dinah denies. She eventually brings her coffee spite of her frustration, only to find Laurel gone as she returned to the office.

Laurel and Dinah combine their sonic screams.

In the evening, Dinah tracked Laurel down to an abandoned facility bought by Diaz after he joined the Quadrant in order to turn it into his "castle". The DA revealed that she thought that Diaz was hiding inside it but, as Dinah tells her she intended to call her men, Laurel stopped her claiming that that was her fight and she intended to kill Diaz to get revenge for Quentin's death. Dinah told Laurel she hasn't changed at all and is still the same lying murderer that killed Vincent, prompting Laurel to sadly responded she's not that person anymore. Despite Dinah's better judgement, she followed Laurel into the facility. The two split up and after a while, Dinah found Laurel facing a member of the Longbow Hunters armed with a device that neutralized the sounds. They managed to defeat (although not capture) the Longbow Hunter only by working together and combining their sonic screams. After the hunter escaped, the two were left wondering how she was able to silence the room.

Dinah gets emotional after Laurel apologizes for killing Vincent.

The next day, while Dinah was talking to one of her officers, Laurel came into her office to thank her and announce that she will not sabotage or complain (mostly) anymore about the police guards placed on her protection, which Dinah appreciated. Laurel then opened up to Dinah, telling her that she had forgotten how it was having someone who cared about her and that losing Quentin was the worse thing to happen to her in a long time, so she understood how Dinah had felt about losing Vincent and that, despite that she doesn't expect her forgiveness she's really deeply sorry for killing him and hoped that one day Dinah could believe she's actually changed before leaving. After Laurel left, Dinah began to tear up.[40]

Dinah and Watson are recruited by Rene and Felicity to help take down Diaz.

After learning that Diaz and the Longbow Hunters would be attacking the CDC, Rene and Felicity went to Dinah for assistance. She was against it if it was anything illegal and was surprised to see Agent Watson arrive at the precinct. Rene and Felicity told them their plan to trap Diaz at the CDC while he is stealing chemical compounds. Dinah, however, opted to send in a task force to surround the building and capture Diaz when he showed up, but Rene reminded her that if Diaz realizes the police are involve he'll flee. Dinah reluctantly agreed to their plan with Watson's aid.

Dinah as an FBI agent.

Disguised as an FBI agent, Dinah and the others entered the CDC building. Being buzzed in by the security guard, Dinah and Rene went to cover the exits while Watson and Felicity set up their operations. Diaz and the Longbow Hunters, minus the Silencer, entered the containment room without a problem. Felicity informed Dinah that the Silencer was aiding them in the mechanical room in the Northeast corridor. She ran off to intercept.

Dinah is defeated by the Silencer.

Arriving at the mechanical room, Dinah caught on that the Silencer had activated her device and that everything had been muted. Dinah and the Silencer then got into a brawl with neither side backing down. But just when the Silencer overpowered Dinah and was about to finish her off, Rene arrived and saved her. Rene checked on Dinah, who assured him she was fine and that he needs to go after the hunter. Dinah was able to recover, but Diaz and the Longbow Hunters slipped through the grasps. The FBI arrived and Dinah and Felicity discussed how much trouble Watson was in for disobeying direct orders. Dinah then questioned Rene's eagerness to flee the scene and didn't seem to buy Felicity's reasoning. The two were then joined by Watson and Dinah watched as Felicity thanked Watson for trying to capture Diaz.[41]

Dinah trying to restore the faith.

The next day, Dinah and Rene held a town hall meeting to discuss the police lack of time to respond to emergencies in the Glades. Despite Dinah and Rene's efforts to insure that the police force were trying their best to help the people in the Glades, the residents had more faith in the new Green Arrow then the cops. A fire then started and Dinah evacuated the building while Rene went to get Zoe who was still in the building. Dinah and Rene made it outside to find Zoe was saved by the Green Arrow. They looked to the top of the building to see the Green Arrow disappear into the night.

Dinah asks Rene to trust her.

After a press conference, the new Mayor Emily Pollard ordered Dinah to insure that the Green Arrow was apprehended. Dinah met up with Rene, Diggle, and Curtis at the hospital just as they thinking Diaz was responsible for the fire. Dinah told them Diaz was clean as there were other fires used by the same device, and one of them occurred the night Diaz broke into the CDC. As Diggle and Curtis left for A.R.G.U.S., Dinah and Rene got into another disagreement concerning the Green Arrow with Dinah suggesting he might have had something to do with the fire. Dinah then begged Rene to trust her to find the person responsible for the fire, to which he reluctantly agreed to.

Dinah arrests Rene.

That night, when another fire was set at the Lofts, Dinah investigated it and found Rene with the Green Arrow. Dinah ordered Rene to step aside so she could apprehend the archer, but he refused and allowed the vigilante to escape. Having warned Rene what would happen if he assisted the Green Arrow again, Dinah arrested Rene for tampering with her investigation much to his shock. Dinah then urged Rene to not say anything as she took him away.

Dinah tells Diggle the real reason she's given up vigilantism.

Dinah soon found Diggle visiting her office telling her that Rene called him. When Diggle questioned why Dinah arrested him, she told him that she couldn't keep making excuses for him. Diggle realized Dinah was under a lot of pressure but asked if there was any other reason she was doing things by the book. She told Diggle that everything bad happened when they lived in "the shadows". From Vincent's death to Oliver's sentence. And that she needed to be a different hero despite believing in Team Arrow. Understanding, Diggle reminded Dinah that Quentin, while doing things by the book, worked with vigilantes because the city needed them. Dinah was still unwilling to risk everything for an unknown vigilante, so Diggle gave her information on the man the archer was after; Jon Cortez, who is an arsonist with his own crew. Diggle then left Dinah to do whatever she wanted with the information.

Dinah agrees to work with Rene.

Deciding to give working with Rene a shot, she bailed him out. But before doing so, she told him that they'll be doing things her way, to which he agreed too. Dinah briefed Rene on Diggle's info; that Cortes has been burning down the buildings so a shell company and buy the properties at a reduce rate. The two then went to Rene's apartment to figure out who was ordering the hits. Working together, they tracked the money Cortez was getting to a real estate investor named Marcus Fish. They realized that Cortes next target was the Starling Palladium, a movie house, and set out to stop it.

Dinah lets the new Green Arrow go.

Scouring the Palladium, Dinah tracked one of the merchs to the back and screamed him to the ground. Cortes then showed up and threw an explosive that caused Dinah to fall unconscious. Before Cortes could finish her off, Dinah came too and pinned him to the ground. She was, however, too late to stop the other merch from starting the fuse and triggering the fire. Rene and Green Arrow soon arrived and Dinah watched in awe as the Green Arrow injured himself to get the sprinkler system working. She and Rene got the injured vigilante to his feet and she told the two to get out before her officers arrived. Just as they left, the cops showed up and Dinah showed them her badge before they shot her.

Dinah gives Zoe a Canary pin.

Later that night, Dinah stopped by Rene's apartment to thank him and to an extension the Green Arrow for helping her take down Cortes and his crew. Just then, Zoe came in, referring to Dinah as "Aunt Dinah" and asked what she was doing at her home. Apologizing for waking her up, Dinah told her she was there to give her a present and revealed a canary pin. She then proceeded to put it on her shirt.[42]

Laurel and Felicity ask Dinah for her help.

A few days later, Dinah was in the middle of looking over a case at the precinct when Laurel showed up. At first Dinah thought Laurel was there to talk about the case she was working on, but was soon surprised to see Felicity at the precinct while also being friends with Laurel. They entered Dinah's office where they asked for Dinah's assistance. The women told her that Oliver had been moved to a psychological treatment center on "Level Two" in Slabside under the control of Dr. Jarrett Parker, but, there were no records of Slabside having a psychological treatment center. Seeing that Oliver could be in danger, Dinah agreed to help Felicity and Laurel go through the department's hard copies to find anything on Dr. Parker.

Dinah, Laurel, and Felicity go through files.

The three women went through the files for anything on Parker, but had a hard time since no one had been taking care of the files. Believing they could get the FBI to help, Dinah and Laurel got into a disagreement about which method was faster before Felicity broke it up and started freaking out over Oliver's condition. Dinah tried to ease Felicity's fears, to no avail. After a while of searching, Dinah and Laurel started to believe they had try a different way before Felicity found Parker's files. Dinah and Laurel were horrified when Felicity revealed that Parker's treatment was going to erase Oliver.

Dinah, Laurel, and Felicity celebrate their victory.

Their fears were soon diminished when a "guarding angel" delivered evidence on Parker's experiments that allowed the women team to get Oliver back to his regular cell. The three were watching the news report on their success, when Dinah suggested they use this evidence for more than shutting down "Level Two", and she and Laurel gave Felicity hope that they could get Oliver out of prison with this new evidence.[43]

Dinah and the others escape Diaz's trap.

Responding to a break in at munition's plant in Orchid Bay, Dinah and her officers were surprised to find Diggle and his ARGUS agents, Felicity, Laurel, Rene, and a beaten Anatoly. Dinah assisted Rene in helping Anatoly out of the crate he was in. Unfortunately, before anyone could ask questions, they were alerted to a bomb and swiftly ran out before they were caught in the explosion.

Dinah and the others tell Laurel to sit the mission out.

The team regrouped back at ARGUS headquarters, Dinah and the others learned that Felicity and Laurel had planted a tracker on the Silencer's belt that led them to the munition's plant. When Diggle questioned Laurel's motives, Dinah defended her by bringing up her role in shutting down :Level Two". After the group revealed all their secrets, they resolved to take down Diaz together, minus Laurel. When Laurel questioned why she should be left out, Dinah tried to assure her it was just because they couldn't risk her being exposed. Laurel, however, didn't believe her and stormed off; Felicity on her trail.

Dinah listens to Laurel's appeal.

Not feeling right after that, Dinah silently walked in on Laurel's case to release Oliver from Slabside. She sat down, unbeknownst to Laurel, and listened to her case to free Oliver. Dinah was moved when Laurel started slightly referring to herself when she talks about how hard it is to be a hero when no one believes in them. This convinced Dinah that Laurel has changed. She was, however, saddened when Judge Napier denied Laurel's appeal.

Dinah talks to Laurel about her change.

Feeling as though Laurel might do something reckless, Dinah followed her and stopped her from threatening the judge with force in the parking lot outside the courthouse. Dinah told Laurel that she's been persuaded that the former criminal's really changed and urged her not to throw away all her hard work for a moment of rage. Though it seemed Dinah's advice didn't set, it had the effect Dinah intended.

Dinah sets off explosives.

Dinah was soon called back to stop Diaz from destroying Star City. She went with Felicity and Anatoly as their backup while they disarm the bombs. Learning that Diaz was on site, Dinah and Diggle went to apprehend him. Just as Dinah was to get a shot on the Dragon while he was fighting Diggle, she dodged a shield thrown at her by one of the Longbow Hunters. She then got into another fight with the Silencer, before Rene arrived to assist. Dinah shot at a chemical bin to disorient the other hunters as they closed in on them. After Rene was injured by one of the assassins, Dinah cared for him just as the new Green arrow arrived and helped them take down Diaz. Dinah and the others were blindsided, however, as a hunter covered their retreat by shooting a dart at chemicals.

Dinah and the team celebrates Diaz's capture.

Dinah and the team took Diaz into custody and listened as the news praised the archer's work. In response, Dinah thought of the old days with their victory against Diaz. She then laughed at how the FBI would mad they didn't capture the crime lord and that she'll be charging Diaz with every crime he's ever committed. To celebrate, the team went out for drinks.[44]

After Dinah couldn't use her powers as much she wanted due to a throat injury inflicted by Stanley Dover,[45] Sara Lance gave Dinah a sonic bracelet which emits the same sound waves as her sonic scream.[46]

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Fighting the Ninth Circle

After Emiko started spreading the Cygnus X-1 virus across Star City, Dinah and Team Arrow teamed up to stop them.

Team Arrow in their final battles against the Ninth Circle.

When Felicity located the first spot on which the Ninth Circle intended to release the virus, Oliver, Diggle, Rene, Laurel, Roy, and Dinah tried to evacuate it and were helped by Ben Turner, now out on parole. However the Team were hindered by SCPD, who was convinced they are criminal and, despite managing to limit the victims, the media gave them the fault of the terrorist attack. Then, Dinah and Laurel were sent to disable the relay to other bombs containing the virus, while the rest of the team realized that Emiko held the detonator in the former Queen Consolidated building.

After completing their task, the two Canaries reached for their teammates in the building helping them defeating the Ninth Circle's men alongside the SCPD, who was convinced by their innocence. After the building was detonated, Dinah and the others managed to escape.[47]

Preparing for the crisis

In late 2019, Dinah, Oliver, Diggle, and Rene were transported to Arrowcave by the Monitor. There, they found future versions of Mia Queen, Connor Hawke, and William Clayton.[48]

Dinah, Laurel and Oliver rescue Mia and Connor.

Meanwhile, a new Deathstroke arrives in Star City and threatens the city's wealthy population. Team Arrow set out to investigate and visit the headquarters of the Deathstroke Gang. There, they discover the new Deathstroke - Grant Wilson. The group unintentionally sets off a trigger for a bomb, driving Oliver, Laurel, and Dinah to show up and spare them. They discover Grant's attempting to level the city.

After Team Arrow spoke with visitors from the future, the two groups present appropriate reparations and takedown Grant and his system of bombs. Subsequent to bringing down the trouble makers, everybody offers some kind of reparation in the group. Rene reports his bid for city board, Diggle begins preparing with Connor, and Dinah and Laurel begin laying the preparation for a system of Canary vigilantes.[49]

Dinah with Team Arrow on Lian Yu.

When Laurel, Oliver, Diggle, Connor, Mia and William were transported to Lian Yu. Dinah, Roy and Rene went to the island with the necessary plutonium they needed, however as theiy approached the island their plane was bombed by Edward Fyers, who stole the plutonium from them, prompting the group to split: as William and Mia remained at the camp, Lyla, Diggle and Conner went to rescue their teammates while Laurel accompanied Oliver in searching the plutonium. On her way to the camp, she met Dinah, who explained to her that Lyla has brought Rene back to William and Mia to gave him medical assistance, while she, Connor and Diggle were trying to move some wreckage to Roy's arm, however since some mercenaries were coming to them, Roy choose to have his right arm amputated instead and, while Diggle and Connor perform said procedure, Laurel and Dinah fought them off so the whole group make it back to the camp safely, waiting for Oliver's return.

Team Arrow vs Fyers' mercenary forces.

Then, they decided to activated the Monitor's weapon in order to absorb Lian Yu's energy and make all of the resurrested people disappear; Dinah, Oliver, Laurel, John, Mia, Connor, Rene and the resurrected Yao Fei Gulong fought against Fyers men to distract them, Lyla use the mysterious device and disappear; then, the following morning as the sky became red, Lyla reappeared on the island as the Monitor's Harbinger declaring that the Crisis has begun.[50]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Dinah as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[51] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[52]

Erased future

Fall of Star City

Sometime before 2040, Dinah had become good friends with Roy.[42] Oliver, Felicity, Dinah, Diggle, Rene, and Roy later came up with the Mark of Four; a code that bound them together should any of them fall into trouble.[53]

Dinah would have a falling out with Rene that ended in a fight between them with Dinah being the victor. She however, maintained a good relationship with Zoe. She lost contact with Roy after he left Star City and thought she would never see him again. After Star City fell when the Glades rose up, Dinah and Zoe became members of the Vigilante resistance to restore order to the fallen city. Dinah and Zoe tried to recruit Felicity, but she refused and went underground as the "Calculator". By 2040, Dinah and Zoe heard reports that Felicity was murdered because the circle she was in.[42][44][54]

Reuniting with William and Roy

Dinah tells William Clayton and Roy about Star City's fall

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A couple weeks after Felicity's death, Dinah saved William and Roy from some SCPD officers at Smoak Technologies, and wasn't thrilled that Roy had returned. She led the two through the sew to get to the resistance base. When Roy questioned what happened to Star City, Dinah revealed that the people in the Glades had revolted and isolated themselves from the city, while the SCPD abandoned the city and became a defense force for the people in the Glades. When Roy questioned them coming back, William showed him and Dinah a Rubik's Cube.

Dinah, William, and Roy look at a diagram of Star City.

As Dinah and Roy watched William play with the Rubik's Cube, Dinah poked at how impatient Roy had gotten. When William completed the cube in the form of Felicity's favorite "algorithm", the three were surprised when the cube projected a hologram of Star City. They were soon joined by Zoe, and after saw the hologram had secret routes throughout the Glades, Dinah questioned where William and Roy got this cube. When William revealed he and Roy were following a trail led by Felicity, Dinah sadly informed the two that Felicity was dead.[42]

Dinah and the others investigate Felicity's map.

With William taking Felicity's death hard, Dinah offered him some alcohol; he denied it. Roy, however, more than willingly accepted Dinah's offer. When William asked how Felicity died, Dinah told them that she was murdered and that she had become a much darker person who went by the alias "Calculator". William was determined to find out why Felicity sent him back to Star City, so Dinah and Zoe agreed to help him in his quest.

Dinah talks with Roy about the Mark of Four.

As the four of them went searching for Felicity's hideout, Dinah confided to Roy that they have become old after Roy commented on how it was hard to believe that William and Zoe were all grown up. When Dinah asked how William got Roy to come back, Roy revealed that the reason was because of a message with the Mark of Four drawn on it inside Oliver's bow. Dinah questioned how it got there and began to suspect William's intentions despite Roy's reminder that he was Oliver's son. She stated that was the reason she was suspicious of him. Zoe interrupted them and informed them they were close to Felicity's hideout.

William convinces the others to help figure out what happened to Felicity.

When the four entered Felicity's hideout, they were caught off guard when a magnet pulled all their weapons to a wall and a computer started counting down. When William failed to hack the system, he realized how to stop the countdown and had Roy shoot an arrow at three green "tennis balls". After the countdown stopped, they discovered, to their horror, a plan to level all of Star City. When William refused to believe that Felicity was behind this, Dinah disagreed. William, however, convinced them to help him find out what happened to Felicity as a way to remember her as the woman she was and set out to find the person she contacted last; Blackstar.[44]

Sometime later, Dinah, William and Zoe came to visit a fight club where Blackstar was in a fight.

New multiverse

A new Earth

Dinah and the other heroes see a giant Beebo.

After the Earths and universes merged, Dinah had her old memories restored by J'onn J'onzz. At the Arrow Bunker, Dinah met Sara and other heroes. They argued in front of the computers when a giant Beebo attacked the city. Dinah, Diggle, Rene, and Sara watched as Sara, Barry Allen, Kara Danvers, Ray Palmer, and Mick Rory fought the giant Beebo. Dinah celebrated the victory with the heroes and learned from Harrison "Nash" Wells that the Anti-Monitor is back. Dinah was in charge of informing the heroes of everything that was happening. After the heroes defeated the Anti-Monitor, Dinah, Rene, Sara, Ray, and Mick sadly watched Oliver's tribute.[55]

Dinah at Oliver's funeral.

When the date of Oliver's funeral got closer, Laurel started to act distressed and weirdly, drinking more, prompting Dinah to ask her what was going on, to which she replied that she was fine, as always and that being a little sad was the normalcy for people like them. When Oliver's son William is kidnapped by John Byrne, Dinah assists in finding William and later attends Oliver's funeral.[56]

Stranded in 2040

Laurel visits Dinah at The Fish Net.

The day after the funeral of Oliver, Dinah got on her motorcycle and left Star City.[56] She mysteriously finds herself transported to Star City in 2040 and all records of her existence have vanished. So, she opened up a piano sky bar called The Fish Net and started to try to live her best life, and retired from vigilantism.[57] Laurel eventually tracks down Dinah to help thwart the abduction of Bianca Bertinelli.

Dinah and Laurel at Mia's graduation party.

The pair infiltrated Mia Queen's graduation party and, after having getting close to her, Laurel restored her memories with the ring Cisco gave her, subsequently explaining the dark future hanging over the city and the danger Bianca was in, prompting the girl to join their crusade too. After visiting the Bertinelli household planting bugs, Dinah discussed with Laurel about her hiding in the future, prompting the latter to confess that she believed it was the universe telling her not to be a hero as everything was better that way, to which Laurel pointed out that she became a better person thank to her.

Mia, Dinah and Laurel infiltrate JJ's art gallery.

Later they were informed that Bianca's cousin Logan was planning to move "something" and intercepted his car on the street only to see it being blown up by someone wearing a Deathstroke mask. Laurel became persuaded it was Mia's fiancé JJ like in the previous timeline so, despite Mia's protest the trio infiltrate his art gallery trying to hack his computer. The man turned out to be innocent.

Green Arrow and the Canaries stand in front of sparks.

Later, Dinah managed to discover that Bianca's video was actually doctored and she really was kidnapped, prompting Laurel to went to Mia's home and had an heart-to-heart with her explaining that her father wanted her to be happy but also to have te possibility to choose the pact of her life, which was the reason she gave her back her memories. Motivated, Mia decided to wear the Green Arrow suit and together with the two Canaries managed to track down Bianca freeing her from her kidnapper, Trevor, her former boyfriend as well as the man with the Deathstroke mask. After being defeated, the man burn himself alive making the building explode in order not to disappoint the mysterious "she" behind his operation, but the three women managed to leave in time bringing Bianca with them.

Mia and Dinah agree to keep working with Laurel as vigilantes.

The following day they celebrated the victory with a drink and, deciding that the city still needed them, Mia proposed a toast to Green Arrow and the Canaries. Then, Laurel moved in with Dinah and the latter revealed her intention to start the Canaries network.[57]


Original multiverse

In an erased future that Eobard Thawne hails from, Black Canary is one of the several heroes remembered in the "Age of Heroes"; whether this is refers to Dinah, her predecessor, Laurel or Laurel's Earth-2 counterpart is unknown.[26]


Dinah in her civilian persona.

Before being subjected to inhumane torture and witnessing Vincent Sobel's death, Dinah was presumably a happy and carefree individual who cared deeply for the ones she loved. She even went far to legally change her name to keep her family safe as she went undercover in Sean Sonus' gang. Dinah never revealed to anyone she was a meta-human following the particle accelerator's explosion and cut all ties with her former life the day following Vince's funeral.[2]

The death of her lover changed the woman so much that she decided not to return to her former life and wanted to avenge her partner at all costs, while protecting those in need along the way. The woman was in hiding and was considered missing, which allowed her to travel safely around the country and track Sean Sonus, eventually killing him. This act, however, disturbed Dinah, and she was not comfortable with it, but she was sure that there was one less killer in the streets.

The encounter with the Green Arrow was also an event that greatly influenced Drake's life. All because of Vincent's death, she didn't have a normal life, and now, in addition to being in Team Arrow, she started working again and found friends. She began to get along extremely well, and she gained loved ones in Rene and Curtis. From the beginning of acting as vigilante in Star City, Dinah did not have a codename, believing she was not ready to be a Black Canary. It wasn't until they found themselves trapped on Lian Yu that Quentin Lance began calling her by that code name.

Dinah as Black Canary.

"She looks up to you because you're the person who will go above and beyond to do what is right no matter the personal consequences. That's who you are no matter what."
Rene Ramirez to Dinah Drake[src]

Unable to understand herself and the powers she gained, Dinah started to travel all over the US, protecting those who needed help. Still wired like a detective, she kept track of Sean's movement, which paid off in killing him. However, she admitted to Oliver that killing him didn't give her closure, despite making sure that one less killer was on the street.[2]

Dinah stated to John Diggle that since Vincent's death she never had a normal life, so he convinced her to move on and take up a job at the SCPD, which she eventually agreed to.[3] After joining the team she was proven to have a jovial personality among the members and she was seen getting along with them very well, especially with Curtis Holt and Rene Ramirez, and even being concerned about them, willing to risk her life to ensure their safety, she could also be quite probing into individuals' personal problems, seen when she tries to make sure Quentin Lance did not go back to drinking and having concern for John when he was distracted and unable to shoot properly in the field due to his nerve damage, she eventually even pressed him to tell Oliver, though he did not.[19][20] Dinah was very similar to Helena Bertinelli and Earth-1 Laurel Lance. The difference between Helena and Dinah, both of them had the same vendetta, but Dinah had a lot of remorse. She could be forgiven and took responsibility for everything.[2]

When Dinah discovers that Vigilante was in fact her ex-boyfriend, Vincent Sobel, she was not only shocked to discover that he was alive, but horrified at what Vincent had become. Despite claiming to John that she would take down her ex-boyfriend the next time she encountered him, she ultimately chose to let him escape, indicating that she was still had unresolved affection for Vincent, despite the ruthless vigilante he had become.

Dinah had a sense of justice, honor and good morals; for example, when she learned that Oliver had her on surveillance (as he believed she was the witness that will testify against him in court - regarding his identity as Green Arrow) she became completely disgusted by his actions, and more so when she discovered that even John and Felicity Smoak did not trust her simply because she was meeting with her ex-boyfriend, even after she had (genuinely) proven herself to be trustworthy and after Oliver (unfairly) kicked out Rene from the team - Dinah finally left the team, having lost complete trust and respect for Oliver.[7]

Later, when Oliver finally apologizes for his unfair/unjust treatment towards Dinah, along with Rene and Curtis, and despite the sincerity of his apology, she could not return to the team, having lost complete trust and respect for the original members of Team Arrow - firstly for the violation of her privacy and trust, but foremost because they never trusted her in the first place and did not treat her as an equal, as she felt strongly that she could not be part of a team where there was no trust.[28]

After Vincent's death, this time for real, Dinah returned to her ruthless and destructive ways, she wanted to kill Earth-2 Laurel Lance due to her being the one who had killed her boyfriend, claiming that she was obtaining justice for Vincent's death, when this was an act of pure vengeance that regularly clouded her judgement (this was similar to how Helena Bertinelli had justified her actions; regarding her fiancé, Michael Staton's death) and was determined to kill Laurel the same way she killed Vincent, however, when she was given the opportunity to actually do this, Curtis was able to talk her down, after this, Dinah resolved to imprison Laurel instead of kill her.[31] However, Dinah would never be able to bring Laurel to justice; after the latter reveals herself to the public (pretending to be her late Earth-1 counterpart) making it impossible to imprison Laurel, as she can't even reveal to the public that the latter was the doppelgänger of Earth-1 Laurel from a parallel universe.[32]

After a few months of bitterness over her inability to bring Laurel to justice, Dinah come to regret how harsh she was with her former teammates, causing her to agree to join Team Arrow once again and (sincerely) apologizing for what she did. She even had come to forgive Laurel, to the point that when she had her in a position where she could have killed Laurel, as Laurel was not able to use her powers, she instead frees her and helps her fend off Diaz's men.[38]

Dinah as the new captain of the SCPD.

In the following months since Oliver's sentence and Quentin's death, Dinah was reinstated in the SCPD and became the new captain. After her promotion, Dinah had devoted her full attention to the department, with the intention of restoring individuals faith after Diaz had completely corrupted it last year. However, this caused Dinah to give up her old vigilante ways and be at odds with her friends, especially Rene.[39][42]

Dinah's relationship with Laurel had continued to be strained since Quentin's death, as she still held a grudge for her killing the love of her life. But, after Laurel sincerely apologized to Dinah for what she did, she started to open up to the possibility that Laurel was a changed individual.[44]

In Dinah's quest to bring the SCPD back to it's former glory, she started doing things by the book, including arresting Rene after he interfered with her attempt to apprehend the new Green Arrow, though, while Dinah had given up being a vigilante to restore the faith of the police department, the main reason was because she had watched individuals close to her pay the price for operating as a vigilante, from Vince's death to Oliver's sentence,[42] overtime, however, Dinah had realized that to be a true hero means sometimes operating outside the law and doing things a certain way. To accomplish that, Dinah had made Oliver (who had been since released from Slabside) an official member of the SCPD so he could continue operating as the Green Arrow.[53]

Dinah in an erased future.

In an erased future where Star City had fallen to the Glades, Dinah since became the leader of the Canaries to restore order to the fallen city. She grew a tougher personality in the wake of Star City's fall, but maintained some of her sarcastic traits.

Dinah maintained a good relationship with Rene's daughter Zoe Ramirez and became her mentor, she also seems to have met Roy Harper in the past and formed a close friendship with him.[42] It is hinted that Dinah and Rene had a falling out, as she wasn't thrilled with the idea, along with Zoe, of asking Rene for assistance, even though they needed it.[53]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Dinah was struck by the energy of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, her DNA and cells were altered to augment her vocal cords, allowing her access to her powers.
    • Superhuman sonic scream:

      Black Canary stops a train using her sonic scream.

      Dinah can produce supersonic vibrations through her scream called the "canary cry" and focus it in concentrated directions, which can reach a range of at least 183 decibels.[10] Drake's sonic scream is highly potent in combat situations, as she is known for disabling opponents by hurtling backward them through the air or inducing internal hemorrhaging at close range with concussive force alone. At a higher magnitude, her scream was powerful enough to stop a moving train, which is comparable to over 900,000 newtons of force.[29] Dinah's scream was stated to be more refined than Laurel Lance's.[2] Unfortunately, her powers were damaged by Stanley Dover, who deeply wounded Dinah's vocal cords while trying to slit her throat.[6] Since that incident, Dinah's powers became much more limited, as trying to use the sonic scream caused her pain.[58] However, on Earth-Prime, Dinah's powers were fully restored.
    • Sound immunity: Dinah is immune to her own powers or any other meta-human with similar sonic scream-based powers. However, after Stanley cut her throat and damaged her powers, it is likely that she no longer has this immunity since her own scream caused her pain (although it may have been due to her still recovering from her throat injury). After Dinah's powers were restored on Earth-Prime, she regained this ability.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a police captain and superheroine, Dinah is in top physical condition. Her strength allows her to take on and swiftly incapacitate much larger adversaries. Dinah is even strong enough to flip her opponents over her shoulder[17] and her reflexes allows her to easily dodge sonic screams.[19] Dinah has remarkable durability and resilience since she was able to recover with no visible injuries after being knocked down by an explosion from a sonic scream battle[18] and pinned underneath heavy rubble.[8] Her conditioning allows her to recover from most injuries very quickly, though not superhumanly.
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Dinah is very nimble, having developed free-running and acrobatics skills. She can drop from a height of several feet without injuring herself.
    • Honed senses: Dinah has sharp hearing and sight, as well as keen skills of perception. She is able to pick up an incoming danger and react extremely quickly; for example, Dinah instantly deduced a sniper's presence and was able to save the target.[1]
  • High-level intellect/Expert detective/Expert tactician: Dinah is a sharp-witted individual and a highly skilled tactician. As an undercover cop, she has excellent skill in subterfuge, having successfully worked underground in and dismantled multiple criminal gangs/organizations.[3][4][6] Dinah even spent three years undercover in Sean Sonus's gang without being caught. As a police detective, she is an experienced tracker, having formulated a network to figure out where Sonus was hiding.[2] Dinah was even able to track down Laurel Lance on her own in her pursuit of revenge.[30] Dinah is also an excellent investigator, as she worked with Quentin Lance and Curtis Holt to root out the corrupt cops in the SCPD. Dinah gained multiple skills from her undercover work, which she utilizes as a vigilante.
    • Safe-cracking: Dinah has considerable knowledge in safe-cracking, having once worked undercover in a safe-cracking gang. Using these skills, she came up with the idea to use hydrochloric acid to weaken the titanium hatch of an EMP-impacted Arrowcave to rescue Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, which would also ensure that the high levels of leaking methane gas wouldn't be ignited.[4]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As a police captain and vigilante, Dinah is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. In one such sighting, she easily took down three much larger men.[2] After taking on the mantle of Black Canary, Dinah is now able to defeat several criminals at once with or without weapons, hold her own for a while against China White,[11] and effectively hit Vigilante.[1] She was implied to have put up a good fight against Prometheus's team before being captured.[17] Dinah could also battle against Laurel on equal footing and managed to stalemate her in their first duel on Lian Yu, but Laurel managed to best her on three subsequent occasions. After a few more months of training and Vincent's death, Dinah's skills have greatly improved, albeit partially fueled by rage; she easily pummeled John Diggle while his right arm was injured, disarmed and knocked down Quentin (though he didn't want to fight her), and put up a stronger fight against Laurel in their first encounter. In their second encounter, Dinah fought Laurel unarmed, eventually managing to overpower and pin the latter against a car. Alongside Curtis and Rene Ramirez, she managed to go head-on against and briefly push back Earth-X Oliver, but the trio was eventually bested. Dinah also stood firm against Silencer, a member of the Longbow Hunters, twice and was able to gain the upper hand for a while before being defeated. Dinah even managed to briefly push Silencer back in their second encounter. She also was able to subdue several of James Midas' men on her own with pure ease and fought evenly against Aviva Metula, eventually besting her with little effort. While trying to help Sara Lance, Dinah was able to briefly fight off Laurel on her own while using her bo-staff, though Laurel managed to quickly knock her down. Dinah's fighting style appears to include boxing, karate, kickboxing, kung fu, judo, krav maga and tae kwon do.
    • Master stick-fighter: Dinah learned stick-fighting during an undercover mission with the Pilgrims. She used a bo-staff while sparring with John, who praised her skills.[3] Since joining Team Arrow, stick-fighting has become Dinah's signature tactic in battle against her adversaries. During a fight with Silencer, Dinah used a metal wrench to battle her, but was ultimately bested. Later, Dinah's skills improved to the point where she could instantly defeat several Ninth Circle assassins without assistance.
    • Expert knife-wielder: Dinah is accomplished in using knives, as she was prepared to fend off Laurel with a dagger.
  • Master markswoman: Having been a high-ranking police officer in two different cities, Dinah is highly skilled in the use of firearms. During a shootout with Sonus' men, she was able to effectively fire even while dodging incoming shots.[2] Dinah was also able to shoot Laurel in the stomach despite being pushed back by the latter's sonic scream.[30]
  • Stealth: Due to her experiences in law enforcement, Dinah is skilled in stealth. She was able to ambush Vigilante as he tried to kill Emily Pollard[1] and Laurel as she attempted to flee Star City.[30]
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: In spite of Dinah's personal demons, she is a very resilient and driven women, having spent three years alone hunting down Sonus.[2] When Vincent was murdered by Laurel, Dinah was relentlessly determined to get revenge, driving her to overpower Laurel in their last two encounters.[3] Dinah also has a very high tolerance for pain; despite two weeks of brutal torture from Sonus' men, she remained defiant throughout and refused to tell them anything.[2] After crashing into a rail with pottery due to a sonic scream shockwave and struggling to move for a couple minutes, Dinah soon got back up on her feet and continued fighting alongside her team.[18] Similarly, she quickly stood up after being thrown against some cars by Laurel's scream[22] and pinned underneath large debris by Cayden James' bomb.[8]

Erased future abilities

  • Peak of human physical condition: In an erased future of 2040, despite being middle-aged, Dinah is still in top physical condition.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: In an erased future of 2040, despite being middle-aged, Dinah is still a capable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist.
    • Master stick-fighter: In an erased future of 2040, Dinah is still a capable stick-fighter.
    • Expert knife-welder/Knife thrower: In an erased future of 2040, Dinah is still a proficient knife-fighter and knife thrower; she accurately threw a knife at Mia Queen, which the latter caught.


  • Power-dampening tech: Like most meta-humans, Dinah's powers can be neutralized by using power-dampening tech.
  • Vocal cords: If someone/something grips Dinah's throat tight enough, she will be unable to use her sonic scream to defend herself.


Original multiverse

  • Black Canary suit: Dinah wears a protective black leather suit as Black Canary to hide her identity from her enemies when she goes out fighting crime. She was presented by Felicity Smoak with a mask to wear in the field to better protect her identity.[11] After the death of Adrian Chase, Dinah received a new mask and suit.[19] After Oliver Queen revealed his secret identity to the world, Team Arrow was disbanded and Dinah stopped using her suit as a result of the anti-vigilantism law. However, she donned her suit again when the team was deputized.
  • Bulletproof vest: Dinah wears bulletproof vests whenever she is out on the field with the Star City Police Department and while she was assisting Felicity, Rene Ramirez, and Samanda Watson in tracking down Ricardo Diaz.[39][41]
  • Expandable batons: As Black Canary, Dinah uses a pair of black expandable batons in battle, which are capable of combining into a bo-staff.
  • Guns: Dinah often uses one or two pistols when operating in the field.
  • Sonic bracelet: After Dinah couldn't use her powers as much she wanted due to a throat injury inflicted by Stanley Dover, Sara Lance gave Dinah the sonic bracelet (a modified version of the Canary Cry), which emits the same sound waves as her sonic scream.

Former equipment

  • Sonic amplifier: A device created by Curtis Holt that allows Dinah to more easily focus her sonic cry and bypass the effects of a sonic dampener. She used the sonic amplifier to free Team Arrow from their restraints and fight Laurel Lance on Lian Yu.[18]
  • Gloves: Before being recruited by Oliver, Dinah wore gloves suitable for her in fist-fighting.
  • Leather jacket: Before joining Team Arrow, Dinah wore a leather jacket as part of her gear on missions.
  • Bo-staff: Dinah carried a bo-staff as her signature weapon until switching to expandable batons.

Erased future equipment

  • Black Canary suit: Dinah wears a protective black leather suit as Black Canary to hide her identity from her enemies when she goes out fighting crime. By 2040, Dinah's suit was upgraded with a hood to hide her identity and she has stopped wearing a mask.

New multiverse

  • Black Canary suit: Dinah wears a protective black leather suit as her superheroine alter-ego, Black Canary, to hide her identity from her enemies when she goes out fighting.[57]
  • Expandable batons: As Black Canary, Dinah uses a pair of black expandable batons in battle, which are capable of combining into a bo-staff.
  • Motorcycle: Dinah uses a motorcycle to get around Star City when out on patrol as Black Canary.[57]
  • Guns: Dinah often uses one or two pistols when operating in the field.



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  • Dinah is the only known character who has worked for both the CCPD and SCPD.
  • She is the first full-time member of Team Arrow to be a meta-human.
  • Vincent Sobel stated that he and Dinah were cops for nearly 10 years before the particle accelerator exploded.[1] Assuming that they both joined the CCPD between at the age of 18-21 and including the three years between the accelerator explosion and Dinah becoming Black Canary, this puts Vincent and Dinah around the ages of 31-34 in 2017.
  • Unlike Earth-2 Laurel Lance, Dinah initially didn't have much control over her powers "beyond on and off."[10] This may be because Laurel most likely received training with her powers in Zoom's army while Dinah had to learn how to use her powers largely through self-teaching before becoming a vigilante.
  • After Earth-1 Laurel Lance and Evelyn Sharp, Dinah is the third person to bare the codename "Black Canary".
  • In Season 7, Dinah acts as Oliver Queen's connection to the SCPD, a similar role Quentin Lance had in earlier seasons.
  • As of "Emerald Archer"​, the public is aware of Dinah's identity as Black Canary, as she was forced to use her sonic scream in public in order to help the rest of Team Arrow fight Kevin Meltzer.
  • The Earth-Prime version of Dinah has her powers restored since her throat was never slit by Stanley Dover. This event was either erased from history, one of the changes created by the new multiverse, or possibly a result of both.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Dinah Drake (later known as Dinah Drake-Lance) is the first person to take on the legacy mantle of Black Canary and is also the mother of her successor, Dinah Laurel Lance.
    • In the New 52 reboot, Dinah Lance (née Drake) is the only Black Canary to have ever existed on Prime Earth, with the two previous versions being combined into one.
    • On Arrow, the character is split into two altogether separate individuals; Dinah Drake, the meta-human Black Canary-in-training, and Dinah Lance, the civilian mother of Sara and Laurel Lance - the Canary/White Canary and first Black Canary, respectively.
  • Actress Juliana Harkavy performs her own singing in the scenes Dinah sings, as a reference to Black Canary being a singer in the comics.
  • Dinah's bar, the Fish Net, references Black Canary's trademark fishnets in her costume in the comics.


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