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Dinah Drake (died October 2019) was a corrupt police officer and a secret associate of the Tommy Merlyn.


Dinah was a police sergeant in Starling City. Unlike her Earth-1 counterpart, she was corrupt, and was assisting Tommy Merlyn alongside Rene Ramirez in his vendetta against the Glades because of what happened to Thea Queen.

When Oliver Queen returned to Starling City taking over his Earth-2 counterpart while looking for the dwarf star particles that Monitor asked for, he believed that the Dark Archer was Malcolm Merlyn, but he discovered it was Tommy Merlyn. Malcolm was questioned by Dinah who accused Malcolm of being corrupt due to the Hood always targeting corrupt businessmen. She was forced to stop her questions and left.

Dinah and Rene consumed by the antimatter.

She later was present when Oliver was captured by Tommy, alongside with Rene, Tommy dismissed the pair and they left. After Tommy was defeated by Oliver and he surrendered himself, he possibly gave up Dinah and Rene who were arrested by the SCPD and brought in. She was being booked when the Crisis began and she was incinerated right in front of Oliver.[1]



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